Villain Heal chapter 82

“Even if you condemn me as a demon, I won’t feel a thing, you know. I’m a demon anyway and this school was found especially for demons.”

I said before standing up from Luler’s laps.

Ah…This was easier than I thought.

I had been hoping that she would be smarter than this, but it seemed like I overestimated her, right? Did you really think I would confine you in this place just to show you my lovey-dovey act with Luler? I didn’t have time for that nonsense. If I had that much time, I should use it to catch up with my study.

I had received something interesting from Ren yesterday. He told me there’s a magical shell which could record a person’s voice. He also gave me many of these shells.

Those shells had been scattered in this greenhouse. Well, I really wanted to know what was she going to do next if she was punished because she had harmed a high-ranked noble in this place?

Certainly, we couldn’t give her a punishment because she would get sent back to the human kingdom. She would have to receive a punishment there. If she was a noble of a higher rank, maybe she would escape from her death’s door.

But she wasn’t one.

She will receive the punishment for those who harmed a high-ranked noble. To top it off, I was also the prince’s fiancee too.

“Why…Why do all the things that were mine are always stolen away from me?… Both you and White…Why do both of you have to steal what’s mine!?”


White…Was that my name?

Why did she know my name from my old world?


Don’t tell me…

“A person like you…even if there’s a world placing in front of you, It won’t be enough. Because you are a greedy person.” I murmured only for her to hear. When her hateful eyes turned to look at me,

it was like that moment…

when you pushed me…

“You dig your own grave.”


Nobody could do this to you except for you yourself.

If she was really her then I wouldn’t reveal that I was actually White. I wouldn’t talk about the things that happened in the past.

Even if I wanted to ask her just one question…

All this time,

Had you ever looked at me as your friend?

Even if I didn’t want to, I had to let Filne go. It would cause a big commotion if others were to see demons detaining a human. The violence between human and demon was a delicate issue. I shouldn’t do anything out of my position. Even if I could do it, it wasn’t what I supposed to do.

If I took an action like her then,

I wasn’t that different from her.

I wouldn’t use a knife to stab other people just like her. I chose to do only what’s right because I wasn’t a judge. Let the truth spoke for itself.
Knock knock…

“Come in.”

I knocked at the door of the headmistress’s room while holding a bag filled with the magical shell. I came to this room alone. In fact, Luler also wanted to follow me here, but I told him I wanted to talk to my mother in private.

“Shiwa? What is it? Why do you come here at a time like this?” My mother put the document in her hand down before turning to me. She looked really worn out as well. I guessed being the headmistress came with a pile of work.

“I apologize that I disturb your working time, mother.”

“It’s alright. What do you want to talk to me? Quite a serious face you have there.”

I walked towards her desk and slowly poured all the magical shells out. I pressed into one of them.

‘That’s right…I was the one who used the knife to stab her…!!’


Filne’s voice boomed from every shell. Her voice could be heard crystal clear from here. My mother frowned a little. She must have thought why did I bring this to her?

“I was stabbed by the human named Filne last week, mother.”

“You were stabbed!!? How is this possible!!? Why hasn’t you report me about this!?”

“I apologize, mother. I didn’t want to cause a big commotion by not having enough proof so I made her confess everything and then recorded it in all these shells.”

“Sigh, Shiwa, I know you are a capable child. You must think you can do everything by yourself, right?”

My mother leaned into her chair. Both her voice and the expression on her face all told me that she was frustrated. She didn’t look pleased with me at all.

“It’s not like that, mother. I never think about it that way, but I didn’t want to anything without proof.”

“Sigh…You are just like my younger self. I will let this slide because this is the first time. If something happens in the future, come to me first before doing anything. Do you know what will happen if you fail?”

“I understand…”

“It seems like I should paraphrase my sentences…”


“I deeply care about you. I know we don’t have that much time to be together. I don’t know why, but I feel like I haven’t met you in such a long time.”


“Don’t be wary to say anything to me. There’s no way I wouldn’t believe in my daughter’s word, right? We are a family. I want you to know that no matter when…no matter how big that problem is…we will always gladly help you.”

She gently smiled at me much more than I had ever seen before.

Ah…How could I forget it?

I used my knowledge as an adult to solve everything by myself since I was born in this world. It was like I was alone. Sometimes, I had closed off my heart from other people.

My wound heart from that world…

I had met many different people in this world such as friends that I thought I wouldn’t ever have or a love that I thought I had discarded of it so long ago.

I thought I was good enough to help other people, however, that wasn’t the case at all.

Maybe the one who’s being helped…

was me…

“Yes, mother.”

“S-shiwa!! Why are crying!!? Do you still feel hurt by your injury!!?”

My mother quickly consoled me who was crying my heart out over here. It couldn’t be helped…Why did my mother suddenly speak heartfelt words like that!?


It had been a long time since I cried like a child.

I wasn’t sad…I only didn’t want my lacrimal gland to get clogged!

I told my mother everything. She told me she would do anything to bring that vulgar girl to hell as fast as possible. Her eyes looked really scary while saying this.

I guessed she would swiftly take an action before tomorrow even come. Even my father had to surrender to her when she was angry.

My mother gave me permission to skip a class to explain everything to her. However, there’s still a time left before the school ended so I felt a little bored.

I suddenly thought of something at that moment…

I had never used the key to Luler’s room.

Normally, it would be him who came into my room. What did he feel when he used the spare key to come into my room?


My heart was beating like crazy as I stood in front of his room!!

Finally, I used the key to unlock the door and went in. I normally came in here when Luler was in this room. Well, I did come into this room many times so why did I suddenly get nervous like this!!?

His bed was still the same…the floor was still the same…everything was the same as before.

Only he wasn’t here.


I sat at the side of his bed while thinking about our first time…No!! Why did I think about that!!?

Hold on…

I heard that when I wasn’t here, that girl liked to get close to him, didn’t she? I also saw her at this dormitory many times too. There wouldn’t be some kind of weird relationship between them, right? Even if I knew that it’s impossible for that to happen.

How could I say it? I hate to admit it, but I was really jealous!!

He was my fiance so how could I not get jealous!? There should actually be many girls who went after him, right!!? If he changed into a flirtatious person during the time he couldn’t remember me, I wouldn’t tolerate it!!

“The door isn’t locked…?”

Speak of the devil, he came to the room right away. He looked relieved when he saw me.

“Shiwa, where did you go?”

“I spent a long time with my mother, but that isn’t important…you…come here.”


“Kneel down and crawl here. Don’t make me repeat myself.”


What was he doing during the time I wasn’t here? I was going to squeeze it all out of him!!

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