Villain Heal chapter 77 Hades’s past I

Time was a very valuable thing for humans,

but it was nothing for me.

Hades was an immortal identity. He wouldn’t disappear no matter how much time had passed. His identity will continue to exist.

I hated my life.

Even if he said something like that, he was the warden of the Netherworld.
Boring…this was the word he would like to say.

All these souls would have to go their ways in the end so why did he have to guide them? Why did they have to regret their death when they would have to reincarnate and forget their past memory anyway? Why did they have to get angry even when they would have a chance to start anew. Why did they have to be greedy even when everything would become nothing in the end?

“It looks like you are looking too comfortable lately.” One man was leaning against a wall. His face was covered with a thin black cloth and he also wore black attire.

He appeared from a shadow in Hades’s study.

“It seems like you are free more than me, warden.”

“Ara~ you can call me by my real name. Don’t act so distant like that.”

“What’s your business?”

I don’t want to talk to him…This man was the warden between gods. He was out of my control so I don’t want to get involved with him.

“I have a piece of good news to tell you today.”

“Good news?”

“Exactly! Higher-up saw your excellent works all this while so they decided to give you vacation days!”

“Do they have a problem with me?”

It wasn’t complicated at all. Higher-up hadn’t sent a gift to us even when…

Except for…

“Well, you have been neglecting your duty to watch over those stray souls lately. Do you understand that this is very important? There is an increase in stray souls for almost two times what is considered normal. They decided to give you a punishment. That’s to send you to reincarnate at the human world for one lifetime.”

“A punishment?”

It didn’t seem like a punishment at all. Yes, he may neglect his duty a little and he wouldn’t argue about that, but why was he received such a light punishment?

However, he wouldn’t sit still and let anyone decided his fate for him!!

“Hmm, Did they think they can easily do anything to me?”

“Hades-sama, with my utmost respect, If you do anything that you are currently thinking then it will surely cause great havoc. Can’t you just let me work in peace?”

“I never request you to do anything. Go away.”

“Umm, I think I have to use my trump card.”


The Warden snapped his fingers and then there was a light enveloped Hades’s body who was sitting on his chair. He couldn’t move as the light was binding him in that spot!


Hades growled. This light was a decree which even those gods couldn’t resist it! This was specially made to seize gods so why did he have it!!?

“Don’t be angry at me. I only did it because It’s necessary and I also got permission for this.”


“Maybe you will have a chance to do something fun while you are a human. Good luck.”

“When I get back here, I will surely pay you back!”

The room was ablaze with the white light. Hades was nowhere in sight after the light disappeared.

He didn’t really want to use this method, but the lord of the Netherworld wasn’t an easy opponent. There weren’t any wardens who could deal with him.

“Anyway, I will be a substitute for him until he comes back.”

Guiding souls would be a boring job, but It would be better than what Hades would do with the higher-up.

It would be funny to see Hades-sama reincarnated as a human. He hated humans to his bone.

He couldn’t wait to see what’s going to happen next. That would be too comical!!


“Quick, find a survivor!”

“There’s isn’t a survivor in that area!!”

“Those Casts aren’t here anymore, right!!?”

A group of ten peoples was holding a torch amidst a darkened forest. The moon hung in the sky implied that it was already the night time, but this would a long night for them after what happened before this. A small village was attacked by a small army of barbarians. They wanted to seize this village, but this village was saved by the help of an army from the capital. There’s no casualty for the people in the village, but some soldiers were missing. Maybe there were injured so they escaped to the forest. The head of the village and others were trying their hardest to find those missing person.

That’s when a pair of black eyes opened up in this deserted forest. He was a seven years old child with a handsome face. His black hair was messy and he also wore shabby clothes.

“I will pay you all back.”

He could remember everything from his name and everything that was his. There was more to this punishment and he was sure of it. He believed it was a way that those higher-ups got back at him for his doing before that!!
It couldn’t be helped. He had to do something to cause this body to die and hurry back to retaliate them.

He just turned to see a turbulent stream near him. That would be enough for this body to die. He decided to walk towards the middle of that steam without hesitation.


At the moment when his body couldn’t withstand a force from the stream and he would be carried away by it…!!


a girl’s shouting voice was heard followed by a sound of something collided with the water. She was swimming towards him in a hurry and quickly grabbed his arm while she held on to a large rock.

“Don’t let go of my hand!!”

He tried to turn his head to see this girl, but it was difficult to do so in this situation. She pushed him to grab on the rock and pushed their body up to the ground together. He didn’t know why this girl had so much strength? Was he the one who was too weak?

“Cough!…Cough!” She choked the water out.

“‘Cough!’ Are you an idiot!? Do you want to die!?” Hades turned to look at her in displeased and rebuked her.

“What!!? I was the one who helped you. If I wasn’t here then you would be dead a long time ago!!”

“Leave me alone!!”

“What did you say!? This kid!!”

She grabbed him by his collar and forcefully shake him. He wouldn’t be dead by drowning but his death would be caused by her instead.

She had long jet black hair, a pair of onyx eyes, a shade of pink dusting on her cheeks and naturally red lips. She would grow up to be a beautiful woman, but right now, she only was a devil with a bad temper.


However, that’s when a boy around her age ran toward her with a worried expression on his face.

“Why are your body soaking like this!!? I have been finding you for a long time.” He instantly crouched and checked her body.

He had short light brown hair, a pair of dark brown eyes and a cute facial. His body was thin, but he was a lovely child.

“It’s because I helped this kid from the stream, August.”

“A stream? That stream over there!!? That was very dangerous, Soi!”

“What!!? Even you are going to rebuke me. This world has gone mad!!”

After that, that girl was complaining for a while. She complained about why did her doing isn’t getting appreciate back. Why did others have to blame her when she did something good!? Later on, the head of the village found them and brought them back to the village together because this place wasn’t safe at this time.

Hades stared at the girl and the boy as his eyes lowered to see them holding their hands.

“Ah…Why don’t you hold my hand? You will get lost like that.” The girl names ‘Soi’ stretched her hand to him.

“No.” He instantly rejected.

“You are really stubborn! I won’t help you if you fall into the stream again!”

She grabbed his hand and then dragged him towards her. “What’s your name?”

“I don’t have a name?” He was a nameless person now.


“You can call me ‘Har’.”

He had to eliminate the problem for now so he let her call him ‘Har’. Hades stared at her another hand that was currently holding August’s hand.

It’s was a red thread.

He saw the red thread of fate that was linking them together.

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