Villain heal chapter 70 Luler story


a voice was calling me from somewhere…


This tone of voice…Was it from a woman?

‘If…I want to…’

I didn’t know why, but this voice was beginning to drift away as though it was only a whisper from a wind. Hold on! Please come back…Who are you?


I tried to follow this voice in this place. The place that was surrounded by darkness. I didn’t know why, but I wanted to hear this voice so much.

Wait for me…Could you speak clearly so I could finally hear it!!?

I missed this voice for no reason at all…

The ray of sunshine was shining down on my eyelids. It was so much that I jolted out of my sleep. I didn’t feel like waking up or doing anything else at all. I pulled my blanket to cover my body and thought to myself whether I should skip a class or not? But if my grade went down, my father would talk my ears out.


I couldn’t remember when did I become a person who got bored easily. It must be since that day, the day I found myself staying in an unknown room. I knew about it later that it was a vacant room. Even the manager of the dormitory couldn’t explain why there’s much luggage placing around the room as though there’s supported to be a person living here.


I opened the drawer beside my bed. There’s a transparent portable knife lying in there. It was as if it was made from a glass. I found it last week when I was about to go back to my room and that’s when I found it glowing on the floor. I didn’t understand myself either as to why did I pick it up, but it looked pretty, though. If it had an owner, they would come to find it or I would just buy it from them.

But it didn’t glow anymore, it was just like a normal glass knife. When I touched it, it became warm. Its warm would subside after I held it for a while.
It was strange.

No matter what, I couldn’t sit here and touch this knife all day. I closed my drawer and went to take a bath. I even had thirty minutes left to prepare for anything else. Every morning was always like this…Everything was passing by so easily.

I had friends…or maybe they’re not my friend. They always stayed close around me: Teo, Akane, Lookz, Ren and Shelyn. They looked so vibrant much more than the quiet me. Why did everything in my eyes are all grey? Why did my chair look so spacious? Before I went into my room, my eyes would always unconsciously turn to see the next room.

That’s right, I also had a key to that room. Because I didn’t want to return to the manager just yet, so I decided to keep it.

In the classroom, Teo always talked to me about his fiancee with a happy expression on his face. I didn’t think too much, but the way he boasted his fiancee was very annoying. ‘Even if you are like that, you can’t touch Akane’s ears ever.’ He said something along this line. I didn’t have any interest to touch her tail and her ears in the first place. My favorite thing for me was a nape.

Anyway, why didn’t I have a fiancee too?

Well, Teo was also a prince just the same as me, but it was strange that I didn’t a fiancee like him.

It was strange so much that I felt hurt inside.

Speaking of a woman, recently, there’s a human woman who frequently came to talk to me. Her name was Filne. Her scent was sweet. I wondered how sweet her human blood would be. They said in the textbook that it tasted like honey or a sugar cube.

Well…If I had to say about my favorite taste…

That would be…a taste like bitter chocolate, I guessed so?

“Prince Luler, we have met each other again.”


While I was walking back to my room alone, I met Filne who had just walked out of the room next to me. Why did she go in there? I wanted to know, but I also didn’t want to ask her. In fact, we shouldn’t be talking to each other too much as I was a demon and she was a human.

“You didn’t look too good in the classroom. Are you alright?” She asked me with a worried face.

“No, I’m alright.”

“You don’t look well at all. Do you want me to bring you to the infirmary?”

“No, I’m fine.”

I walked past her in the opposite direction. I wasn’t beginning to feel anything at first, but right now, I felt my heart was pressing itself. I felt the sensation of coolness spreading around my whole body. Nevertheless, a human couldn’t hear or felt a demon’s heartbeat or their temperature because of the difference in our race.

So…why did she know I wasn’t alright?

I didn’t think of the infirmary…The only thing in my head right now was that knife.

I had to hurry back to my room…right now…

I quickened my step to my room. When I went inside the room, I ran straight to the drawer beside my bed and picked the knife up to hold it to my heart.

This warmth feeling…I wanted this feeling to last forever.

But this feeling wouldn’t last too long as It would slowly fade away. Leaving me with a normal knife.

The heart was beginning to become normal. The coolness began to fade away even when it was only a little, but I felt good now.

Who was the owner of this knife?

Was it from the girl in my dream?

I want to meet her…

Even when,

I didn’t even know who she was.

When I thought like that, my tears were unconsciously flowing down…

I felt like something was wrong with me the next day.

That’s why I decided to go to the infirmary after school ended. Normally, I didn’t like to personally go there myself, but I had to ask the doctor about my condition right now. It wasn’t my chronic disease because I wouldn’t have to use that knife if it was only that.


“Excuse me.”

As the door opened, a gust of wind suddenly flew past my face and the sun was blinding me from seeing anything in front of me. At that moment, I saw…

A strand of pink hair flustered in the wind…

My eyes widen at this scene, but when the light disappeared…I only saw a man in the middle of the room.

“Oh…Sorry, I only wanted to open the window to let the light in. I thought there would be only me in this room.”

“It’s fine.”

“You’re not cute at all. Anyway, are you feeling sick or just feeling bad, prince Luler?” He sat on the chair. He had black hair with a pair of heterochromia eyes. One was blue and another was golden.

“…Something is wrong in my body…I don’t feel good too.” I sat on the chair opposite him and told him my condition.

“Can you tell me what are you feeling right now?”

“It stranges. My heart hurts all of a sudden.”


“That’s right. It hurts.”

“You didn’t hurt because of some woman, right? Haha.”


His words were like an arrow piercing into my heart. He didn’t say anything wrong, but I hadn’t known that woman so I couldn’t say I felt hurt because of her either.

“Ara~ a prince can get a broken-heart too, huh.” He lightly chuckled as he teased me.

“I’m not getting a heartbreak. I haven’t met…that woman for once.”


“If you can’t tell what’s wrong with me then…I’m sorry for taking your time.”
Thought to myself that this is a waste of my time, I sat up and went to the door.

“Maybe I can help you about it. If you really want to meet that woman so much, I will help you meet her.” He smiled at me, but the atmosphere in this room was suddenly darkened for a moment.


“But the method isn’t what you called safe, it’s very dangerous. If you really don’t know what to do, come to meet me here again.”

That was suspicious.

I closed the door the moment he finished speaking. Using a dangerous method…to meet that woman who I didn’t even sure whatever she existed or not.

That didn’t sound like a good idea.

But my heart told me the opposite, I wanted to meet her no matter what.

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