Villain heal chapter 85

“Don’t lie to me!!”

Filne used her finger to point at my face. She must have mixed feeling in her mind and she didn’t know which one to explode first. Even though she was the one who spoke that name first, she acted as if she didn’t believe in what she said now.

Even if she didn’t believe it,

I, on the other hands, was pretty sure she was ‘Sunny’.

“It’s up to you whether you decide to believe it or not.”

“I-if you are really White then you won’t be into this kind of otome game like this.”

“I’m not that interested…But it couldn’t be helped, that side was the first to come to me. Our status also matches too. Haven’t you ever thought that Luler and I are a match made in heaven?”

Hearing what I had just said, she clenched her hand into a fist and gritted her teeth just like a wild animal. I didn’t say anything wrong, right?

“You are only a human who has nothing…”


“I really don’t want to repeat this, but I am really White. I have to thank you for pushing me at that time. If I didn’t have you then I wouldn’t have a good life like this. Thanks so much.”


She became silent all this while. However, she suddenly hugged herself and giggled madly…

“Hump…It just as I thought. I won’t be happy if you are still around…White.”


“You must be happy to make me looked like a foolish girl in other’s eyes, right? Everyone always looked at you as though you were a star, but I was only a stone in their eyes.”


“I thought you were oblivious about this. You acted as if you weren’t aware, but the truth was you were enjoying it, right!?”

What was she talking about?

I hadn’t even heard about that before and it wasn’t really our business as to whatever they thought of us!!

You couldn’t blame me about this!!

“It’s as if you are admitting that you can’t beat me in everything.”


I spoke while took a step back from the iron bar. My eyes couldn’t convey anything else other than pity.

Sunny, that I know, was the girl who tried hard to be friendly with everyone. Was that an illusion? Which was her true face? Did she want to be my friend to make herself popular or did she really want to know me?

Even if I did have all the answer to this.

“Time is almost up. I have to go now.” It seemed I talked to her for a while. There’s nothing to say after this. I should hurry back…

“Hold on!! You must take responsibility and take me out of here!!”


“If you still see me as your friend then you have to help me!!”


Ah…I really didn’t want to think anymore.

“Why? You don’t really see me as your friend in the first place.”

I only left this sentence hanging in the air before tuned everything out. I should be clever than that, but I still believed in her lies for many years.
Even when there’re many curses followed behind me, I didn’t look back.
I thought It wouldn’t feel anything, but

it stung a little…

I found Deta, who had been waiting for me outside, and went back to my mother. I told her I would bring Luler to give testimony later, but she told me I didn’t have to hurry as Filne had to stay in there for a week until the ambassador came here.

I could finally go back to my room at around 10 AM. Before I went back, my mother told me my father would come here tomorrow. We would have dinner together tomorrow. Both of my parents were very busy with their work so there wasn’t any time left to spend it together. Shio was still in middle school and that section was also separated from mine. I would meet with Shio sometimes, but Luler would hog most of my time to himself.

I decided to come to my room before went to Luler’s room. However, when I opened my door,

“Ah! Why are you late, Shiwa!?” Her ears were wagging back and forth as she sat on my sofa. Teo, who sat near her, was reading a book with a bored expression on his face.

“We have been waiting for you for almost an hour.” Teo closed the book and turned to face me.

“I apologize to come in here first…” Bella scratched her cheek looking a bit worry while she was pouring Lookz who was sitting on a chair in the middle of the room a cup of tea.

“Luler opened the door for us.” Lookz calmly answered me. Oh, I finally knew the culprit.

“Why don’t we go outside today? There’s a sea market coming here today!” Shelyn, who was sitting at the side of my bed, got very excited when it came to a thing related to a sea.

“Haha, it’s good to go out once in a while.” Ren, who agreed with Shelyn in everything, was making Shelyn sat on his laps.

Did you want to go out again? We almost went out together once a week lately. Didn’t you guys also get bored of this?

Where was Luler? Didn’t he is the one who opened this door? Where was him?
“I can go, but why is this happen so abruptly?” I lightly scratched my head before went to sat at the end of my bed.

“I just knew from Lust that there’s this market.” Akane answered while wagging her tail.

“Lust? Who is this, Akane?” Teo turned to her in a flash.

“My classmate…”

“Huh? You use a nickname when you call them? when you That looks a little too close if you ask me, don’t you think so?”

“That’s my business!!”

It seemed like they were too close lately, weren’t they?

Oh well…

When I pondered about all the things which were supposed to happen in the game…

If Teo was still hating Akane, he would make her lose everything.

If Lookz continued to be indifferent to Bella, he would be the cause of her death.

If Shelyn was still drowning in her past, she and Ren would be separated forever.

If Luler and I…No…

No matter which way the game took, it was only a story written by someone.
But this was a story that I and my friend created together.


While I was daydreaming, Luler opened the door of my room. He wore comfortable clothes as if he was ready to go to the market himself.

“Shiwa…” He walked towards me and smiled, a heart-melting smile.

This smile made me think of someone.

The person who I loved in the past. He always had a gentle smile.

Will, my ex-fiance before I died.


Why did I have to think so hard? A past was still a past. We couldn’t change that and what’s more important was right now.

We who stood together right here.

That is the most important.

“Anyway, we are all here now so let’s go.”

I would leave everything that happened in the past to be my memory. In the end, I didn’t know what would happen in the future because I didn’t have a skip button in real life.

Who cared about that?

I was happy with the life I had now.

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