O.V.E.R.L.O.A.D chapter 10 You must see through your silbling’s trick when you are the oldest

Our trump card was a basic move, but its destructive power was rather severe. As fast as a flash, we jumped to hug Oran’s leg as we want him fixing to this spot.

Not only that, in the three seconds after we grabbed our target’s leg, we had to lift our face to forty-five degree to send our destructive look to him. We won’t let him kept the guard up.

The look that we were currently giving right now could only be made from the higher understanding in psychology. We want to hypnotize our brother who was furious at us right now.

While we were staring at him, we had to repeatedly pray in our heart. We are the cutest! Please love us!

This was a complicated move. You shouldn’t copy us if you weren’t a professional.

Oran, who was hit by this move, soften a little, but this wasn’t enough. We sneakily send a signal to each other before we use a combo move by giving him a puppy look and nuzzled our face into his leg as though we were a kitten.

Ha! Even if you are the oldest, you won’t survive this move!

Ansel and I worked together in this devious move hoping everything would go well in the end. We thought that Oran-nii would sigh and tell us to go to bed, and then it would end. Everything was supported to be like that…


We were too naive. Our big brother didn’t even look like someone who was going to lose because he closed his eyes. He tried not to look into our puppy eyes. More importantly, he suddenly took something out from behind his back. He clearly had a weapon to deal with the two of us.

A rubber hammer.


We tried to escape from his attack, but the hammer in his hand swiftly swang onto our head. One hit…two hits…We’d received our fair share of damage.

The conclusion was…we completely lose to our big brother.


In the end, we had to sit on the sofa together in the living room while sulking at the same time. Oran-nii stood before us with crossing arm. His stare was so scary that we couldn’t even dare to send our puppy eyes.

You are too scary…

He sat down with a stern look on his face. He wore a serious expression as though he was a policeman who was to investigate a crime. Not too long after that, he asked us in a flat voice. “Where did you go?”

“To eat a noodle cup” Ansel answered the truth, but not all of it.

“Eat a noodle cup?”

“Yes…Tom Yum flavored, and Chili Paste flavored” I answered him with a serious expression on my face. But I didn’t know the reason why Ansel rolled his eyes.

Ahh…I wasn’t trolling him. I was really serious here. This was to add proof to make him believe us.

Oran-nii nodded. “Was it delicious?”

I pouted. “I was about to eat it, but Ansel stole my cup and then it was gone to his stomach.”

Oh no…I went and told him about being bullied by my brother.

I thought and then peeked at my beloved brother. I saw him shaking his head as if he wanted to tell me something like, ‘You won’t wake up again tomorrow.’

Oran-nii seemed to think hard before exhaling a long sigh. We thought he would tell us that it was nothing, and we should go to sleep.

But it wasn’t like that at all…

Because we had to sit throughout his preaching for two hours after that. He thought that tomorrow was Saturday. It was a holiday, so we didn’t have school and he also didn’t have work.

“Alright, before we go to sleep, I have to give the two of you a punishment.”
Ansel and I nodded in unison hoping that by acting like a good kid would wash away all of our crime. Looked like it didn’t have any effect because we would be punished in the end.

“For a week after this, I won’t cook for you two.”

Ansel made a face as though the world had broken down, and I totally understood the reason for that. Because in my memory, we were really fond of his food. He was so genius to the point that he could easily cook a five-star dish.
We would be famished if we didn’t have his food.

“Why is that, Oran-nii? Why aren’t you letting us eat your food?”

“I’m angry.”


You are too blunt. But this bluntness was making you cute too.

Oran-nii crossed his arms. “You have to cook for me instead. Try to wake up early, buy a grocery from the market, and cook me dinner before I have to say, ‘I’m hungry’. Maybe you will understand the feeling of being the oldest in this house.”

We instantly went silent after we heard that.

It was bad enough when we couldn’t eat his food. But having to wake up early to make breakfast…This was too cruel. He really lived up to his villain side.

His punishment might really kill us…

“If I’m hungry, but you say there’s nothing to eat. I will have to tell you that the punishment will be longer than one week. Do you understand?”

“Yes/ Yes, Oran-nii.” We answered in chorus.

“Good. The most important thing aside from that is household account. I will give Carina money to buy a grocery. You have to keep track of it and do it every day. Buying a grocery is to pick high-quality ingredients at the lowest price. Ansel, you have to listen to everything Carina say, alright? “

“Yes/ Yes, Oran-nii.”

He handed me the household account book with an envelope filled with money for the grocery of this month. That was the money I had to manage it well.

When I was given this big responsibility, I was beginning to understand how tired was it for Oran-nii. He had work, and he even had to manage everything in this house.

Why did I feel so nervous?

Could I do this properly!?


