O.V.E.R.L.O.A.D chapter 9: You must have many tricks up your sleeve when you are the youngest. (Second arc)

After waking up from a long dream, I found that I was actually fifteen years old. My dream seemed so real, but the scene in front of me was even more real. This was because the person in front of me was Ansel.

The young handsome villain scowled before threatening me. “I will get my hand off now. Don’t scream! We will all doom If Oran-niii wakes up…and if something bad happens then I swear you don’t get to live on this earth anymore.”

Ara~ you were really a villain, threaten me like that.

Although, why did I feel like he knew all of my true colors?

I obediently nodded. Even if I liked to tease other people, but I was in a good mood today. I did just as he said. When he retracted his hand, I whispered to him. “What do you want me to see?”

He smirked before getting off my bed. “Follow me, don’t forget to grab your wallet too. You can’t go empty-handed.”

I frowned. “Why? Do you want me to pay for something?”

A matter about money wasn’t a laughing matter, you know…

The villain turned to me and gave me puppy eyes. “I’m hungry, Onee-san. Don’t you feel a little bit of pity at me.”

Ahhh…If you gave me that look, I couldn’t refuse you.


I nodded and wasn’t hesitating to go grab my wallet like a doting sister I was. I stood in front of my little brother to signal I was ready now.


He crossed his arm and then walked to stand in front of me. He looked at me from head to toe before pointing to my wardrobe. “Take your jacket with you too, I don’t want to punch those pervert guys who always leer your chubby body today.”


Was I fat?

My hand traced the curve of my body while thinking that. My waist was slim like a normal fifteen years old teenager. When I looked at my brother, he gave me a death glare as though I was bugging him. I noticed his line of sight was lowering to my big chest, so I understood instantly what had he meant to say about my ‘chubby ‘ body.”

My big chest was the biggest problem, huh?

“Okay, I will go get it now.”

When I finished preparing myself, Ansel slowly opened my window. He did it as quietly as possible and then climbed out with agile like he was used to it. He turned to give me his hand to help me go down together.

I grabbed his hand and went down with him. After my foot had safely touched the ground, he told me to close my eyes. At that moment, I began to suspect him.

What did he want to show me?

“Close your eyes, Onee-san. Don’t make me say it again.” He scolded me. I quickly closed my eyes fearing that he wouldn’t want to surprise anymore.

Big sister should always support her brother, right?

I closed my eyes and tried to listen carefully. The sound was like he walked forward to yank something. I could hear the sound of fabric for a moment before he touched my arms again and brought me forward.

“Open your eyes, Onee-san. It’s fine now.”

I was excited to know about this thing that he wanted to surprise me, so I opened my eyes. The first thing I saw was a black Superbike.

Was this his bike?

I stood still while staring at the bike. I knew that Ansel liked cars very much, but I had never thought he would buy it to show around at this age.

When Ansel saw my stunning face, he went to stand beside his Superbike. “How about it, Onee-san? This is my son. I will ride you to school every day. It’s time to say goodbye to those buses.”

A twinkle instantly found its way to my eyes after the thought of riding with this cool villain to school every day.


“Wow…Did you buy this yourself?”

“That’s right.”

“How much was it?”

He counted using his fingers before raising seven of them. “Seven digits. I’m penniless now. I will bring you outside to play, but in return, you have to treat me to a meal.

Seven digits…That was a million, right!!?

“Why did you have so much money, Ansel?” I was struck dumb, and I also didn’t understand where did he find the money that much.

Did he work as a debt collector?

“A little investment. I will bring you with me later.”

I nodded before asking my next question. “Did this bike cost you seven digits?”

“No, the bike wasn’t that expensive, but the cost for car accessories was too much. When I realized it again, I had already gone bankrupt.”

I became excited again. He was crazy about cars, and he liked to add or change some parts to suit his taste. Even his car toys were changed from a supercar to a transformer, I couldn’t imagine what would happen to his son.

“What did you change? What about its features?”

