Epilogue II part 1

At the same time…

When the girls went to sleep in the same room, the four of them also came to sleep together in another room too. The king-sized bed had no problem letting all of them sleeping on it. Even if it’s a little creepy for four men to sleep together in the same bed, two of them would have to sleep together with the girls eventually. In the end, they decided it would be better to just sleep together.

When everyone came into the room, Lookz and Ren went to play chess on a sofa near the wall. Luler lied on the bed to read a book and Teo pulled a chair to see Lookz and Ren played chess.

“Teo, what’s happen between you and Akane?” Lookz played his turn before turned his head to ask Teo about his weird behavior today. Teo hadn’t go anywhere close to Akane at all.

“Me? No, it’s nothing. We haven’t had a quarrel.” Teo averted his eyes and answered Lookz. Although his answer didn’t look to be the truth at all.

“Everybody can see it when you are acting gloomy like an abandoned dog like that. Why do you have to hide it?”

“What!? Who is being abandoned!? That’s absurd, a person like me is abandoned!?”

“I agree with him. You really look like that.” Ren agreed with Lookz.

“I also think like that too.” Even Luler nodded his head.

When he was being stared by three pairs of curious eyes, he had no choice but to surrender. The proof was already there so he had to tell them the truth. He sighed before slowly talked about the matter to his friends.

“The council decided to break my engagement with Akane…” Teo spoke in distressed.

He might have said he wanted to break this engagement when he’s young, but he definitely didn’t want to right now. But…what’s about Akane, would she feel the same as him? Maybe she would want to break it and this was really her opportunity.

What’s more, when the ambassadors went to the fox kingdom, he didn’t even think he would see her with another male fox. That man had black fur and his face was also handsome. She looked really close to him much more than an acquaintance too.

Even if nobody told him, he could guess that man might be her new fiance. Maybe it was a fit of jealousy or anything, he chose to stop talking to her since that day.

He secretly hoped she would come to him, but there’s nothing at all.
Or…Was it the truth?

Did she wanted to break this engagement and went to be that man’s fiancee!?
This was the reason why he was so gloomy all day, but he wasn’t being abandoned. No way!

But when he turned to look at Ren and Lookz who gave him a pitying look…

“I have already told you I’m not being abandoned!!” He shouted at them to make them stop pity him.

“We still haven’t said anything yet. Don’t be like that.” Lookz moved his chess while chuckling at the look on Teo’s face.

“You don’t have to rush to the conclusion. You are really worried a lot.” Ren also moved his chess while slowly shaking his head.

“Akane still haven’t decided anything whether she will break the engagement or not yet. Why do you have to jump to the conclusion?” Luler leisurely voiced his opinion.

Hold on…

“Why do you know that, Luler?” Teo turned to look at Luler who lazily reading a book on the bed. Didn’t he just meet Akane today? Why did he know she hadn’t chosen yet?




Even he kept on pressuring him, Luler didn’t open his mouth in the least bit. Teo walked towards him with an intent to put more pressure on Luler. He was sure Luler knew something. Shiwa also talked with Akane for a long time too.

“Tell me everything!”


“Tell me!”

“I have already promised Shiwa.”

“Who will you choose between Shiwa and me!?”

“I choose Shiwa.”

“You traitor!!”

Teo shook Luler’s shoulders, but no matter what he did, Luler still didn’t give in. In the end, he had to be the one who surrendered.

How could he forget that his opponent was a dog who was faithful only to Shiwa? What if that girl coaxed Akane into breaking her engagement with him? Akane listened to that girl much more than her actual fiance!!!

His bad mood was making his heart dulled so he excused himself to relax outside. He hoped a cool wind would make him calm down.

The temperature here at night was rather cold as there’s a wind blew by all this time. He sat on a rock while his eyes looked at the sea as he was lost in his thought.


He believed time would make her loved him more than in the past. If what we had, in the end, was nothing more than a friend in her point of view, was he going to be abandoned?

He never felt lack of confidence like this before. He always did everything without hesitation. The feeling of never losing to anyone was disappearing from within him…

Especially right now…when he…

He didn’t know what’s she thinking…


“Who is it?”

Teo turned his head to the sound of a footstep that was currently coming in his direction. He was a wolf so it was normal for him to have a good hearing than normal people. However, when he turned back, he was met with a fluffy white tail.

“What are you doing at this time?”


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