Epilogue part 1

After the graduation day, we still had almost one month left until the wedding ceremony. Oh well, the marriage for the royalty was a delicate matter so It couldn’t be rushed.

That’s when Shelyn invited us to Ren’s mansion. She told us there’s a beautiful sea there. Well, I had never seen a sea since I was born here so I thought this was a good opportunity for us to travel together before we went our way.

Akane, Teo, Bella, and Lookz also came to Ren’s mansion. His mansion was stunning and it gave off a different feeling from other mansions. However, it did very well to blend in with the background or the sea here. It’s also well-ventilated so it wasn’t hot at all.

We would be here for three days and two nights. Shelyn told us there would be a swimming suit too. We would play in the sea in the evening.


“I’m tired, Shiwa.”

Luler spoke while he was rolling on the bed. We had been traveled all this morning so it’s normal to be tired.

“Then you won’t play in the sea today, right?” I poked at his shoulder for him to move.

“I will go.”

“Get ready now…!”


I was being careless for a second. This little devil was pulling my arm towards him so I fell onto the bed. After that, he suddenly kissed my cheek…


“Luler!!” I wriggled in his embrace, but he wouldn’t even bug.

“I won’t let you go until I’m satisfied.”


When he’s satisfied with kissing me, he let me go before he went to the bathroom. Damn it, the warmth was still lingering on my cheek.

I also had to prepare too, but I had to wait for Luler to come out. There’s no way I would go change with him in there right now.

Why was that?

Because I was pretty sure it wouldn’t end only in us changing clothes.
Ren was the one who prepared a swimming suit for boys. It was surprising that this world already had a swimming suit, but it didn’t look different from what I thought. For boys, it was a black skin-tight pant. The fabric looked a little weird. I heard it was made by mermaids.

The swimming suit for girls also use the same fabric, but it had patterns on it which looked much more beautiful than those for boys. It looked like a one-piece swimming suit in my old world. For girls, it was a black blazer with a thigh-length pleated skirt. It seemed like there’s only this kind of suit for everyone.

I told Luler to go outside before changing to the swimming suit. This fabric was rather flexible so it felt comfortable wearing them. Did they also sell this? I really wanted one set of this.

When I finished changing…

“What the heck is this!!? You can’t go outside with this!!” Lookz’s voice came from the room next to me. When I turned my head to look at him, I saw the two of them argued in front of the room. It seemed Lookz was the one who was in the foul mood though.

“B-but we can’t play in the sea in other kinds of cloth.” Bella had already worn her swimming suit and she didn’t look indecent at all. From a swimming suit’s standard, this was really modest.

“How can you let other men see your legs before the marriage!!?”

“The marriage?”

Bella looked puzzling by what Lookz had just said because a question mark almost appeared on her face. Look like I had to intervene these two.

“What’s happen?” I walked towards them and pretended I didn’t hear what they said previously.

“Ah…Shiwa! The swimming suit really suits you!” Bella turned to me with a smile.

“Shiwa, don’t you have another kind of cloth for Bella?” Why did you have so many problems with this swimming suit, Lookz? You were acting like a father who got really possessive with his daughter, you know.

“I think they have it. The kind that mermaids like to wear it, but it will cover only this.” I used my hands to cover my chest to hint the meaning to them.


When they knew there’s actually this kind of cloth, both of their face flushed.

“I-if it’s like that then it will be better to wear this swimming suit!!” Bella spoke while waving her hand back and forth.

“I-if it’s like that then this’s already good!!” You finally agreed, Lookz.
Their dispute finally came to an end. Oh, I forgot to tell them. I didn’t know whatever they had that mermaid suit or not…

Bella told me she had asked for a servant to cut the back of her swimming suit to let her wings out. The back of her suit was cut in a trapezoid shape. Umm, it looked beautiful in this way too.

The three of us talked all the way to the lobby. Everyone had already worn the swimming suit and looked ready to play in the sea. Akane also seemed to have some problem because of her big tail too. I hoped she wouldn’t blow away by the sea’s tide because of her tail, right?

“You are late!” Akane walked towards Bella and me.

“Sorry, where is Luler disappeared to?” I looked left and right, but I didn’t see Luler anywhere. He should be here before me, right?

“He followed Shelyn and Ren to pick up somethings.” Teo was drinking a glass filled with ice cubes in it. I saw him drinking like this for a while. The temperature here wasn’t that hot, wasn’t it? Maybe, his race can’t stand hot weather?

Speak of the devil, Ren and Shelyn came back while carrying chairs and a mat followed closely by Luler who holding a food basket.

Well, the host was already here so we instantly went to the beach behind the mansion.

Umm…Was I thinking too much?

Akane and Teo hadn’t spoken to each other that much lately, what’s more,
The space between them when they walked together was really wide apart.
What happened between these two?

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