Villain heal chapter 69

I didn’t even know why, but my body was so light as though I was weightlessness.

I felt my body was drifting to somewhere, but I didn’t know the destination either.

When I opened my eyes and looked towards the scene in front of me, I could see a man with long tying hair. He was standing in a marble pavilion amidst blooming white lotus.

If I didn’t remember wrong, this was the underworld.

That’s good…If I came here then I could ask him about it!!

“Hades!! You sent a person from my world to this world, right!!?”


“You!! Don’t act like you can’t hear me!”

I tried to shout at him, but Hades was still turning his back to me completely ignoring me!



I inhaled some air to call out to him, but I could only say the first word as a woman’s voice interrupted me.

Her long hair has almost reached the floor as she wore a long and fluttering white dress. I couldn’t see her face because she turned her back to me. More importantly, she ran past through me as if I didn’t even exist.

“Where did you go? I have been finding you for a long time.” Hades turned to face that woman and pulled her close to him. That women must be his wife.

“You speak like this place is so spacious…Ah!”


After a gust of wind passed by, it blew her long dress to open so she quickly used her hand to shield it. In that moment…

I could see her face…

Wasn’t that my face?


I suddenly awoke from the dream as though I was jolted by an electric. If I wasn’t seeing a thing wrong, that woman’s face was so similar to my face when I was White. No, What did that mean when I was thinking we had a similar face? Wasn’t this place the underworld?

Where was this place again?



I was really startled when I jolted up from the bed. I totally forgot that my hip was just passed some ‘session’ a moment ago. It was fortunate that I wore Luler’s shirt because I didn’t want to think of how cold it was to walk up in the middle of the night.

“Umm…Shiwa? Is it morning already?”

The source of my problem was trying to sit up on the bed. His eyes looked like he didn’t fully awake yet. His upper body was naked and his back was also filled with a scratch as it was trying to heal itself. I didn’t have to tell you how that came from, right?

“No, it’s not morning yet. But I will go back to my room now.” If I continued to stay here and let someone see me in this state, that would surely be a thing to gossip for a long time.

“It doesn’t matter, doesn’t it? Let sleep a bit more.”


“It’s fine because tomorrow is a holiday.”

“But we have an appointment tomorrow!”

“That isn’t in the morning so let just sleep.”

Luler pressed his body onto me so I had no other choice than to fall back to the bed. If my hip hadn’t ached, I absolutely wouldn’t let him do this!!

Sigh, it’s no use complaining now.

I would let it slide just for today then…

It was entirely his fault…that I waked up very late!!

When I waked up again, it was already 10 AM!! It would be fine if it was just a normal holiday, but we had the appointment for us to go into the town today.

Normally, we couldn’t go out, but our group was given special permission. You could say we used an authority a little.

I had to quickly wake Luler up and ran to take a bath in my room. I only had thirty minutes left until the time of appointment. It sounded like there’s enough time, but there wasn’t a shower here. I could only use a bath tube and that took a long time for water to fill up, you know!!

What? I could use anything to scoop it up, right? That’s a pity…There wasn’t something like that in here, the dormitory for a high-ranked demon. They once said it didn’t have some civilization that way.

It’s a good thing that I finished just in time, but that’s so tired…My hip ached a lot too.

“Shiwa! how rare to find you come out so late!” Akane sat there eating breakfast.

Everyone was their breakfast in the cafeteria except for Luler who hadn’t shown up yet.

“I didn’t feel like waiting today.” I said and then walked to order my breakfast.

“What about Luler? Haven’t Luler come with you too?” Teo looked around to find Luler.

“Our body wasn’t glued together, you know.”

“Ah…Luler, you are the slowest.” At that moment, Lookz greeted his friend who was coming towards this way.

“…Because Shiwa didn’t wait for me.” He was bold enough to speak it out with a deadpan face.

“What? It was because you woke up late.”

“Last night, I…Umm!”

Before he could say something totally unnecessary, I used my hand to cover his mouth just in time.

“He didn’t feel too well last night, but he is alright now.” I swiftly lied to them. lying with a straight face was something you would get really good at when you got older.

“Are you alright?” Bella asked with a worried face. The truth was he wasn’t hurt or anything, but I only lied to them.

“Umm! He ‘s okay now.” When I finish speaking, I slowly pulled my hand back from his mouth.

“Let’s eat. We might get hungry when we are outside today.” Shelyn spoke while chewing a shrimp inside her mouth. There’re many seafood dishes placing in front of her: shrimps, shells, crabs, and fishes. When I imagined that she was also a fish who ate the same species just like herself. I felt a little downcast.

“Don’t you forget to take your hat off. It is hot today and you might get dehydration again.”

“Alright, brother-sama.”

It took us half an hour to finish eating our breakfast. In fact, ten minuted was enough for that, but we took the time to plan for the outing today.

We planned to take Bella to go shopping at a cloth store. It wasn’t only for Bella. Today was also a shopping day for us, girls, too. You knew the reason why we brought the boys with us too, right?

We handed a special ticket at the gate then we sat in a carriage to the town. The town was crowned with many demons running around doing their business and there’re many stores too. It was an atmosphere I hadn’t felt for a long time. If I came alone then It wouldn’t be fun.

