Villain heal chapter 67

The heroine was the person from my world just like me…

and it looked like she knew the detail of the game much more than me too…!

This wasn’t in my estimation at all. I didn’t even think Hades would send another human apart from me to this world!! In fact, I shouldn’t associate with her at all because we stood on a different side from each other…She was the heroine and I was the villainess. She must have lost her temper as the game was changing, but I also wanted to know who she was.

Nevermind…It didn’t concern this world as who she was or where she came from. I would only get a lot of headaches if I bought other people’s problem to think too much.

I walked to my classroom to meet with my friends. They stood in front of the classroom waiting for me.

“Ah! There you are, Shiwa. Shelyn’s shrimp will run out of it at this rate.” Akane stood with her arms crossed and dragged me away from my classroom without asking for my opinion.

“I have already known it. You don’t have to drag me.”

“If we don’t hurry, it will be all sold out. Everyone! Hurry!”

I wasn’t sure anymore if she was doing this for Shelyn or did she just wanted to eat it herself?

When everyone heard that, they walked along to the cafeteria. The special shrimp dish today was a shrimp that looked just like a lobster, but we could see the difference in color. This shrimp’s shell was black all over its body. Leave it up to the demon world to have something special than my old world.

It was called the Blackfrost. Even if the name was different, but the taste was about the same as the lobster. I thought this was even sweeter than that. They had grilled Blackfrost, Blackfrost soup, and other five to six other dishes, but what we ordered the most was definitely the grilled Blackfrost.


“This is for you, Lookz-sama. Please be careful of the water inside of the shell.” Bella easily peeled off the shell and brought the plate full of peeled shrimp to Lookz.

“You don’t have to mind me. You should peel it for yourself. I-i don’t like to eat shrimp.” Lookz stopped Bella. You should just tell her that you were worried she won’t eat her portion.

“Ah? Is that so?”

“That’s right, just eat it.”

When Lookz told her like that, Bella slowly peeled other shrimp to eat it herself. Lookz only ate the portion that Bella peeled it for him with a happy expression on his face. He must be lying about his dislike of shrimp.

“This…How can I peel it!?” Akane tried to peel the shell with a spoon but looked like it was no use. She was a princess so It’s not weird at all for her to not know how to peel a shrimp’s shell. Normally, there would be servants who would do it for her anyway.

“How can you not know about this? Give it to me.” Teo snatched the shrimp out of her hand and peeled it for her. He looked really skilled in this.

“T-thank you.”

“What? What is it? I can’t hear it at all.”

“D-don’t act like you can’t hear me with your wolf’s ears! We also sit close to each other too!”

“Don’t be like that. I really can’t hear you at all.”

You didn’t have to tell me that you were teasing her. You two were almost sitting on the same chair. There’s no way you wouldn’t hear what she said. He must be pretending right now.

“Shelyn, eat this. Open your mouth~” Ren handed her a shrimp’s claw as he intended to feed Shelyn.

“Brother…you can place it on the plate.” She had a displeased expression shown on her face. Why did you have to be embarrassed when you two always feeding each other all the time?

“Hmm…Which is more delicious between the one I’m feeding you or that one on the plate?”

“T-the one you are feeding me…”

“Good girl~”

In the end, Shelyn was the one who had to give in. She obediently opened her mouth to eat the shrimp from Ren. They were called the sweetest couple since the term started.

“Shiwa, I can’t peel this…” When I turned to look at the person near me, I was met with a pair of calm eyes, but the truth was he tried to peel the first shrimp for some time. It looked to be a failure, though. Ah…Other than a princess, there’s also a prince who couldn’t peel a shrimp, huh?

“Look carefully, you have to do this …and pull it out like this..” I wasn’t a person who gave a fish, but rather a person who teach others how to fish. I slowly taught him how to peel shrimp in detail even a kindergarten kid could do it.

“I can’t smell blood from the shrimps.”

“Shrimps don’t have red blood, but they have light blue blood instead as they don’t have the same mineral as human or demon blood.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes, vampires like us only want iron from blood. That’s why we don’t feel anything towards them.”

“You’re awesome, Shiwa.”