He acted like he was very proud of himself. He spread his arms to every part of his Superbike. “This…It’s cool just like the owner, isn’t it? I changed from a gloss color to flat. This wolf pattern is also neat, right? What do you think, Onee-san?”

I gave him a puzzled look. “Is that it?”

“What? What do you mean? Do you think I would change it to a robot or something like a missile?”


“That’s insane. I also have a heart too, Onee-san! Men also want something beautiful much more than its function too.” He handed me a helmet.

The helmet that had a pair of white cat’s ears on it…

What was this?

“I ordered it especially for you. Hurried up and wear it. We will go now.” He gave me a wink.

In the end, I had no choice other than wearing it and sat behind him. I hugged him behind tightly before he started the engine. However, something was sending chills down my spine.

It felt as if there was someone watching us.

I looked back at the source of my discomfort before seeing a tall shadow at my window. I was startled and was about to tell Ansel. But it was at the same moment that Ansel rev the engine up, I had to shut my mouth and hugged him. When I was balanced again, I turned to look at my window.

Although, that person was gone now.

A ghost?

I could only hide my curiosity in my heart before forgetting it. I want to be happy with something that happened now much more than worried sick about the thing that I didn’t know.

Looked like…I was also a trouble maker like my little brother.

Ansel brought me to many dark alleys of this ‘Messy’ town. These’re many entertainment venues along the way. We could see mafias walking around, but we weren’t scared of that. That’s because we were kind of blend in with this place, so we weren’t on the radar of those people.

On the lane under the moonlight, a gust of wind blew past my golden hair. It truly was a good feeling, so much that I couldn’t help raising my hand to feel the wind.

It was refreshing.

Ansel rode all over the town until it became very late at night. He told me he wanted to have a snack before riding back home. We decided to eat a cup noodle at the supermarket near our house.

Before reaching the supermarket, we stopped at the traffic light. A Cabriolet was also stopped near us.

The middle-aged man who sat inside was a bulky man. He wore sunglasses even though the sun had already gone down for a long time ago. More importantly, he wore a glittering gold jacket with red plaid pants.

That’s so cool.

He turned to look at us before giving a thumbs-up. “ํYour car is cool, kid.”

Ansel also gave him a thumbs-up. “You car is kind of cool too, old man.”

“ํYou taste in woman is also fairly good.”

Ansel shrugged. “Who’s pretty? She only so-so. I also didn’t get any choice to choose too. I was forced to do it.”

The man laughed. “Good, good. You are very brave, aren’t you? Look like you aren’t going to get scared of your wife in the future.”

“It has to be like that. I don’t have any reason to get scared of this woman. Her face isn’t even pretty, and she also fat too. She doesn’t scare me at all…”


I hit this foul-mouthed man’s helmet once. Humph! He could act like he wasn’t scared in front of others. But when he felt like he was actually defying the dark force before his very eyes, he instantly went silence and looked dejected.

“I’m sorry…”

The man laughed and gave me a thumbs up. “You are brutal just like my wife.”

I gave him a thumbs up. “Your wife is awesome too, old man .”

When the light turned to green, Ansel drove to the supermarket and then we went inside to buy a noodle cup. Ansel chose the expensive one. I didn’t know whether he was that hungry or he wanted to empty my wallet.

Well, I had to buy it for him anyway…

We paid them at the counter, put some boiling water, and then found a place to sit down. We looked at the market’s television while we waited for the noodle to be readied.

It was local news.

The reporter was currently reporting the news. “There’s the official announcement from The Upside-Down town’s police department about the widowed villainess who has successfully escaped from the prison. The polices are currently followed her in the town’s area ‘two’. Ten people have already fallen prey to the villain.

The widowed villainess would possess the body of a victim which was a woman’s body before finding another prey. Mostly the next prey would be a man who would have intercourse with the woman then she would suck the man’s energy. If you find a strange behavior in your relative or your friend, please be extra careful…

Ansel looked interested at the news. “The villain is around area ‘two’…That means it’s near us, right? Our house is in the area ‘three’.”