When we came to the largest store in this area, Bella could only stand still to be a mannequin to the clothes that Akane and Shelyn chose. She didn’t have a fashion sense, but my style of cloth would suit Bella. It would be better if I let the girls chose it.

After we shopped for some time, we chose to eat at the restaurant in the town. The shopkeeper at the cloth store recommended a luxurious restaurant to us. He said this restaurant had meat dished that was the most delicious in this area. It also had a jewelry store on the second floor too.

Even if this restaurant had wine, we couldn’t order them because we wouldn’t get back to school on time. We settled for a juice instead.

Luler and I surely ordered top grade blood which came in a champagne glass.

Well, it had been a while for me to come to the town so using a bit of money was okay, right? If I had to compare myself with other ojou-sama, I should be the most frugal one, alright!

I wasn’t wasteful, you know!

It was 5.30 PM. right now and we had to hurry back to the school before the curfew. In the end, we were still only a student from a boarding school. We wouldn’t have this special ticket anymore if we broke the curfew.

All of the baggage and shopping bags were being carried down from a carriage by a driver, but it was another thing to carry it to our room. Luler and I walked around to find someone to help us. The gardeners were willing to help carry these to our room.

Anyway, this was a request from the prince himself so who wouldn’t help, right?

“Oh…Isn’t that Shiwa ojou-sama? It’s really a coincidence for us to meet here.”

Yes, it was really a coincidence to meet Noir at this place. I almost forgot that he was also working here at the infirmary. It’s evening now so he must be coming down to find something to eat. Even if it was a holiday, the infirmary wouldn’t close. This was for a student who fell sick during this time.

“Good evening, teacher Noir.” I greeted him in what a normal student would behave.

“It’s strange how you called me a teacher.”

“Ara~ Don’t be like that, teacher. A teacher is a teacher. How can I call you otherwise?”

Noir didn’t hide his pair of ears and his tail just like always. He looked at Luler as if he was making fun of him. You could see that he pretended to act really close to me to get a rise out of Luler.

“We have some business left to do…We have to excuse ourselves first.” I pulled Luler’s arm in the opposite direction before he exploded his rage.

“If that’s the case then be careful not to step on someone’s shadow.”


His voice was trailing behind me. I turned back to look at him, but he had already disappeared from that spot.

“Shiwa, aren’t you looking too much?” Luler used his hand to cup my cheeks and turned my face to look at him.

“I was only curious a little. Let’s go.”

I pushed him to walk forward. I saw my shopping bags placed in front of my room already when I went into the special dormitory. I didn’t think those three people could carry all of these up here.

“Ah…This isn’t my bag.”

A white bag was one of the bags I had bought from that same clothing store as Bella. But the dress inside wasn’t mine, it was Bella’s white dress. It must have switched with her. I should return it before she wore my dress. Well, our size wasn’t the same anyway.

“Luler, can you bring all the bags in? I will go return this to Bella.”

“Fine, come back quickly.”

Bella’s room was on another side so it wasn’t that far away. Bella’s head must be in a whirl for a while because of all the dresses that she just bought. That must be the reason why she didn’t double check which was which.

Tap Tap Tap…

I ran along in the corridor, but at that moment, I saw a shadow of a person who ran to hide around a corner. I thought It was Bella who going to return the dress to me at first, but…

When I walked towards that direction…



She was the heroine of the game. Was her name Filne?

Ah…After knowing she was a person from my world, she looked really suspicious.

“What are you doing here? A human can’t be in here.”

“I-i’m lost.”

How could someone lose her way twice? Anyway, she should know the way out. I should better hurry and go.

“The exit is that way. I have business to do so excuse me…”

“You…Are you a person from another world?”


I was just about to turn my back to her. I instantly froze for a moment when I heard her sentence. Did she know? It seemed like she wasn’t sure, right?

“What is that? Another world? I don’t understand at all.” I continued to act innocently. I couldn’t guess what would happen if I said ‘yes’ to her.

“I know you are from that world!”

“If you already know it, why come to ask me then? I’m not that free to have a talk with you, you know. I have some business to attend so I have to go now. Take care of yourself before the demons around here eat you.”

The longer time I stayed here the more risk I was subjected to. I decided to not care and turned my back to her.

“If that’s the case then I will deal with that demon before it could attack me!!”

“You should try that sometimes because…!!”


Ah..what…was this?

I felt pain…all over my body. It was liked my body was pierced, but there wasn’t a drop of blood fell from my body. The transparent tip of the knife was stabbed through my heart. This chill atmosphere around my body was just liked that time I died. I could remember it too well…



I fell onto the floor with the faintly sound of my heartbeats. It was as if I was frozen. Hurt…I have to shout, but my voice was slowly faded away in my throat.

Filne slowly stepped away and ran from this spot leaving me to drown in this agony.

My eyesight slowly blurred and I couldn’t see anything clearly anymore. My mind was beginning to slip away…


Why did I have to call out this name?

Shiwa was late…

Luler sat on the bed inside Shiwa’s room. He’d been patiently sat there waiting for her, but why didn’t she come back now? Did she go to meet someone else?
When he thought like that, he stood up wanting to find her.


He suddenly stopped in front of the door. He frowned at himself because suddenly, there’s one question popped up in his mind…

‘Who did I want to find again?’

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