Villain heal chapter 75

Time passed by as Soi came back to live in the netherworld as though there’s nothing happened. It’s in the evening when she and Methyst were sitting in a pavilion. They were drinking tea and eating a homemade snack that her son proudly presented to her.

“Mother, do you like this?” Methyst used a fork to pick a white flower-shaped snack up.

“That’s awesome, son. When did my son learn to make a delicious snack like this?” Soi accepted the snack from his hand with a delightful smile.

Both of them were sitting in the pavilion in the middle of the lotus pond which blossoming every night. Their time was stopped to make them looked like this forever. Methyst used this chance to bring his mother here because his father was busy with work. He finally could show the skill that he had been learning to her.

“I have learned many recipes, mother.”

“You must be very good in this. Do you want to quit working with your father and open a bakery?”

“It will be good if others like it.”

“I guarantee they will love it.”

He tenderly patted his head and Methyst also loved it when his mother patted him like this. He was like a little cat. When she thought like that, he really looked much more endearing than before. Even if he was already endearing in the first place.

“What? so you are all here?”

At that moment, Hades was walking straight to this place. he walked to the pavilion.

“Why don’t you try eating Methyst’s snack? It’s really delicious.” Soi turned to talk to Hades. He threw the snack into his mouth.

“This is too sweet. I’m not eating this.” He shook his head while chewing the snack in his mouth.

“It isn’t that sweet.”

“You tongue must have lost its sense.”

“How is this sweet!!?”

I didn’t understand how was this sweet at all. It tasted just right in my opinion. Where could you find a premium grade sncak like this!!? Ah, how could she forget that this man didn’t have a sweet tooth? He never put sugar into his tea or coffee.

“Because you are a narrow-minded person, that’s why you don’t want to try eating a new taste. This is delicious.” She grumbled while putting the sweet into her mouth.

“Nobody has an open-minded more than me.” Hades retorted back.

“Father doesn’t like to eat anything sweet at all. Even I had to give him dark chocolate on the Valentine day.” Methyst wryly smiled.

“What? Did you give him chocolate too? It’s a pity that I wasn’t here.” She felt regret a little that she hadn’t had a part in that. But it couldn’t be helped, she has already died.

And then came back from death again…

The netherworld was really a mystery.

“If you want to eat it then I can make it for you right now.” Methyst quickly spoke up.

“You don’t have to do that. An important thing should be given on an important day. I will wait for the Valentine day to come, fufu.”

“Yes, mother…father…”


They spoke at the same time and turned to look at him.

“Other than the Valentine day, There’re many other special days waiting for us. I really want three of us to stay like this forever. It should be fun.”

“Methyst…” Soi smiled softly and tenderly patted his head.

“That’s right, I will wait for the time that the three of us will go together.”


However, it was Hades who became silent. He only looked at a marble floor.

“I will go to work now…Don’t stay out here for too long. Methyst, you have to get a rest too.”

“Yes, I will go to sleep in a moment.”

Methyst smiled. He understood that his body was different from others. He had to rest for more than three-fourths of all the time because his soul energy wasn’t strong enough. He had to sleep to recover his soul energy.

Why did he suddenly be like that?

Soi stared at his retreating back. Didn’t he look happy a moment ago? Why did he suddenly make a strange face as though he was a person who drowned in misery?
“Methyst, I have something talk with your father. Wait for me here.”

“Ah…yes, mother.”

Methyst turned to look at the plate filled with the sweets. Did he have to eat all of these himself? He sighed a little with a smile on his face.


Soi ran after her husband and grabbed his sleeve when she finally caught up to him. The man turned back and embraced her close because he feared she would fall to the ground.

“What is it? Why do you have to run like this?”

“I’m the one who should be asking you. Are you alright? Why did you have to run away like that?”

“You…I was really tired of your sharp eyes.”

“Oww! Stop it. Don’t be like that!”

He pinched her nose so hard that the tip of her nose was beginning to turn red.
Sigh…No matter what he thought, her pair of sharp eyes could see through him. But that’s the thing that strangely made him love her.

Her blunt words and her worried for those around her…She was always like that.

No matter when…

No matter who she reincarnated into…

No matter whom this pair of eyes would turn to.

“You don’t have to be worried. It’s a trivial matter.”

“I just know that the lord of netherworld ran away from his wife and son because of a trivial matter.”


When he went quiet again, she could only exhale a long sigh. That look in his eyes didn’t look it’s alright at all. She couldn’t say ‘Oh…Is that so?’ and stop at that because it wasn’t her style at all.

“Hades, I don’t want you to answer whom have you stolen me from.”

“Where have you heard this from?”

“Someone who I can’t remember.”


“But…I didn’t know who I was. I couldn’t even remember my name until you told me. However, the person who met you and stayed with you was me. I don’t care if you saw me as another person you met before.”


“Even if I want to ask you why did I come back here again? I don’t think you will tell me anyway. You really are a stubborn person…” Soi crossed her arms and stared at the man with weary eyes.


“I’m glad to see you again. I’m happy to see Methyst grows up too.”


“Even if I don’t know what am I right now.”

They went silent for a while. Hades stretched his hand to touch her soft cheek. His blank eyes didn’t show anything. He only smiled, but there wasn’t any feeling in it.

“I also feel glad to have met you much more than anyone.”

“Don’t copy my sentence.”

“It was just as you said…The one who met me was you. I couldn’t steal you from fate and fate also taught me that It was impossible for me to do it.”


“Somewhere, a place far away from here, your fate has changed. That person hasn’t met me just like you and that person was also surrounded by important persons, but I and Methyst weren’t there. I admitted that It’s hurt, but I’m happy for you.”


“But it isn’t me.”


“I wasn’t the one who called you here.”

“Then who…?”


He didn’t dare to say that name because it’s no use anymore.

The severed relation scissors could only use by those who had the same bloodline as the lord of the netherworld. If it wasn’t him who used it then…

There’s no other person except for…the only one who could do this.

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