VH: Side story (TeoxAkane I)

The relationship that was more than a friend, but wasn’t a lover.

I always asked myself what was exactly the relationship between us.

A political betrothal? A friend? or a lover?

Even if it became a little bit clear right now.

When I graduated, I had to move back to my castle. There’re many things waiting for me to do. Although I was a princess, I couldn’t afford to sit still and not doing anything!

I had to participate in balls, rituals or a church to meet the people of this land. There are many other things a princess like me was supposed to do. In this fox land, the existence of a princess was no more different than the existence of a god so I had to learn many kinds of dance to appease all the gods. I also had to learn how to exorcise. I was busy enough doing all these works.

Ah…I suddenly wanted to go back to study again.

Today, the ambassadors from the wolf clan would come here to discuss my engagement with Teo.

To tell the truth, I didn’t think those geezers would hear out my opinion that much. They were really stubborn as every one of them was older than five hundred years old. My father couldn’t object them and that also included my mother too.
I didn’t mean I wanted to get married to Teo!! It was only for people in this land!! It was only that!! If we were still disagreeing with each other and there’s a war again, what would we do if that happened!!?

It didn’t mean I loved him!

I should get a grip…I had to meet many important people today and I wouldn’t tarnish the reputation as the princess of this land!

I wore a light orange kimono with a white shawl today. I also went to eat breakfast with my parents in the morning just like always. We were eating in the dining room for royalty, but my father suddenly…

“Akane, I heard the prince from the wolf clan will come too. Can I entrust you to take care of him?”

“Y-yes, father.”

Teo also came too…?

“I heard you are close to him in school.”

“That’s right, father. We have a good friendship.”

“Do you still want to be engaged with him?”

“F-father, what do you mean?”

“Ufufu, he only wants to ask you whether you like prince Teo or not.” My mother, who had been silent all this while, spoke up.

“Mikae…” My father spoke in a low voice to my mother, but she still smiled nonchalantly.

“Even if this is for the politic, but I want you to think again about what you really want, Akane.” my mother turned to talk to me.


My parents had to marry because of the political matter, but they came to love each other in the end.

My mother was a white fox who was the pillar of every person on this land. She was a representative to dance in many rituals. That’s why her duty was passed down to me. She was a kind person and she was also the person who I worked hard to be in the future. My father was a calm and strong-willed person. He was someone who could be relied on.

I wanted to be just like these two.

“But I won’t accept those wolfs!” My father averted his eyes in displeased. We had been having many wars in the past so it was normal to feel like this.

“Fufu, let bygones be bygones. We don’t want to lose more than this. This is a good day. We should eat and prepare to welcome them.”

Her smile was bright just like the sun that made everything went back to normal. When we finished eating, my father went back to his office. My mother bought me to oversee the preparation. If I wasn’t wrong, they would come here before lunchtime.

We had already prepared everything. The only thing left was to welcome them, however, something unexpected happened…


A fox soldier was rushing here all of a sudden.

“Your Highness!! Something has happened!!”

“Calm down, don’t be panic. Tell me what’s happened.”

The soldier shouted all the way here and quickly kneeled down in front of us.

“The ambassador’s carriage has fallen from the mountain by a landslide!!”


The carriage…fell from the mountain!?


I ran out of that place in a flash followed by my mother’s voice. Foxs were very agile so It didn’t take too long to come to the mountain. I saw many soldiers surrounding one spot in particular. In front of them was the ambassador’s carriage which broke apart into many pieces, there’s no one inside the carriage.

“Have you found anyone yet!?” I asked these soldiers who’re around here. They were trying to retrieve the carriage.

“No, we haven’t found anyone yet. But…It’s dangerous for you to come out here alone. I will send a bodyguard…”

“I will find them. All of you spread out and quickly search around here!”


I ran into the forest. If they weren’t there then there’s a possibility they were in this forest. This place was large so nobody liked to trespass in here. I would like to believe they were safe and I wouldn’t stop until I found them!

I had been running in this forest for a long time, but I couldn’t find them anywhere. The more I ran deep into the forest the darker my surrounding seemed to be.

Teo…where were you?

If you were alive then would you please show up!! I was tired by all this running, you know!!

Please…I begged of you…All the gods.

Please let him be safe.

Tap Tap Tap.

I walked around this area and I still hadn’t found him.

But…I found a fox statue…?

Why was there a fox statue inside the forest? Sunlight shone down through trees to the head of this statue. It seemed old and looked like there wasn’t anyone tending to it. This statue was also bigger than me. Did I think too much, but it was as if it’s staring at me!?

If there’s a statue then there must be a god lived in here. I began to lift my hand and prayed.

Please guided me…

‘You have to pay me back after this too.’


I thought I heard a weird sound after that…


“Oow…My back hurts…”

A similar voice was coming from behind my back. When I turned to look at it, I saw Teo who was walking towards here slowly. He looked up to see me and stop walking.

“Akane, what are you doing here!? What!!?” Why did he have to be angry at me!? All of this was because of him!!

“What!? It’s because of you!!”

I ferociously stomped towards him. Hmm…Why did I feel like he looked bigger…no, it wasn’t only Teo..trees…the statue…everything around me looked bigger than me now!!

“Akane, your body…” He crouched down and looked at me.

What…When I looked down at my body, I found that my feet were turning into a puffy white paw. My clothes were placed behind me. A white fluffy fur was cover all my body. My height was only reached half of his knees!

When I tried to use my paw to touch my face, I could feel that…!!

I had been completely turned into a fox!!


“Calm down, Akane!”

I screamed loudly before went unconscious. I could feel I was in Teo’s arms and after that my conscious totally flew away.

This was impossible…or was this…

the payment?

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