VH: Side story (TeoxAkane I)

The relationship that was more than a friend, but wasn’t a lover. I always asked myself what was exactly the relationship between us. A political betrothal? A friend? or a lover? Even if it became a little bit clear right now. When I graduated, I had to move back to my castle. There’re many things […]

VH: Side story (RenxShelyn)

I once dreamt of the day when my family was killed. Dreaming of the time when they were screaming… It was like this every night… I didn’t know when had I stopped dreaming, but I felt very happy right now. To the point where I scared how long it was going to last… At the […]

VH: Side story (TeoxAkane)

I knew I was the who let him touch my tail… It was rather thougthless act on my part and I also didn’t think that… I would end up like this! We were in a separate room right now. This room was Teo’s room at first. I was sitting at the end of the bed […]

Epilogue II part 2

“What are you doing at this time?” “…Akane?” She wore a nightgown with a thick jacket. Her ears bent down a little when a gust of wind blew past them. She sat down on the rock that he was currently sitting and looked to anywhere but him. “D-don’t you feel cold?” She asked while averting […]

Epilogue II part 1

At the same time… When the girls went to sleep in the same room, the four of them also came to sleep together in another room too. The king-sized bed had no problem letting all of them sleeping on it. Even if it’s a little creepy for four men to sleep together in the same […]

Epilogue part 2

I had just invented a sun-screened recently. Recently, I had been experimenting in my lab for weeks because I finally found the plant which could be blended into a cream just like a body cream in my old world. It may sound strange, but after blending and squeezing to get this plant’s liquid. It looked […]