Epilogue II part 2

“What are you doing at this time?”


She wore a nightgown with a thick jacket. Her ears bent down a little when a gust of wind blew past them. She sat down on the rock that he was currently sitting and looked to anywhere but him.

“D-don’t you feel cold?” She asked while averting her eyes to the side.

“A little. What about you why do you come outside? Don’t you feel cold?”

“That’s my business!”

The awkward feeling was beginning to form between them. Akane swang her tail to cover her body because of the coolness in the air, but Teo couldn’t do that. As time passed by, the temperature was continuing to lower down. When she saw him shivering, Akane moved to sit near him and shifted her tail into his laps.

“…!?” Teo didn’t understand why did she do this, but how could he resist this fluffy tail which he loved it very much?

“Just only this time! I will let you touch it.” Her face was flushing. Both of her ears bent down due to her embarrassment.

They hadn’t stayed so close like this for many days.

Teo lightly placed his hand on this fluffy white tail. It was so soft so much that he wanted to keep touching it forever. The feeling that he didn’t want to let it go made him thought of something…

He had to marry her because of the politic. From other’s point of view, it was a normal thing for a princess and a prince to do their duty. However, for them, this marriage was like a chain. If there was no love between us, wouldn’t it be better if he let her go to her loved one?

“Akane, the matter about breaking our engagement…” He had a hard time speaking this. He felt scared, but he also felt this was the right thing.


“I won’t force you to make your decision.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean if you want to break our engagement then…do it.”


Akane frowned. What’s wrong with him!? Teo, who was selfish and liked to bully her, was acting so strange. It’s as if this was another person inside his body. Should she bring Shiwa to check him!?

“Do you get a cold? Have you been drinking with those guys?”

“It’s not like that.”

“That’s not right. You are acting so strange just like…Yes!…a sad dog. It just likes what Shiwa said!”

A sad dog…

When he heard this, his brow twitched a little. Don’t you realize that this was an insult!!?

“That’s right. I am a sad dog! You won’t want this sad dog anyway. It’s not strange if you choose to be with that black fox! Fine!! Go away!! You don’t have to care about me!!”

“If I really want to break off his engagement then I will call it off a long time ago!! I will even do it on the first day of our engagement!! You are really fussy much more than me. Are those wolf so sensitive like this?”


“If I don’t really like you then I won’t ever let you touch my tail!”


Akane’s words made him stuck in his throat.

Hold on…

Did she say she liked me?

“Akane, you…”


Akane quickly used her hand to cover her mouth because she had made a slip. It was because of him acting like a child. She lost her temper and spilled everything without holding back…She said something that she shouldn’t have!!

“Did you tell me you like me?”

“N-no…I mean…like in a friendly way!! just friend!!”

“Akane, if it’s only in a friendly way then you don’t have to make an excuse.”

“I’m not making an excuse!!”

She tried to escape to the mansion hoping the situation would get better, but Teo suddenly hugged her from behind.

“Do you know…when a prey tries to escape from a wolf, it will only make a wolf like it?”


He whispered into her fox ear.

“I’m not your prey…”

“As of right now, then yes, you are my prey.”

He hugged her tightly than before. She couldn’t escape from it even if she wanted to.

“Let me go!!”

“No…A wolf won’t let its prey get away until that prey dies…that’s why…”


“I won’t let you go and I won’t break this engagement. You have to stay with me until you die. Do you understand?”

“What are you saying!?”

“A confession in wolf’s style.”


She was scooped up out of the blue. Akane was still busily understanding what’s he said, but…the meaning of that was…Did he just confess to her? That confession was making her a goose-bump!

“Where are you going!? Let me go!! The girls are waiting for me to come back…”

“I won’t let you go back. You told me I can touch your tail. You have to let me touch it until I’m satisfied.”

“What!!? What are you saying again!!?”

“Your Highness, you have already said it, so please, you can’t take your words back.”


She shouldn’t speak that out…

However, she didn’t feel like she didn’t like it…

Akane swallowed down her words. She didn’t have anything to argue him. Maybe…she didn’t want to argue with him that much in the first place, right?

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