Villain heal chapter 71 Luler story II

“Prince Luler, your health isn’t looking good right now. I fear that you will have to take a break from your study for a week to rest.” The palace doctor told me about my condition. To tell the truth, I didn’t feel anything at all even a sadness, despair or a fear… There’s nothing… I […]

Villain heal chapter 70 Luler story

‘Hey…’ a voice was calling me from somewhere… ‘You…’ This tone of voice…Was it from a woman? ‘If…I want to…’ I didn’t know why, but this voice was beginning to drift away as though it was only a whisper from a wind. Hold on! Please come back…Who are you? ‘Lu…’ I tried to follow this […]

Villain heal chapter 69

I didn’t even know why, but my body was so light as though I was weightlessness. I felt my body was drifting to somewhere, but I didn’t know the destination either. When I opened my eyes and looked towards the scene in front of me, I could see a man with long tying hair. He […]

Villain heal chapter 68

Bathump…Bathump. I could hear the sound of our heartbeat resounding inside my ears. Even though our body wasn’t warm at all, I didn’t know why it felt so hot. I didn’t know what to do. It was the first time for me to be speechless like this. There’s something strange in this situation. Because he […]

Villain heal chapter 67

The heroine was the person from my world just like me… and it looked like she knew the detail of the game much more than me too…! This wasn’t in my estimation at all. I didn’t even think Hades would send another human apart from me to this world!! In fact, I shouldn’t associate with […]