Villain heal chapter 73 Luler story IV

I got discharged from the hospital today.

I had to say I felt a bit lonely, but when I thought of what she said, that I could come to meet her every evening. At least, I could come to meet her every day. Will also thought like me too.

ฺBut what happened next was so fast, and I couldn’t prepare myself for it. Her parents decided to send Will to study abroad in England for three years. I already boarded a plane when I became aware of it.

I didn’t even have a chance to say goodbye to her.



Three years passed by.

Will tried to contact White, but it’s a pity that he couldn’t ask for her mother’s contact number. He also tried to beg his parents for her number but to no avail.

Even if it was like that, he still wanted to meet her.

After studying hard for three years, he finally got his parent’s consent to come back to study in his homeland.

Maybe she would stay at the hospital in the evening, but he only met her mother. She told him that White was going to study at a school in the capital. It was a private school which was the school for elites. Will was supposed to study at another private school, but he begged his parent to change the school. He hurriedly took an exam and passed with flying color.

Unfortunately, even when he could study at the same school as her, he couldn’t find her at all. Had he met her, but he couldn’t remember her? When he tried to find the person name ‘White’ in the school, there’re six persons who had the name ‘White’. He couldn’t go ask every classroom too. His mental state was deteriorating very fast and that’s included me too.

“Sigh…” I sighed. It was the afternoon break right now.

“Why do you have to sigh like that? You still can’t find that girl, right?” His best friend turned back to him as he was sitting in the seat in front of him.

“I can’t find her.”

“Well, this school has many beautiful girls, okay. You are also a heartbreaker yourself. If you were only fixated on that girl, it was really regrettable.”

“That’s my business. You won’t understand my feeling anyway.”

“Then you don’t have to be such a complex person.”

Will’s eyes turned to look to the outside of a window. It’s fifteen minutes before class, but he suddenly got thirsty so he walked to get some tea from a vending machine. He stood in front of the vending machine for a while as he couldn’t decide what to drink and he was also thinking about other things too. He didn’t notice there’s another person stood in line after him.

“Excuse me, if you still can’t decide what to buy, can I buy it first?”

It seemed the person behind him wasn’t too happy about it. Her voice was familiar, but it was deeper than before…

It was White. He finally found her.

White also remembered me, but she had to recall a bit. She complimented me that I grew up so much that she almost couldn’t remember me. After that, we went back to our respective class.

The reason why I couldn’t find her was that she studied in another building from me. It was the class for a nerd student as this’s what she told me. That class only had a student who took an exam or a student who had a special scholarship.
Because I had to go back to my class, I completely forgot to ask for her contact number. Well, I finally knew her classroom so it should be alright if I went to her class to meet her, right?

There’s something happened in the evening. I saw a girl being bullied by a group of notorious students of this school. It would be a big problem if I didn’t intervene so I did just that. It seemed like the girl was very impressed. She said thank him nonstop and she said she would repay him back some day.

Who would have thought this was White’s best friend? After that, we were beginning to become close. White and I was closer than before even if there would be Sunny who always tagged along every time.

Her voice, her smile, and her concern…

I didn’t know why, but I saw an image of another person overlapping with her instead. Her soft hair and that pair of eyes…I was really felt familiar with them.

Someone who looked like this, but that wasn’t it.

She wasn’t the person that I wanted to find, but why was it?

Why did I come here?

Day passed by, Will made his resolve to muster up the courage to confess his feeling to White on the graduation day. But he wasn’t sure himself because White was a workaholic. She spent most of her time studying much more than a time she slept. Even if he was rejected, he won’t give up.

Because of this reason, he wanted to discuss it with White’s friend. He also had to do it secretly as he wanted to make a big surprise for white so much that White couldn’t reject him.

“Sunny, I have something to discuss with you today.” One day, he called Sunny to the cafe with him.

“Oh! Umm! What is it?” She only lowered her head to look at the table with a blushing face.

“We have been friends for a long time. I have something important to tell you.”
“W-what is it?” Sunny was fidgeting now. Her face was a tometo now.
“I like White.”
“I want to ask her to be my girlfriend on the graduation day. In fact, I really want to ask her for a long time, but seeing how she is, I didn’t have the courage to do it.”

“White…? You like her even when she looked dull like hell like that?”

“Haha, maybe it’s like that. Therefore, can you help me?”