In the next morning, I set my alarming clock at 5 A.M. to prepare breakfast for Oran-nii. I also had to wake my beloved brother up too, in case he escaped from his responsibility. I didn’t waste any more time and walked straight to his room.

“Ansel, wake up now. We have to go prepare Oran-nii breakfast before he wakes up.”

Ansel opened his eyes a little before closed it again. He sleepily murmured “I believe in you, my beautiful onee-san. I’m sure you can do it alone.”

Humph! You only praised me at a time like this. I really want to beat you up!!
“Ansel, we have to do it together.”

“Onee-san, letting me help is no use. You go do it aloneeee.”

He wouldn’t wake up if I spoke nicely to him, so I pulled him to his bathroom to wash his face. When we were readied, we went downstairs to brainstorm what to make for Oran-nii.

Normally, we would eat a big breakfast. It was for us to have enough energy to spend all day. Our lunch depended on a person, and dinner would be dishes with vegetable, or some dish with a little or less oil in it.

Not only Oran-nii cooked delicious dishes, but all the dishes were also very healthy for us. So we had to mind the taste of the dishes, and the nutrients for our health benefits too.

Ansel opened the fridge to see what’s left in it. “Grilled fish Taco with Roman-styled Caesar sauce salad and mustard?”

Those were our favorite…

“Do we have all ingredient?”

“Umm…” Ansel answered before making a grim face. “Looked like Oran-nii bought all this to make us breakfast today.”

When I heard that, I also felt sad too.

Sob…I want to eat his food.

Complaining wouldn’t make anything happened, but we would get another punishment because we couldn’t prepare his food on time. We split our task in half and went to do our task.

I was tasked with grilling a fish, and Ansel had to wash the vegetables, crop it and mix it with Caesar sauce.

It didn’t look hard at all, because Oran-nii had already prepared all the ingredients. It was sure enough that the ingredients would be high-quality. What we had to do was to make it delicious.


Nothing is easy in this world, especially when you are cooking a dish for your big brother. Everything also looked complicated when Oran-nii spoiled us too much. In fact, we hadn’t cooked or even touched a knife before. In the end, the tasked that was supported to be easy was ended up in a disaster.

Though, where there’s will, success will always be there. Times passed by with a tension hung around us. Finally, the first breakfast made by us was done.

We turned to look at each other with a grin before rushing to prepare the table. Oran walked into the dining room just the moment when I finished pouring orange juice into our glass.

Just in time!

He tilted his head a little when he saw us sheepily grin like an idiot.

He looked at our dishes and said. “They look good.” He only said that, but that’s enough to make us jump in joy.

If he was to taste this meal, his heart should soften a little and forgive us!
I believed Ansel must have the same thought as me. Because he went to pull Oran to sit at the chair, take care of everything, and even massage his back while at the same time, murmured something like, ‘He understands how much Oran-nii has to do for us.’

That was too wicked, Ansel…

I didn’t want to lose to him, so I walked to sit near my brother. Acting as a good sister, I neatly sliced the Taco into a piece and put it in his plate, so that it would be easier for him to eat it.

Oran didn’t say anything during the meal, but he let us continued taking care of him. When he finished eating his meal, he looked like he wanted to say something to us.

Ansel and I stared at him unblinkingly. We focused on the next word he was about to say. Would he forgive us?

Oran-nii smiled as though he knew all of our cunning tricks. “It’s good enough. I hope tomorrow will be like this.”


This meant you still hadn’t forgiven us, right?

After seeing everything hadn’t gone the way he thought, he quickly grabbed Oran-nii. “Oran-nii~ Wait for a minute.”

Oran-nii turned to see him before giving him a warm smile. “What’s is it, Ansel?”

Ansel didn’t know what to say. He felt ashamed to say that he wanted Oran-nii to forgive him just like in the old times, so he said it in a roundabout way. “I really love you, Oran-nii…”

“I also love Ansel, and Carina too. That’s why I will be looking forward to eating dinner made by the two of you. I hope that I won’t be disappointed by that.” He coolly walked away after saying this.

Ansel made a face as though he wanted to cry before turning to complain at me. “He’s still getting angry at us because of your burnt fish.”

I crossed my arms. “What? You weren’t doing anything better than me when you also didn’t know how to slice a potato.”

He pouted because he could retort back to me, so he changed the topic. “Never mind, but the dinner must be perfect” He ran to his room on the second floor after saying this.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m thinking of a perfect way to make dinner for our brother. I want to make it to the point that he will cry after eating it. He will surely forgive us that way.” He disappeared into his room after that.

I could only stare at him and shrugged.

Then I went to do my duty starting from counting all the money, calculating today’s expense. I’m referring to the cost of today’s sale ingredient in the market from the brochure that Oran-nii kept it.

This level of detail was even more than those of a housewife.

