Villain Heal chapter 81

I just got out of the infirmary room. Earlier a girl came running to me for help because her snow-demon friend had tripped at the stair. That snow demon couldn’t heal herself with a temperature so high like this. I could only find ice to ease her pain and gave her a first-aid.

Hadn’t Noir work here?

When I asked them about that, they said they didn’t know the infirmary’s teacher named Noir at all. This was strange…

Too strange…

However, I had to stop thinking about this matter because It was time for class. I hadn’t been to class for a long time. Had I gotten behind others? Everybody acted as if I hadn’t disappeared anywhere. Luler told me that I disappeared for almost a week, but others were oblivious to this.

This was even more strange…

Was it because of that knife that Filne used it to stab me?

Ah…If I saw her, I would chop her up into pieces.

Oh, it seemed like I didn’t have to find her. When I walked to the class along with everyone, I got a glimpse of her as she was about to walk out of the classroom. I wouldn’t complain anything about her walking out of the classroom, but why did she have to come out at the moment when Luler was going into the class too? Did she want to act like she involuntarily walked into him?

Ara~ What a plan, woman.


“Good morning, Miss Filne.”

She came out as if she wanted to greet Luler, but the color in her face instantly pale when she saw me who was currently linking my arms around Luler’s arm.

“G-good morning.”

Her voice almost lowered down to a whisper when her eyes met with our cold gazes. I told them everything and that’s included what had you done with me too, Filne.

But that’s only a story, I didn’t have any proof that she really did this. I didn’t even have a witness. I wouldn’t do anything until I could finally get my hand on the proof. I also told my friend to stay out of it until that time came.
It shouldn’t be that long anyway.

“It seemed like we have to separate now, Luler?”

I changed my tone to the one where I normally used with a little cat because I wanted to make it looked cute. My cheeks were straining right now from all this acting!

“But I don’t want to be separate with you yet, Shiwa. Can’t you transfer to my class?” Luler held me in his embrace.

“Ara~ Don’t be like that. We aren’t alone, you know.”

“I don’t care.”

“Ara~ You can’t do that, Luler…!”

Ah…This was really disturbing.

I felt bashful to act lovey-dovey like this in front of the class!!

I couldn’t hold it anymore…!

But if I had to do this to see the loser looked on this fake heroine, I could do more than this!

“You will be late for the class.”


I lightly kissed Luler’s cheek and that’s when the students in the room were beginning to whisper among each other.

“Oh, that human who likes to go near prince Luler becomes silent all of a sudden.” An unknown voice came from the crowd.

“Ah…she really wants to be like Shiwa-sama, doesn’t she? How ambitious of her!”

“It’s already good enough for her to be alive, fufu, foolish human.”

“She is only a lowly human…”

These comments were coming after one another. Even her group of human friend were looking worriedly at her.

However, this had to end because the teacher had come into the room. We had to go back to our class. When we were on a break before the next class, the girls turned their chairs to speak with each other.

“Ah…! Why hadn’t you dealt with her yet!?” Akane growled. Both her ears and her tail straightened up.

“She is a human. If we decided to attack her then we will be the one who took the damage to our reputation the most.” I had to calm Akane down before her temper got out of control.

“Sigh…, even though humans look really weak like that, they are scarier than I thought. Why did she have to attack a person who did nothing to her?” Bella sighed.

“She wants to eat Luler and I mean it in a figurative way! How shameless of her to think she wants to steal a person who already has a fiancee. If this’s happened in my kingdom then I will burn her to ash with my Foxfire!” The more she said the more her temper erupted in fire. Right now, our classmates all turned their eyes to look at Akane!

“That would be bad. If others were to see it…Others will think of you as a bad person, Akane.” Shelyn also tried to calm this hot-headed Akane down.

“Because of that, I suggest using a big rock to slowly drag her down to the bottom of the ocean, then wait for her to suffocate and die. After that, we will bring her body to bury under corals. This way, nobody will find out where her body go.”

