Villain heal chapter 76 The feeling that never faded away


His only lineage was him…

But how could that kid kill someone, he was a gentle and pure kid. He was always like that since he was young.

“It’s not his fault. I will handle everything.” Hades said and turned back.

“Hold on, what do you mean?”

“You shouldn’t be here.”

“Is it because my soul was stolen from somewhere?”

Soi looked at his back with a tear in her eyes. Did he really want to send her back? She constantly questioned as to why she was here, but if she thought logically, she wasn’t supposed to be here. However…

“I understand you, Hades. Because you have broken a rule before, that’s why you can’t break it once again, right?”


“I’m not sad to be sent back. If I can see you and our son then I’m already happy with that.”


“I…Both you and Methyst…For me…”


At that moment, the sound of a tray falling on the ground was loud enough for the two of them to hear. The sound was coming from behind them. Methyst, who had walked out from pavilion as he couldn’t eat the sweets anymore, was trying to put the tray back to the kitchen. He accidentally heard his parents conversation, so he trembled and lose his grip on the tray. The tray fell onto the floor with the sweets scattered around it.

“What does…this mean, father…?” His lips were shaking.

“Methyst!” Soi tried to think of a way to make him understand in a situation like this. But she couldn’t think of anything at all!

“Why…do you have to send her back!!?”


Hades didn’t answer him. Methyst’s heart was beginning to become restless because of his father action.

“You once told her that you love her…Was that a lie!!?”


“Wait for me, Methyst!!”

Methyst ran away from them in the opposite direction without looking back. Soi decided to follow her son, but she turned to look at Hades for a moment before she ran after her son.

A lie…?

Hades repeated his son words and exhale a very long sigh.

This would be a really easy decision if he didn’t love her…

Half of his minds didn’t really want to let her go, but if she were to stay here, it wouldn’t be too long until she would be dragged back there again.

If that time come,

he wouldn’t have a chance to see her again.

Tap Tap Tap!!

“Wait for me..! Methyst, your father has a reason about this!”

Why did he run so fast!? She tried to run after her son until he opened the door to his room and quickly slammed it shut.


“I don’t want to speak to the two of you anymore!!”


He shouted and locked the door. It seemed he wouldn’t let her in easily.

“Methyst, I know you were the one who brought me back here. This is wrong.” She said to him in a gentle voice.

“Even you…don’t want to stay with me anymore, right?” His voice was mixed with a grievance.

“It’s not like that! I also want to stay with you, but if you continue to lock the door like this, how can I come inside to have a talk with you?”

Her words were hanging in the air until there was a clicking sound from the door. Methyst opened the door with a teary face.


“Can I come in?”


He made way for her as she came into the room. When the door closed, there’s only the two of them in there.

The atmosphere was beginning to turn uncomfortable for the two of them as they hadn’t said a word to each other.

“Sigh, I must be a bad mother, right? I couldn’t even reconcile with my son.”

“It isn’t like that at all, mother! I didn’t think that way.”


“I-i only wanted you to come back. It’s hurt. I could only see you lying there in the coffin. Even when I talked to you, you didn’t answer me. It was as if you’d already died…”

A single drop of tear flew down from his onyx eyes. He had to see his mother died in front of him when he was a child. Even if her body was here, but it was just only a lifeless body.

“I will do everything to bring you back, I want the three of us to stay together. Was it wrong for me to wish something like this?”


His wish to have his mother back would always be within his heart.

“Listen to me, Methyst. You won’t know what will happen in the future.”


“Someday, your father will suddenly leave you too. This will keep happening as long as we are still breathing. You may be sad and ask why does this thing have to happen. However, there isn’t an answer to that. Separation is something we have to accept. It is a sign that we have grown up.”

“Can you not go, mother?”

He kneeled down and tightly hugged her waist. His heart might break in a thousand piece if he had to see her died again. Soi understood his feeling, but she couldn’t stay here anymore.

“I’m sorry.”


“I want you to understand.”

“I don’t understand.”


“I won’t let you…!!”



He could feel a hand hit at the back of his neck!! His body fell to the ground, and the impact from that hit made him unconscious. Soi could only stand there shaken and looked towards the culprit who had appeared behind Methyst out of the blue!!

“Hades!! What are you doing!?”

“This kid won’t stop his tantrum until he gets what he wants.”

“This is our child!”

“I have to teach him especially because he is my son.”


“You don’t have to be worried. He’s just unconscious.”

Soi turned Methyst’s body over and scanned his condition. He really was just sleeping, so she sighed in relieve.

“When did you come in?”

“This my house. I can go anywhere I want.”

You must be slipped in here a moment ago.

“I will send you back, but your body will be here.”

“What does that mean?”

“So long as that half of the scissors isn’t purified, you will still be here.”
Soi heard his explanation, but her head was filled with a question. Her body would be here? Half of the scissors? Was he talking about…




A strange voice was resounding in her head!! This voice…she hadn’t heard it before, but it was so familiar!!




Her heart was strangely squeezed as the pain was rushing to every part of her body. She couldn’t hold it anymore, so her body fell to the ground in anguish.


When he saw his wife suddenly behave weirdly, he quickly ran to support her in his arms. She wasn’t supported to be sick. This is the netherworld!


Soi raised her hand as the tip of her finger was slowly turning into small black butterflies.


She was disappearing…There’s nothing holding her back here anymore.
She was really going to die.

“Hades, I’m going to disappear, right?”


“Don’t lie to me. I have already known it just by the look in your eyes.”


“Hades, at least, I still have a time left.”


Even if she hadn’t shed a single tear, it’s not like she didn’t feel sad, but she didn’t him to be sad any more than this.

Half of her body had already disappeared. Both of her arms and her legs had been changed into the butterflies. She still had enough time left for her to say this important word.

“I love you very much, Hades. Both you and Methyst are important to me. Even though I don’t know who am I, but here, in this place, I’m your wife.”

“I love you too.”

“I really don’t want to go…”

His tear was flowing down brushing his cheeks when he saw the scene in front of him. Even her face was beginning to turn into the butterflies which slowly flew away into the sky.

“Goodbye, I entrust you to take care of Methyst instead of m…”


She couldn’t even finish her sentence as her body was completely changed into the butterflies. They flew further and further away until he couldn’t see them anymore. There’re only her white clothes lying in his arms.

The last butterfly flew out of her clothes as it circled around him and flew to touch at his lips before it flew away.

“Don’t be a narrow-minded person!”

It left a short message for him.

“Hump, there’s nobody who had a broad-minded more than me.”

Fate had parted her away from him again.

But this time,

nobody knew what would happen in the future.

He could only give her his blessing.

“I hope you will be happy, Shiwa…”

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