I thought of a menu for dinner today. Not a moment later, I decided we would do a Steamed egg wrapped in cabbage. From the brochure, I saw that cabbage was fifty percent off today, moreover, I would get one free from buying two of them. Eggs were on sale too.

It fell into place perfectly.

It was already noon when I finished all this planning. I looked up at Ansel’s door and noted that he was still in his room. I went to make a fried egg after that and called him to come down downstairs. However, he didn’t reply back. I was beginning to get curious, so I went to his room.

Maybe he was watching porn…

I thought while going to his room before knocking on his door three times. “Ansel, I made a fried egg for you. Come eat it.”

Though, he didn’t reply anything back.

Don’t tell me he’s still…

“Ansel, I don’t know what are you doing right now, but you have to answer me. I will break the door if I can’t hear your reply.” I threatened him and waited for a while, but to no avail, he still went silent. It was weird, so I quickly broke in, and the first thing that I saw was…he had already disappeared.

Where had he gone!?

I widened my eyes in shocked before running to his window and looked below. His Superbike was gone too. Did this mean he was running away from home? I instantly recalled something in my memory.

One day, Oran and Ansel wouldn’t come home anymore.

Was it this event that made my brother ran away from home, and my big brother would be gone as well because he got bored of us. In the end, they would leave me all alone in this house with only the household account.


In that instant, my instinct kicked in, and my brain found the solution in a flash. I could see the step by step flowing into my brain.

I hurriedly walk to sit at Ansel’s computer before power it up to do something I hadn’t even thought I would do before. That was to hack his device to locate his location.

I wasn’t that dumb to the point that I couldn’t do anything like this. Even if I still couldn’t understand The relative theory, or creating a nuclear bomb, but finding a location? That was too easy for me.

That was to say that even if I looked normal, I still had the skill rivaled those of a criminal.

Ha…Oran-nii is my teacher, you know!

My hands were dancing on the keyboard without a pause. Many thoughts came and went in a flash as though I was born to do this. I successfully got his location after a few minutes, so I transferred it to my device.

The future Oran-nii said that I had to stop them.

That’s why I would drag my little brother back home today!

When I finished preparing everything, I went to grab my purse, and then put Jackson in my skirt’s pocket. Using another hand to hold my phone to see his location. I frowned after seeing his exact location.

Why had Ansel gone to that place?

I decided not to waste any more time, because I feared everything would be too late. I ran to the bus station and waited for a bus there.

After thirty minutes, I finally reached the destination. I looked down at my phone to see his location again and found that he was still here.

This place was an underground casino.

It was the center of all outlawed person, and many criminals came here to contest with each other. They would collect the prize from those mafias who came here to gambling. They would watch the fight and guessed who would be the winner.

I think I know the source of his money now.

I had said this before that this town doesn’t have any law. That’s why Ansel, who was only fifteen years old, could easily come here. Nobody would tell him that it was wrong or put him in jail.

In fact, gambling is almost a legal thing in this town.

I walked into the casino. There’re many criminals crowding in this place. When some of the men sent me a lustful stare, I knew that I acted just like a little bunny who just walked into a wolf’s den, so I tried to gather up my confidence. I lifted my chin up and scanned the area to find my brother. It wasn’t long until I blended into this place.

I walked around following the signal from my phone until I saw a boy who stood among the group of mafias. He wore a black hood which covers a bit of his face, but it couldn’t escape my eyes. Because that hood was the one I especially made for him.

He looked far too comfortable talking with them than I would like to see, so I could only shake my head.

I didn’t think it was weird for him to walk down the dark path since he already had friends who were mafia since his teenage years.

I walked straight to them before tapping my brother’s shoulder. He acted like I was like those kinds of women before turning his head to see me. When he saw me, his eyes instantly widened.


I scowled at him before yanking his ear. “Why did you run away from home!?”

He quickly made an excuse. “What!? I’m not running away from home. Didn’t I tell you that I would do everything to make the perfect dinner today? I come here to earn money for the ingredients that we will use today!!! I believe that if we have the perfect ingredients, we can make delicious dishes for Oran-nii.”

“Why didn’t you come to me then!? I’m the one who has the money!”

“That isn’t enough, Onee-san…Didn’t he stress it enough that we have to choose only high-grade ingredients with the cheapest price? That’s like finding a needle in the ocean. I’m broke right now, and you should keep your money too.”

Hm…There’s a logic in what he said…

To steal the cheapest ingredients from those housewives required so much skill and stamina. I didn’t think we could steal it from them. What’s more, we couldn’t differentiate which ingredients were fresher than others.

If we had this money, our life would be easier by using it to buy high-grade ingredients, and with that, we would have delicious dishes for Oran-nii. This way Oran-nii would forgive us.

I grinned before nodding. “I’m beginning to see what you see, Ansel.”

