Villain heal chapter 65

“This is the document stating the health information of all of the students in this school. This is credentials so I hope you won’t go spreading this around…”

“Don’t you have any trust in me? I’m so sad. It’s as if you hate me?”

“Who will do something cruel like that? This is the list of information you’ve to remember.”

I placed a pile of the document on the table. I’d already manage to arrange them into a file. If I wasn’t, they would be even messier than this. This school has consisted of many races. Even a piece of information from one student could be an important person’s biography in the future. As the infirmary’s doctor, one had to study many things. I thought I had already done all of my duty now.

Noir flipped through one of the documents to take a look at the content inside. He must be a doctor before if he had a medical license. It may look strange, but I wanted to know the reason why he had quit being a doctor?


“What is it?”

“Why did you quit being a doctor?”

“Umm, maybe it was because of my age that I wanted to quit?”

That was suspicious.

If he didn’t want to talk about it, who was I to force the truth out of him?
I looked up to see a clock and it was already 12.35 PM. I still had a lot of time left before I had a class, but it would be better if I hurried back.

“This is the thing you should know. If you have any question, you can ask me later. If anything else in this room run out, you can fill in the form to the finance department, teacher.”

“Ara~…It made my body feel strange when you called me ‘teacher’. Can you say it again?”

“I have to reject your request. I will go back now.”

“You are in hurry, Ufufu.”

“I’m not so free just like someone, teacher.”


I swiftly closed the door as I scared that if I stayed here far too long, it would make me insane.

But the thing that would drive me insane in the next moment was…

“Luler? Didn’t he go after you?”

“What? But I haven’t seen him at all.”

Akane chewed a bread in her mouth while speaking to me. She didn’t care her image as a princess at all. Really, she was losing an image as a princess as time passed by.

When I came back to the greenhouse, because it wasn’t the time for the class yet, everyone was here except for Luler.

Akane told me that Luler went after me so that what made it so strange. He shouldn’t be wandering somewhere, right? I really scared that he would go do those weird thing in public.

I came out of the greenhouse to find Luler, but I didn’t know where could I find him?

Was he in his room? Maybe he was about to go back to his room.

Before I could guess other places, I heard Luler’s voice in a hallway…with a girl’s voice.

“I can only do this right now, I’m really sorry. I will surely repay you.”

“It’s alright.”

“If you have anything, I will help…!”

“It’s alright.”


“What are you doing, Luler?”

I appeared before the two of them. They just came out of a restroom in the hallway. The point was…why were they here?

“Have you finished your work already, Shiwa?” Luler walked toward me and that was the time that…

I saw Filne making an anxious face. Why did she make a face like that? I wasn’t a cruel demon so Why did she get scared of me?

“I already told you I will hurry back. What about you? What are you doing here?” I unconsciously hook my arm into his.

“This girl collided into me so my blazer was strained. She brought me here to wash it off.”

“You can get a new suit in your room. Let’s me see your blazer, I want to know how bad is it.”

Luler pointed to the strained spot on his blazer. This spot was very noticeable even if it’s already washed.

“Get a new one or take it off before going to the class.”

“I was thinking of doing that too.”

“U-umm, I’m really sorry. It’s my fault.” Filne interrupted our conversation with her head bowed down.

“You don’t have to be sorry. It’s dangerous to stay here alone. You should go back to your friend.” I smiled gently.

“U-umm, yes…”

She slowly took a step back. Why did she look just like she didn’t want to go?


“What is it?”

While I was thinking, Luler suddenly put his hands around my waist.

“You look strange today.”

“What? Me? Where do I look strange?”

“You won’t do something like this normally.”

“What is it?”


His eyes trailed down to look at his arm. Right now, my arm was still tightly entwining around his arm.

“I’m sorry.” I instantly release his arm.

“You don’t have to release it.”

“That’s my business…”

“Is Shiwa being ‘jealous’?”

“What!? Who’s jealous!?”


Luler lightly laughed and pulled me into him until there’s no space left between our body.

“What are you doing?”

“I want to kiss you.”

“Do you mean here!?”

“Umm, right now.”

“No!! Release me!”

Luler tried to move his face toward me while I tried to push his face away.
It’s fortunate that the bell rang just in time. If not…

This would be going out of control..!

Tap Tap Tap…

The stomping sound could be heard in an empty hallway. A girl, in particular, was walking on a marble floor with her ferocious temper.

She was a girl with a somewhat beautiful face, long brown hair, big round eyes, and soft white skin.

This girl name was Filne Eridis.

This was madness.

What happened to them!?

She could only hurt her brain to think about why…

all the heroes inside her game…!!

Why were they acting like this!!?



While she was stomping around, she didn’t notice her surrounding at all. She collided into someone’s back. She had a pair of wings on her back and bright hair.

If it was in the game right now, she was the third villainess that needed to be eliminated. That girl was Bella…!

“Ow, That’s hurt.” She fell down to the ground.

“Are you alright?”

“What happens?”

It was as if this was planned, Lookz was trying to find Bella right now. When he saw the two of them on the ground, he was very worried.

“Are you okay…” Lookz stretched his hand out to support the girl so she could stand up.

“Ah…” Filne was about to grasp his hand but…

“I have to apologize, Lookz-sama. I couldn’t find Shiwa and the rest…”

That hand didn’t aim at her, but it was to Bella.

“Your back is all dirty now…Sigh…I can’t even let you out of my sight even a minute, huh.” Lookz brushed a speck of dust away from her back with care.

“I can do that myself, Look-sama. It’s nothing I can’t handle. Oh, are you alright? I have to apologize. It seemed I was daydreaming a little.”

“It’s alright…”

Fline stood up by herself before quickly running away from that spot!

This was insane!

Lookz was supported to hate Bella, but why weren’t his wings black?

Prince Luler too…Prince Teo too…or even Ren…!!?

It was supposed to be me!

I was the heroine!

Tap Tap Tap Tap!

The sound of footstep quickly disappearing from the hallway.

She mentally shouted in her heart.

Wasn’t this game made for the Heroine?

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