The atmosphere around Shelyn became dark all of a sudden. The darkness in her beautiful eyes also made me goose-bumped all over my body!

The three of us quickly scurried away from Shelyn and hugged ourselves. She didn’t really think to do this, right?

“Ara~ I’m joking.”

Your joke was too scary!

Ren, what did you teach your sister!?

I had an important plan to do in the lunchtime.

It must look a little bad, but I decided to order the students in class one to keep Filne away from her friends. If she didn’t have her friends anymore, what choice did she have other than eating lunch alone?

What? Did you say I shouldn’t be  heartless to this one human?

I didn’t care what name did you label me as. Normally, I was a kind person. She would regret it because she tried to step over the boundary.

A girl with light brown hair was currently walking to the glass house with a tray in her hands. Her face was filled with fatigue. There’s only this one place which she chose to come to eat lunch alone. Did I intend to force her to come inside? I couldn’t do that because I had already waiting for her in here.

The heroine…




the closing sound of the door made her jumped in surprise and dropped her tray of food to the ground. Ah, she didn’t get scared when she used that knife to stab me, right?

“You don’t have to be scared, Filne.”

I appeared out of the darkness with Luler. He sat on a chair with me sitting on his laps. This man was the protagonist that you really wanted, wasn’t he? Ara~ you shouldn’t look at me with those eyes, because this room was almost caught fire by that.

“What are you doing, Shiwa-sama?” She slowly stepped back from me, but it’s no use, that door wouldn’t open until I gave a signal. Even if you scream, it wouldn’t open.

“Don’t get scared. I was almost died because of you. What else do you get scared for?”

“What are you saying!!? I don’t know!”

“Hmm? Do you hear anything, Luler?”

I crossed my leg to the side and used my arm to side-embrace him. We looked like we were embracing each other, but I still sat on his laps. I dared say that every girl in the kingdom would be jealous of me right now.

“I don’t hear anything.” He told me with a smile while loosely embrace me.

“Can you tell me there weren’t any girls trying to get closer to you? Even if I’m like this, I also get jealous too.”

My finger lightly touched at his lips. At that moment, Filne was looking at us as if her world was going to break down into pieces.

Luler smiled…a beautiful smile…more than I had ever seen before.



“There’s only a bug.”


He was really good at memorizing his script. It was as if he was an actor…

“Ne~ I almost died, Luler. I shudder every time just by thinking about it. There’s a person who used a knife to stab me here. It’s really hurt.”

“Who is that?”

“Ara~ There isn’t any person other than…”

I swept my eyes to look at the heroine who was shakily standing at the door.

“It’s not me!! I’m not the one who did it!! Do you have the proof!!? Prince Luler, you can’t believe her! She is a demon! She is slandering me right now!!” She was really brave in the wrong way when she pointed at me like that.

“Luler, which person do you believe more between me and her?” I whispered into his ear.

“I totally believe in you, Shiwa.”

There wasn’t any hesitation in his voice. Ah…I didn’t understand why did you have to try so hard? Didn’t she have eyes? She could use her foot to see instead of her eyes that Luler…

couldn’t live without me.

“Look like you’re a loser now, heroine.”


I deliberately said this to her. Oh…look at that…I only said a few sentences and she had already fallen to her knees. Ah…the longer I looked at you, the more I thought of that person who I didn’t want to remember at all.

“That’s right…What’s going to happen if I say this!!? I was the one who stabbed you!! I know you are a person from my world just like me!! You aren’t Shiwa!! Shiwa that you know is the person from my world like me. Listen to me, Prince Luler. She has been deceiving you and trying to steal you away. She doesn’t love you. This is all her plan!!”

She shouted out, however…

“Luler, do you hear anything?” I asked him.

“Nothing at all.”

A person like you was really easy to read…

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    1. I know right? As a normie human I don’t think I would be so free and easy in a den of predators. I mean just look at the starting lineup 2 high blood vampires, a werewolf a fox woman, a mermaid and a freaking dragon. Unless you have the title Van in your last name you’re going to have a bad time.

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