VH: Side story (TeoxAkane)

I knew I was the who let him touch my tail…

It was rather thougthless act on my part and I also didn’t think that…

I would end up like this!

We were in a separate room right now. This room was Teo’s room at first. I was sitting at the end of the bed with him happily lied down and nuzzled his face into my tail.

“That’s enough…” I looked down at him. His face was completely disappeared into my tail at this moment. I hoped he would get suffocated and die by my tail!

“No, until morning.” He still insisted and shook his head.

Well, I felt tickle a little too, but I didn’t have any other choice, did I? More importantly, I had already given him my word. Did his head only have my tail in it? When he saw me, he only wanted to touch my tail. I had to get back at him too. If he had the right to touch my tail then he had to know what it felt like to have someone touched his tail!!

I reached out to his brown fur tail and then slowly placed my hand on it. I was a little hesitant to do so. W-well, I hadn’t touched anyone’s tail before because that’s so rude! At last, I tightly shut my eyes and placed my hand on his tail.

This felt strange.

It didn’t feel soft, but It also didn’t feel hard. This feeling was like touching a strand of hair, but it was softer than that…


Because of my touch, Teo startled while his tail was also stiff and stood straight up.

“D-do you see it? You also don’t like me touching your tail too so stop touching my tail now…” I tried to put a stop at his behavior, but Teo suddenly turned to look at me with a sparkling in his eyes.

“Akane, do we think the same thing? I-i wish for the first time to happen in my homeland, but I won’t object it if it’s going to happen here…”

“What? What are you talking about?”

“That thing which two people do…”

He moved towards me while I moved away from him…

“When we want to court a woman, wolfs like us will touch her tail first. If she accepts it, she will touch our tail back, but it also has other meaning too. It can interpret to ‘that’. Do you want to know?”

“That kind of thing…You!! What’s happening to you today!? You are acting so strange!!”

Their face was so close to each other. They could feel each other breathing and the heat from it too. Why did he have to blush!!? Why did he make a strange face like that!!? I was scared by that, you know!!

“Strange? It’s not strange at all. Was it strange to feel like this when you are alone with the person you love?”


He whispered into her ears. His hoarse voice was making her ears bent down again. I could feel my face heated up. Ah!! I couldn’t endure it anymore! Stop getting closer to me!!

I used my tail to block him, but he could push it away easily.

“Akane…you can’t stop me.”

“Stop it…”

“An adult wolf like me was very scary…Even right now, he really wants to maul you until you cry.”

“You are succeeding at that. I’m going to cry now!”

“I want to hear your answer first…Akane, do you love me?”


I looked left and right. Right now, I was pulled into his embrace so there’s no escape anymore.


His gentle voice was echoing in my ear. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I hated him, but if I said it to him right now, we would…!!


“Hurry up and tell me…”

Ah…I couldn’t bear with it anymore!!

“T-that’s right! I love you. Are you satisfied now!?”

“Fufu, I’m satisfied.”

“But you can’t do anything…I-it’s inappropriate. Doing this before marriage…”

“Kiss me…”


I just told you that you couldn’t do anything!!


I slowly closed the distance between us until our lips met. Teo forced me towards him and then he lightly pushed me to lay on the bed. His kiss was gentle, but I could feel the warmth from it. It seemed like a long time so much that I almost out of my breath after that he began to withdraw his lips from me.

“This time will be only this. You better keep your promise on our marriage.”


I can’t retort anything back to him because I still couldn’t get my mind back from that kiss earlier. Teo pulled me close and then closed his eyes to sleep.

In the end, he was the only one who slept soundly all night, but I couldn’t even get a wink of sleep because of my heartbeat!! I thought my heart was going to leapt out of my chest!!

Damn it…Maybe I couldn’t run from it anymore.

I meant our marriage…

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