Sunny became silent for a while before looked up with a smile on her face. She told me if I ever had a problem, she would help me with it. With her help, the plan to surprise White went well as the time flew forward to the graduation day.
Will hold a big bouquet as though he wanted to ask someone’s hand in marriage. White was very surprised as Will also had an engagement ring too. In the end, she accepted his feeling and It was the scene filled with happiness. Except for Sunny who hid behind a tree with a blanked eyes.

Their engagement was given a green light from both of their parents. Their future was bright.


They had to lose everything because of this one mistake…

One day, Will got a call from Sunny who told him that her room was robbed. She didn’t what to do so she called him. She couldn’t call White because White had closed her phone as she was still in surgery training. Will instantly went to meet her.

However, when he reached his room, nothing was out of place at all.

“Sunny, didn’t your room got robbed?” Her room looked so clean as if it was cleaned a moment ago.

“No, my room didn’t get robbed.”


“Because I also have something to tell you too! Will, the truth is I also like you! I tried to give up on you because I know you are engaged with White! But I still like you!”

“I don’t think of you like that, Sunny.”

“I don’t understand it at all. Why does it have to be White!?”

Sunny rushed to tightly hug this body. Her shoulder was shaking and her face was filled with a stream of tears. Did she like Will this much?

“Stop talking about it. You are her friend. If she knows about this, she will get sad, you know.”

“Tell me why!!”

“White and I are going to get married. I don’t think of having other women other than White, especially her friend.”

“Then I will tell White that you come to meet me here today.”

“What are you thinking to do, Sunny?”

“Think about it! Will White believe me or you!? You came into my room at night like this. The CCTV also recorded it.”

“Enough, Sunny. I will tell White that nothing happened.”


He easily pushed her away and indifferently walked out of her room. He did his best and that what was he thought in his heart. It was supposed to be like that but on the reunion day, Sunny begged him to forgive her and she was readied to give up on him now.

That’s why she asked him for just one kiss so she could completely forget this feeling.

At that moment, he did it because he didn’t want to cause another problem. However, White came just in time to see this scene.

Her eyes were filled with disappointment. She was feeling sad, but she tried to hide it and ran away. Will called after her, but she continued to walk away from him.

When the green light was going to change to the red one, he should be able to grab her and told her everything. But…

A slender hand suddenly pushed White’s back making her fell down to the lane. White was pushed by Sunny. Her body collided with a truck. The truck’s driver also didn’t notice there’s someone being pushed onto the ground. The signal light changed to red with a trail of blood on the ground.

At that moment, I stretched my hand out even when it wouldn’t touch her. I saw her image overlapping with another person. When I saw her, I really wanted to go to her, but what I could grab was only emptiness.

My heart was in pain…Will’s heart was in pain too.

He had to see her die in front of him and he couldn’t save her too. He hugged her lifeless body and cried his heart out. He didn’t want to accept the fact that she wouldn’t come back to him again.

Sunny had also disappeared since that day before I heard she also died the same day White died. After that day, his body was beginning to weaken. He couldn’t eat and sleep so he resolved to do something, something that would impact his entire life. If she wasn’t here anymore, what the point of his life then? His dream that he wanted to create with her had already disappeared.

So…he let himself slowly died away…

and wished for him to have a chance to meet her again.

Everything in my eyes was starting to fade and turned into darkness. Both my body and my mind felt hurt. I couldn’t even have the energy to take a step. It was as though my body was slowly being sucked away.

I was pulled back. I could feel it.

But, I didn’t want to go back yet. I still didn’t get to meet her.

My subconscious was beginning to fade. I tried to think of the woman I wanted to find. I only want her to come back and called my name. Please call me once more. It was already good enough if I could hold her hand.


My lips moved to form a word, but it’s only a silent.

and I was drowning in darkness.



A pair of black eyes opened to see her body lying in a spacious space. However, she was currently lying inside a glass coffin which had many flowers placing in here. The flowers would give a fragrant like the time in the morning. This glass coffin was very strong. Although she tried to push it, it wouldn’t budge even an inch.

Pang! Pang!

“Somebody! Please help me!”

She called for help while her hand was banging at the coffin’s lid. That’s when there’s a man walking into this place. He had long black hair and a pair of captivating black onyx eyes. He wore long black clothes that only his flawless white skin could bring out their beauty.

He turned to look at the coffin staring into her eyes.

“Hades…” Her eyes wavered “No…way…Hadn’t I already died a long time ago?”


Even if he only took a glimpse, he instantly knew.

That she was his wife…who had passed away many years ago.

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