Villain heal chapter 74 A fading feeling


A woman who had just woken up from a glass coffin. She was like Snowwhite who woke up from her death. All the things that she could remember were the memory of her, Hades and her son. She also knew that she had died in her memory.

Why did she wake up again?

Nevertheless, she couldn’t get an answer from her husband. He only supported her out of the glass coffin and told her to take a rest. He hadn’t said anything more. She did just as he told her to because she saw his restless and confusing face even though it was still bugging in her mind.

Because of her fatigue, even she didn’t know where it came from, she was beginning to slip into her slumber.

Night time was longer than the morning here. It was as if the dreaming world had already reigned over leaving only the quietness. The people here were all a soul.

When she woke up again, she saw a man, who has long black hair, was sleeping soundly beside her.


She almost stopped breathing because his upper body was naked!! Even though his lower half was covered by a blanket, she wasn’t sure whatever he was naked or not! Even if she knew he was that kind of person who liked to sleep like this, she still didn’t get used to it at all!!

“H-Hades! Wake up right now!”

She forcefully hit his shoulder. It may look a bit violent, but if she didn’t do it like this, this man wouldn’t wake up ever!


“Wear your clothes properly right now! Damn it, you aren’t sleep alone…Kya!!”
While she was chiding him, his hand wrapped around her neck and then he pulled her back to the bed again.


“You are really getting energetic this morning. Do you want me to love you that much?”


“We still have some time left. Why don’t we spend this time as a couple?”

He said this while slowly tucked her collar down and unbuttoned her clothes. Her heart was beating hard, but her body didn’t resist his action.

The handsome face of her husband was slowly moving towards her inch by inch.

She slowly closed her eyes.


“Father!! I heard mother has woken up…”


Methyst suddenly rushed into Hades’s room with a sparkle in his eyes, but he had to come to a stop as he saw the scene in front of him. His father was going to kiss his mother!!

He blushed as he knew he came at a wrong time!! He had to get out of here quick and act as if nothing had happened here…

“M-methyst!? Hold on! It isn’t what you think!!” Soi tried to call after her son who was slowly getting out of this room. Her eyes angrily turned to the source of her problem.

“What is it?” He acted as if he wasn’t at fault at all.

“It’s like this!!”


Soi kicked his stomach using all of her strength and pushed him to squirm on the bed. Hades could only groan in pain.

“Stay there until you repent!”

She fixed her clothes and walked out of this room to follow Methyst. Leaving Hades to squirm for some time. He didn’t feel that hurt, but it was totally the opposite.

He felt a little happy…

“You really come back.”

He turned to look at the door and thought of the woman who had just walked out from this room…

She came back. She became her normal self again.


Soi followed a man who had jet black shoulder-length hair. He looked different from the last time she had seen him as his height only reached her waist!

However, he had grown up in every way. He even looked like a carbon copy of his father. He was so taller than her right now!!

“Mother..!! Have you been following me?” When he heard his mother called him, Methyst instantly turned to her.

“What happened in the room, nothing happened in there!! Your father was only in a daze so…”

“Mother, I’m not a child anymore. I understand things like this.” He pouted and lowered his head to look at her.


“Even so I’m very happy that I will have a sibling soon.”

“No!! You won’t have a sibling!! W-well, you have grown up so much. Look at you, you are taller than me now. Haven’t you been a child at that time?”

She swiftly changed the subject before it escalated into something more than this. She raised her hand to pat his head as he also lowered his head down for her to do so. He smiled while she continued to pat him.

“Mother, you still look beautiful as always.”

“You sweet talker, come here, I want to see your face.”

Soi turned his face left and right. Ah…He was handsome like his father. Many women would faint at this rate.

“Mother, there’s not a day when I wasn’t thinking of you.”


“Mother, you will always be with us together forever, right?”

He looked at her with pleading eyes. His eyes were strongly filled with a determination when he looked at her. She wouldn’t dare to deny her son request. At that moment, Hades appeared behind her. He had already dressed up and snatched her body into him.

“Did you just throw away your husband to run after some man? How cruel of you.”

“Husband like you…should squirm like that on the bed forever.” She hit his hand that used to wrap her waist.

“Methyst isn’t a child anymore. What era have you come from, hmm?”

“long enough to let someone counted the stars alone”

“Your mother really have a foul-mouthed, Methyst.” Hades turned to look at his son who was chuckling.

“That’s right, father. Oh, have you taken a bath yet?”

Her son word made her pondered about it. Since the time she awoke last night and when she was sleeping, had this body taken a bath for once!?

“I will go take a bath. Hades! You have to take a bath after me, alright!”

“We can take it together.”


Soi shook his hand off and ran to the room. She stripped her clothes and dipped her body into warm water.



She let her body immersed in warm water before exhaled a long sigh.

Even if she was a soul, but this is the place that souls existed. They had to eat and bath just like any normal living person. There’re flavors and feelings. It was the place that many thousands of souls decided to where would they be in the end.

Most souls would be instantly ordered to reincarnate somewhere. The souls in here were those who stayed between death and live or…the soul that was almost breaking. They were waiting for the time they would become a new soul.

She…wasn’t in any categories mentioned above.

She had died once in this world. However, she came back here again.

The moment she died…

‘He has stolen you here, little girl.’

A man, who she couldn’t remember, told her.

‘Do you want to know about yourself?’

She didn’t really know whatever her answer to that invitation was, but the only thing she could remember was only darkness and Hades’s voice.

If she was a soul then that’s mean she was a human before. But she couldn’t remember the time when she was human. When she opened her eyes, she only saw Hades.

‘You will be my wife from now on.’

Why did the lord of netherworld take an interest in a normal soul? What did he steal from her? Why was she here? These were the question that she constantly asked him.

He only told her it was because of love.

“Why do I have to think so hard?”

What did she have to be a worry for when she finally came back to be with her husband and her son? Her brain told her like this, but her heart strangely acted the opposite.

…Something in her body was wrong.

The feeling of pain…her longing…for someone.

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