Then I sat near him, not forgetting to introduce myself to another mafia who sat near me. During that time, I leaned to see what he had been doing before I interrupted him. He was focusing on the game in front of him, as he put the money on the red side.

Ansel turned to me. “How did you find me anyway?”

I shrugged. “I only hacked your phone for your location. It wasn’t hard considered my ability here, and I can do it since I was born, you know.”

Ansel made a face. “If you want to use Oran-nii’s word then you should go buy a mirror, Onee-san…”

“But Isn’t it true, though? It’s only hacking to find my sibling’s location. That, I can do it since I was born.”

Suddenly, we could hear a voice behind us. The voice was gentle and warm, but we could feel chills down our spine.

Damn it…

“So…Did you think I don’t know about your plan?”

Ansel looked hurt, and I wasn’t looking that far behind him. The thought about him knowing our plan all along was never in our head before. It must be because we had been together for a long time, so he must be reading us like an open book.

Living in this world was hard when you had an even sneakier brother than you.

This is too stressful!

We both turned to look at our brother at the same time and gave him a smile as though we were accidentally met in a lavender field.

My gentle brother smiled. “Do you really think that it would be that hard to find good ingredients with a low price? You even want to earn money to buy me high-grade ingredients. Follow me, I will bring you to shopping. I think you will see and understand what it’s really like to cook food for others.”

He turned around and walked away. Ansel and I looked at each other with a look that said ‘Today will be our last day on Earth.’

He’s going to bring us to do the shopping…I don’t think so.

We followed him, and he also ordered his employee to bring Ansel’s Superbike back to our house. This made us sitting in his car with Oran-nii all the way to the supermarket.

We were unusually quiet on the way there. No matter how fast music’s tempo was, we couldn’t find a way to lift our spirits up.

Even if we weren’t being silly today, but we tried to find a solution in a most cunning way possible.


Ansel and I shouldn’t get blind by using this method. We only want him to forgive us…

When we were at the supermarket, Oran-nii brought us to the grocery’s area. He smiled in greeting to all housewives that we passed along the way while he was also taught us about how to choose good ingredients. He even taught us how to steal them from other housewives while there was a sale.

This is…a housewife’s skill!

Although it may look like big brother was teaching his sibling to do shopping, our heart felt like it was calm before the storm.

He is going to explode on us, and we will have to brace it head-on.

When we had finished shopping, we went straight to our house. Oran-nii didn’t say anything much, but he suddenly started cooking dinner for us.

Ansel and I blinked at the scene in front of us.

“Onee-san…what’s going on? Will he put poison in our food? Like…we won’t be mischievous anymore after eating it…”

I shook my head. “I don’t know either.”

We didn’t know what were we going to face in the near future, but when it’s time to dinner, Oran-nii still called us to the dining room just like every day.

Everything is normal, but Ansel and I sure weren’t.

We really couldn’t shake off our suspicious while we were eating our food until Oran-nii didn’t let us paranoid over this matter any more than this.

He smiled. “I think I’m being too nice with you two.”

“I think it’s just right, Oran-nii.” Ansel hurriedly spoke up. His face began to pale as he scared that his normally-good-natured brother would upgrade his angry. That wouldn’t be a good thing at all.

This is hard enough…

However, Oran-nii didn’t care what he’d said. “My punishment must be too easy for you, so I will call this off.”

Are you for real?

He continued. “I do understand that all of it was because you wanted to earn money to buy me good ingredients. I have to thank you for your determination, but I do not agree with your method. I don’t want to eat a delicious dish, but rather I want to eat the dish made by the two of you. I also want to see the two of you be responsible. That’s why I have thought of another way, and that’s to send the two of you to work at a french-fried store.”

Ansel widened his eyes after hearing what Oran-nii had just said. He suddenly loosened his grip on his spoon before he did something I had never once thought before. He immediately shouted, “No way!”

Ansel had never acted like this before.

I was beginning to feel that the situation wasn’t very good now. Even if Ansel was normally acting like a little devil, but he had never raised his voice at someone before. This meant he was totally displeased with Oran’s choice.

The tension in the room was palpable.

I gritted my teeth and thought…Is this the reason why Ansel abandon me and Oran-nii? He must be so angry to the point that he had to run away from home!

“Alright, I will change it to a donut store.” Oran-nii said this with a serious face.

Ansel exhaled a long sigh in relief.”If it’s a donut’s store then It’s okay.”


I frowned in puzzlement.

What’d happened just now?

Ansel was so angry when Oran-nii threatened to send him to work at a french-fried store. But he was alright with it when it’s a donut’s store. Then the topic quickly resolved…just like that…

Have there ever be someone who got so angry over french-fried?

My little brother was a little bit strange sometimes. What’s even more strange was how did Oran-nii knew Ansel would be like this because of french-fried, but not from sending him to work…Or was it because I understood nothing at all?

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