“It’s just a basic…”

Luler looked towards me with sparkling eyes. Humph! You didn’t have to tell me because I’d already known that!

ฺBecause he was a fast learner, he could peel the shrimp right away after seeing me do it only once. That day, cooks were astonished at how much we ate Blackfrost. Well, the only one who ate just like there’s no tomorrow was Shelyn, only Shelyn…

When we came back to Luler’s room, he suspiciously told me to wait outside for just a second. He didn’t like someone who wanted to make a surprise…He wasn’t looking like that at all.

Three minutes passed by, there’s only silent in his room until the fifth minutes that Luler finally poked his head out.

“It’s done. Come in.”


Right now, I was weighing between making a surprise face or a normal face. I didn’t know why but I thought of the decoration inside of his room was that of a bridal room. I was pretty sure he wasn’t the one who decorated it himself because he didn’t have enough time to do it. He must order his servants to do this task instead.

It was bright in the room with many white petals that were scattered on the floor and his bed. Why did they have to place it on his bed too? It sent a chill down my spine, you know. Those servants really knew how to go overboard.

“Sit here, there’s a cake too.” Luler pulled a chair for me. There’s also a big chocolate cake on the table.

“Wait for a minute, do you want me to eat the cake when I just ate Blackfrosts a moment ago?”

“We still haven’t eaten a dessert yet.”

“Well…” Because we were fulled from Blackfrost so we didn’t want to eat a dessert. You knew this, but you still wanted me to eat it!

“Let’s dig in. Today is a very important day.”

I walked towards the chair and sat on it. I sliced a little piece of cake onto my plate. I wasn’t hungry, but I didn’t want it to be a waste. I really couldn’t eat any more than this.

“Today is our engaging anniversary. Have you forgotten about it?”

“What! engaging anniversary!?”

I instantly count the day on my fingers. We get engaged around the beginning of the eighth month. From the first, second…Today was the twelveth day!! It was our engagement day!!

“I’m sorry…I-i.” I really felt bad about this. Even though he paid attention to our important day, but I just…

“You don’t have to apologize, Shiwa. Do you know that for me…every day that I can get to be near you are all my important day.”


Well…Where did he learn how to speak a cheesy line like this? Was it Ren or others? I didn’t care about that, but the sound of my heartbeat was really annoying!

“Shiwa, we have been engaged for almost ten years already.” Luler suddenly looked flustering and swept his eyes around until they were landed on me.

“…That’s right…we have been engaged for a long time.”

“When we graduate in three years, we will get married, right?”

“Why did you have to ask me about that!? This matter…”

A swirl was forming inside my brain. Luler acted strangely even when we weren’t doing something like that…Ah!! I didn’t have to explain it to you, right!?

Right now, his face was heated up.

Ah…It’s not only his face but was my face also looking like that too?

It’s only hot in here, you know!!

“Shiwa…We have been together for a long time. I think that no matter what I have something to tell you.”

“W-what is it?”

“Shiwa, I love you. I love you very much.”

“I’ve already known about that.”

He completely ignored the heroine and even came to sleep in here with me every night. How could we be only a childhood friend? We had given each other something much more than a friend could do!! I wasn’t a toddler who would be blinded to see this!!

“What about you, Shiwa? Do you love me?”

“W-what? Why did you say something like that suddenly?”

The temperature inside my body was rising up as though I was in a savanna. I didn’t think he would resort to that one special sentence which had melted all girls who heard it. What…I wasn’t ready my heart for this at all.

“I don’t know!! I have to go back to my room now!” I quickly sat up and ran to the door, but…

“I won’t let you escape…”



He seized me from behind before we fell onto his bed together. My face felt the softness of his bed with Luler lying on top on me while he was still hugging me tightly. The fragrant of the scattered petal was beginning to touch my nose and that’s what made me dizzy.

Wait for a minute…Why did I feel like…something that I had been scaring for some time was almost to lower down to my neck.

“What are you going to do, Luler?”

“I won’t let you escape until you tell me your answer.” His hoarse voice whispered around my ear. I could feel my heart beat much faster than his.

“What? You dare…!?”

“I can be more daring than this.”


“Because we are on my bed right now.”


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