Epilogue part 2

I had just invented a sun-screened recently. Recently, I had been experimenting in my lab for weeks because I finally found the plant which could be blended into a cream just like a body cream in my old world. It may sound strange, but after blending and squeezing to get this plant’s liquid. It looked like a cream and it didn’t have any side effect too. After adding some chemical sunscreen from the royal medical council, it would easily become a sunscreen.

I put it on Luler first, but he kept fidgeting around. He told me to rub it here and there and even make a weird sound too.

“Shiwa, this place too.” Luler pointed to his chest. I knew he lied to me because I had put it on that spot many times.

“Do it yourself.” I placed the sunscreen near him and began to use it on myself. I hadn’t put it on myself because I had been trying to put it on Luler first.
“Do you want my help, Shiwa?” When I was beginning to apply the cream to my arms, he offered his help. Well, I knew he would ask me.

“Apply only on my back, alright?”

“only on your back?”

“Yes, only that place. Do you understand?”


What? Why did you have to pout like that? Luler applied it on my back while I applied it to my body.

“What is that, Shiwa?” Ahane walked towards me. She seemed interested in the thing we were using now.

“This is sunscreen. You have to use it too.” I held it out to her.

“Ah, what’s about others?”

“They have to use it too. Can you give it to them?”

“E-everyone of them…?” Akane thought hard before her eyes stopped at Luler. “Luler, can you please give this to Teo in place of me?”


He still hadn’t drawn his hand back even when he’d already finished applying the cream to my back. He tilted his head as though he didn’t understand what’s Akane wanted. It seemed like I had to talk to her.

“It can’t be helped. Luler, can you give it to everyone?”


“Ara~ Go out and test the cream, won’t you?”

I pushed him out of the beach umbrella so there’re only the two of us sitting in here. If I wasn’t the one who asked it first then you wouldn’t speak it, right? It couldn’t be helped.

“Akane, do you and Teo have a quarrel?” I asked her.

“What!? We aren’t!”

“Then why don’t you two talk with each other?”


“You can tell me about it. I will help you if that’s possible.”

Akane looked left and right to see that everyone had left to do their own things. She sighed before moving to sit near me.

“This happened recently.” She finally talked about it, but her face was really gloomy.


“You know that I am Teo’s fiancee because of the political matter. However, the council suddenly decide to break our engagement. Their reason is that we don’t have to marry for peace anymore because we won’t have a war again.”


“Also, there’s a young master from the black fox’ clan came to ask for my hand…”

“What? Why?”

“We are a childhood friend and he is like my big brother too. My family also agree to this so I…”

“You are trying to avoid Teo, right?”

“I’m not avoiding him! But Teo also has many girls waiting for him, right? Yes, we are close to each other, but this and that are a different matter, right?”

I didn’t know how to say it to her…

But your friend-zone was really strong, Teo.

“Which one do you like to get married more between that young master or Teo?” This was really an important question. This was a big matter so it couldn’t be with just anyone, you know!

“I also don’t know.”

“Don’t you want to break this engagement at first?”

“A-ah!? T-that…He liked to bully me at that time, but I think we are close to each other now. Even if that guy still likes to tease me a lot!”

“I see, but you can’t decide this by yourself. You have to discuss this with Teo first.”


Her ears bent down. As a princess, it wasn’t easy at all to do as she pleased. She had her duty so she couldn’t afford to be spoiled. Although if she accepted everything others wanted her to do then that would be bad for Akane’s feeling.
“I don’t know how to start this conversation with him.” Her gloominess began to hang all around us. Did I just make her gloomier than before!?

“You don’t have to worry. We should have fun right now. I will find a way to help you.”


We had to lift her spirit up a little before she finally agreed to go play in the sea. It’s just as I thought, both Akane’s tail and Bella’s wings had some trouble with the sea. After they came to the shore, they complained that their body felt a lot heavier so we had to let them basked in the sun. It’s as if they were a towel and had to be dried in the sun. Shelyn almost swam off the shore. It was a good thing Ren could bring her back every time that happened. If he hadn’t done that, Shelyn would actually swim to the ocean for sure.

When nighttime came, I called these girls to gather inside a room and kicking those boys out. I told them this would be a girl night. I began formulating a plan to clear the misunderstanding between these two after taking my bath.

“Girls, we have something to do.”

I said this to open the first meeting between us, girls. The three of them still puzzled at what was I going to do next. Believe me…

The final outcome would be great…

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