When he finished speaking, the middle-aged man who drove Cabriolet was walking past us at the same time. It looked like he had just finished buying the grocery and was about to go home. The interesting thing was there’s a sexy woman clinging to him all this while. Her red lips would kiss him in various place. I felt tickle when I saw it.

Did you have to do it like that…?

“Love~ Why don’t we wait until we get home?” He shyly asked.

“But…I can’t wait anymore~”

“Then I will hurry drove us to our home.” He opened the car’s door for his wife, jumped up on the driver’s seat himself and then stepped on the accelerator while his wife was still kissing him nonstop.

Ansel looked at the scene and nodded at himself. “His wife is so amazing. I want to have someone like that too.” He turned to look at his sister who was about to gulp down the noodle. “, but not like this ever.”

I stopped on my track after hearing what he said. I gave him a sharp and angry look. “Yeah, you already have the noodle cup. I’m worthless now, huh. Don’t you dare bite the hand that feeds you.”

He pouted before leaning towards me. “Ara~ Don’t be like that. My onee-san is the cutest in the world for me~”

I quirked my eyebrow. “For real?”

He shrugged again before changing his tone of voice from the cute one to the one that annoyed me the most. “No, it’s just a lie.”

I could only grit my teeth.

I want to squeeze him!

I couldn’t endure it anymore, so I stretched out my hand to pinch his cheek. He retaliated back as he stole my noodle cup away and ate it.

“I’m tired of you, Ansel…” I complained after seeing my noodle cup which didn’t even have a drop of soup left with wistful eyes.

“It’s already happened. Think in a positive way, you won’t get fat because you didn’t get to eat it.”

I crossed my arms. I was really fed up with this brother of mine, so I wanted to make it clear to him. “This isn’t called fat. What I have is a big chest.”

็He made a bored face. “What’s a big chest? There’s nothing good about it, so you don’t think to increase its size. Let’s go now, I want to go home.”

I lost the argument to him in the end.

When we drove near the house, we had to stop the engine and pushed the Superbike instead. It was very late at night, so it was totally quiet around here. We didn’t want anyone to hear the sound of the engine.

When we finished parking the Superbike, we tried to go up to my window again. However, we found that my window was closed. It could only open from inside, so we had to find another way to get into our home.

“Did you close your window, Onee-san?” Ansel grumbled.

If I remembered correctly, I hadn’t closed it…

“I can’t remember.”

He shook his head. “Why are you so clumsy? A big thing comes from the right mind, you know. Never mind, we will use the front door.” We went around to the front door. He walked on his tiptoe all the way there, but he also didn’t forget to tell me to be quiet.

We tiptoed to the front door as though we were a burglar. He took out the key from his necklace before unlocking the door.


The door made a cracking sound as we carefully pushed it to open. It wasn’t that loud, but it still made us shiver. We tried to listen to the sound indicating whether the person inside our home awoke or not.

It was nothing. That meant Oran-nii was still asleep.

We stepped into our house and turned to lock the door. At that instant, all the lights had been turning on, and the first thing I saw was a man who was currently staring hard at us.

He was very handsome. I couldn’t help but swallow my saliva. This made me recalled seeing a shadow on the way out. Oh…it was him not a ghost.


Good old Oran…who was even more handsome and more vicious.

Ansel was speechless just like me, but he was quick-witted. It must be from the same countless situations that he found himself in before. He turned to whisper to me. “This is bad, Onee-san. We have to use our trump-card now. If not, he will explode on us!”

A trump-card?

I didn’t ask him anything. He immediately used the trump-card, and it made me think of how much of a trouble-maker he really was.

When you were a villain, did you suppose to have this much tricks under your sleeve?


When at Rome, do as Romans do, right?


Not wasting any more time, I swiftly used the trump-card to save my skin just like Ansel.

Oran-nii, we even used the trump-card. You shouldn’t get angry at us now.

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