Villain heal chapter 66

I felt things had been strange lately…

I didn’t want to be near the heroine, but I didn’t know why I had met her so many times. She also tried to strike a conversation with Luler every time we met. Why did I have to use the word ‘tried’? It’s because Luler didn’t even say anything back to her.

It seemed like Luler’s route was a failure, huh?

Umm…I didn’t feel happy at all, you know.



“Can you come to my room tonight?”


We were eating lunch at the greenhouse right now. While everyone was having fun talking to each other, Luler suddenly pulled my sleeve and whispered in my ear as if it was a top secret.

But…for me to come into his room?

That’s weird, he normally came to sleep in my room and making it looked like it was already his room anyway. But he wanted me to go to his room tonight?

“Oh…Alright.” I whispered back to him. He smiled at my reply.

“I will get angry if you won’t come today.”

“I definitely won’t break a promise.”

Why did he have to nag me like this? Did I ever break a promise!?

What was it anyway? He looked very suspicious. It was weird how he wanted me to go to his room today. I tried to think of a reason for his behavior. It wasn’t his birthday and it wasn’t mine either…

It seemed I had to see it myself tonight, huh.

“Shiwa! Tomorrow is a holiday so why don’t we go into town to buy a cute cloth?” Akane enthusiastically turned to ask me after she talked with Bella and Shelyn.
“What? Tomorrow?” That’s right. Tomorrow was a holiday.

“Tomorrow is a holiday so we should go out for a bit,” Teo spoke while he was drinking a tea. Hmm…so that what were they talking about.

“It’s about Bella. She should have more casual clothes in her wardrobe. How can she wear the same clothes repeatedly like this? She is a girl!” Akane’s eyes swept to Bella who only gave her a wry smile.

“I…I will only wear clothes that Lookz-sama gives me.” She lightly scratched her cheek with a worried face.

“That idea is good. I’m getting tired of seeing you wear only the same thing too.” Lookz interrupted her.


“I’m only getting tired. Don’t misunderstand that. I’m not doing it for you.”
Was that so….?

I really want to tease him about it. He really wanted to buy new clothes for her, but couldn’t say it outright, didn’t he?

On the other hands, I felt this was his way of taking care of Bella. Anyway, I was on your side, Lookz, even if your path would surely have an obstacle, but I was sure that you would get over it in no time.

“I heard there will be a special shrimp dish at dinner today.” Shelyn told us with a sparkle in her eyes.

“Ufufu, you like eating shrimp, right? If you want to eat it, you can tell me anytime.” Ren chuckled and tenderly patted her head.

“It won’t be special if I eat it every day.”

“That’s right.”

He pinched her cheeks lovingly. Shelyn, who was once a quiet person and wore a sad expression all days, was becoming cheerful overtime. Ren always told me he was also happy to see her smile.

I also glad to see her like this.

We planned for the outing tomorrow and then went to class. All Shelyn talked about at dinner was the special shrimp dish that she really looked forward to it. She really liked eating shrimp, huh. But wasn’t she a mermaid?

When I was a kid, I once dreamt of the mermaid interacting with marine animals. I asked Shelyn about it too, but she rejected me with a blank face.

‘Shrimps don’t have colloquialism, right?’

That’s right…This was the real demon world. In fact, I couldn’t even communicate with a bat.

When it’s the time for a class in the evening, a classmate told me that our teacher wanted me to go to the staff room. The teacher spoke with me about how we had Plant laboratory in the next week. There would be one day for every month that we had to learn about a plant in the demon world. I didn’t know why the teacher had to call me and made me go explain to everyone in the class every time.

I wasn’t a class representative, you know.

Yes, I was the daughter of the headmistress, but that didn’t mean I would do a workload for a class representative.

“I had to entrust you to tell your class representative about this matter. Lately, there’re many works in the student council so I don’t want to bother the class representative that much.”

Our teacher, Vanis, she was a vampire just like me. We had talked many times, you could say that we were really close. She sat in her designated chair while I was standing in front of her. I received the document from her hand.

