Villain heal chapter 83


A gust of wind pushed the door shut and that was a good thing. If not, others would surely notice it.

The prince of this kingdom was slowly crawling towards me.

I didn’t tell him to crawl from that door to here, though. At that moment, I was irritated so I spoke something weird to him. He still looked happy though…

Doing thing like this once in while is alright.

“Shiwa…” He used his face to nuzzle at my thigh and spoke with a tone of voice that would certainly melt every heart except for me.


My heartbeat seemed to be in an erratic. Hump…it’s only a child play.

“What’s about our friends?” Normally, he wouldn’t come back to his room at this time. Didn’t he usually go eat dinner with those guys?

“They went to eat dinner together. I only wanted to eat dinner in my room.”



“I’m hungry. I want to eat Shiwa.”

He looked at me as if he was a little cat asking for his snack. Normally, I would tell him to get prepared blood at the cafeteria.

But I wasn’t here for a few days,

I would give in and let him had it today.

“Fine, but you can’t bite me at the place above my knee. I have something to talk with my mother tomorrow.”


He grabbed my foot in one hand and used another to support my leg. He lifted it high enough for him to bite it.



He lightly bit at my calf. Even if he used a little strength, I still had a vague feeling of pain from that place. I didn’t why, but he looked calm today. That’s what made my heart beat so fast again.

“Shiwa taste good…”

“If you’re satisfied then let me go.”

He bit me for far too long. He looked regret, but obediently did just I said. It shouldn’t be a long time until my body started to heal itself and closed the wound.

However, I still hadn’t asked him my question!

“I have something to ask you.”


“Did anyone cling to you when I wasn’t here?”


“I mean…those who came near you just like that girl.”

“I don’t think so…?”

Luler looked up with a doubtful face. I didn’t think he would lie to me, but when he made a face like that, it was too suspicious.

“Your answer is ‘yes’ or ‘no’…?”



“What will happen if I say ‘yes’?”


He smirked at me. Who taught him that!!?

After that, Luler suddenly placed his hands on his bed as if he want to cage me. He pushed me back a little. Our face was separated by an inch right now!


To top it off, he even kissed my left cheek too. We only hadn’t met each other for a week, but why did he seem to change like this!!?

“No, there’s nobody. I only want to know how Shiwa will respond to it.” Luler cunningly smiled.

Hump…I only disappeared from a while, but you were eviler than before.
“Alright, I will believe you this time.”

“You won’t give me a punishment…?”

Don’t use that tone of voice!

I had to tell you that I wouldn’t give in easily just like before. Even if It affected me a little, but that’s no more than ten percents!

“What? I don’t a reason for that, you know.” I looked away from him.

“But I want you to do it.”


“Then I will be the one who punishes you.”


I was about to ask him about what he had just said. What were you intending to do!? But it was too late, he had already pressed me to lie on his bed. Both of my hands were tied together by his belt!!

“Luler!!” I shouted at him, however, when I saw his face right now.
I thought no matter how loud I shouted for, he wouldn’t listen anymore.

“When I am tied by Shiwa…It feels very good…”

“Luler, stop right now.”

“But…When Shiwa is being tied…you look cute…”

He was beginning to breathe very hard while his face flushed just like a tomato unlike me whose face was pale in just a second!!

I didn’t think I could escape this…

I couldn’t escape for him for sure. Normally, he would listen to me. There are only a few times when he would be stubborn, but he would listen to me in the end.

However, I had just found out later that there would be a time when he wouldn’t listen to me at all.

It was the time when he was a ‘pervert’ like this!!

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