“It’s alright, teacher. you can call me anytime if you want my help.” I smiled while storing the document. The truth was…I didn’t want to do this in the least bit, but how could I destroy an image of the headmistress daughter that I accumulated for a long time?

“I have to thank you for your help. You really help me reduce my work.”

“You don’t have to thank me. I have to excuse myself now.”

I bowed a little and walked out of the staff room. I exhaled a long sigh when I came out of the room. It seemed like the class representative was absent today and I also let my friends wait for me in front of the classroom too. About this document, I didn’t think it was too late to hand this to the class representative tomorrow.

Tap Tap Tap…

The sound of heavy footsteps was coming towards me. When I turned to look towards the source of the sound, I was met with Filne. She was walking towards me with a ferocious expression. I really wanted to know what made her like that. When she looked up to meet with my eyes, I could hear a sound from her gritted teeth. Right now, she didn’t have an image of the sweet and gentle heroine anymore.

“Shiwa Garnet.” She stared at me and stressed my name.

“What do you want with me?”

“You are strange…”


“You are really strange! The real Shiwa shouldn’t be like this!”


“You have to yell at me! Then you will call me disgust! and then you will bully me more than this!”

“What!? Why do you…”

Why did you want other people to bully you? Was she a masochist like Luler? Was she like those who loved violence!?

No…she specified that it was only me. It was only Shiwa who had to bully her, but that would be the Shiwa in the game who would do a thing like that.

Was she a person from another world just like me!?

“What are you talking about? I don’t understand.” I was more than confident that she wasn’t the real heroine from the game, but I continued my charade.

“Urg…I’m sorry. I’m only feeling a little sick so I have spoken some nonsense thing.” Filne concealed her feeling and went back to act as the gentle heroine.
Feeling sick wouldn’t make someone spout out some strange matter without some thought. I was pretty sure right now she wasn’t the heroine of the game. She was a person who had played this game before.

“Do you want me to take you to the infirmary? You can believe in the doctor of this school if you are feeling sick.”

“It’s alright. Excuse me, I have to go…”

She walked past me. For a vampire, a human heart rate was easily picked up by us. She was stressed right now judging by the sound of a heartbeat as though it was a machine like that…

Even if I didn’t like to meet with him…

but I really want to ask him tonight about who did he sent here? Why did he do it for? why did it have to be the heroine? I really want to know…


Tap Tap Tap!

A sound of heavy footsteps on a marble floor was made by a gentle looking girl. But the expression on her face wasn’t gentle at all, it was replaced with a furious expression instead.


She didn’t care how she looked by other people now because every plan she carefully laid was destroyed into pieces! She didn’t get any response from any of the capture targets. To top that off, they even stayed in the group so she could even get near them!

Especially…Prince Luler.

She came here for him, but why…he was supported to attack her since the first time he saw her. Instead, he thought of her nothing short of air with a body. Also, that look that he had been giving to Shiwa Garnet. She was the villainess of his route. What was the meaning of this!!?

There’s no way she didn’t know that longing in his eyes towards her. He was looking at her like she was his lover!

How could it be like this!!?

Filne slowed her pace and thought of the reason why it had gone like this. There’s somebody who tried to change her game. Other heroines weren’t that much different from their normal self, but there was one that didn’t look like her normal self…

Shiwa Garnet.

That demeanor, how she talked, and her expression.

It was so familiar to the point that it had irritated her so much!!
‘I will give this to help you. It will send someone to the afterworld, but it can only be used once…Think of it as I’m giving you some mercy.’

When she died, she met a beautiful guy at the afterworld. He gave her an offer to be born in this world with a special gift.

Filne picked a small palmed-size black knife with a red sheath. Due to its small size, it was easy to carry it anywhere. He told her it could be only used once to send someone to the afterworld or she could use it on herself to go back to the afterworld. It was up to her decision.

This world was for her.

She was the main character in this world.

She wouldn’t allow anyone to steal it from her.

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