VH: side story (TeoxAkane II)

Damn it!!

Ah!! I really wanted to shout at that fox statue. There were many kinds of payment to choose from so why had it chose to curse me into this body!! I don’t want it!!

I was in Teo’s arms as he slowly walked out of this forest at this moment. I knew you kept touching my fur right now. Pervert wolf!! You love-fur-too-much wolf!!

“Damn it!!” I shout while I was in this form. I couldn’t do anything more than this!!

“At least, you can talk. We will find a way to revert you back.” Teo said as if this wasn’t a big deal.

“You aren’t the one who’s being cursed!! You can talk whatever you want!!”

“Being hot-headed at this time won’t get us out of this situation. We will find a priest after we successfully go back to the town.”


I hated you!! But what you said was the right thing!!

Teo, who held me to his chest, walked for a while until we met soldiers who had been finding us all this time. When they found what state I was in, they all shouted out at the same time.


I’m going to bite all of you!!


I sat depressingly in the carriage on the way back to the castle. If I knew it would end like this then I wouldn’t come out. What was I thinking at that time when I rushed ahead without thinking anything!? It seemed like I thought…

I only thought about Teo, didn’t I?

Ah!! What was I thinking!? That’s insane!

“What happens to you, Akane?”

Teo, who sat in front of me, propped up his chin and stared at me. Because my body was small and light, I would bounce every time the carriage jolted. Did you know how much concentration I have to use to grip this seat! It was really difficult!

I didn’t answer him because I had to concentrate on gripping the seat. Suddenly, my body was held to the air and placed on his laps. Even if I had a hard time, I wouldn’t ask for anyone’s help! Even if I was being reduced to this state, you couldn’t pity me! I could take care of myself!

“Don’t care about me!” I used my paws to hit him, but it was ineffective.

“Do you intend to be stubborn even when you are this small?”

“Do you have some problem with being small!? Do you know who’s the cause for this!?”

“Who is it?”

“Never mind!”

How could I tell him that it was because of my wish? I wish to find him in the forest!!

We were quiet all the way to the castle. Teo quickly brought me to my parents. After they saw me, they were very shocked. Teo was the one who told them everything from the start until the end.

They agreed to let the highest-ranked priest on this land came to check me, however, that said priest was staying in another town. It would one day before he could come here. I want to go back to be human now!! Did I have to stay in this form for one whole day!?

I had to keep my cool in front of my parents. Teo brought me to my bedroom and then…

“No!!! I don’t want this!!!!” I screamed while lying on my bed.

“You can’t change back to human even if you cry.”

Teo, who sat at the end of my bed, shook his head. Why did he stay in here? It was because he told my parents he would take care of me as he was my fiance. That’s why my parents agreed with it!

Well, It would be better than letting other people took care of me because that would damage my reputation. He was also a prince so he had to keep his fiance’s honor too. That meant…

We had to stay together until I changed back to normal!!

I don’t want to! I don’t hate him, but I also don’t want this!!

“Akane, when are you going to stop being like that?”

He lightly poked my body. Even if it didn’t look indecent, but did you forget that…I was being naked right now!!! Stop touching me!!! I ducked into the blanket as I didn’t want him to touch me anymore.

“I want to be alone!” Her voice was muffled by the blanket.

“What? What is it again? Come out.”


“Why don’t you behave yourself and come out?”


I insisted on my answer and tightly grabbed the blanket. What was it to you if I didn’t want to. It wasn’t your business!! You should go quickly because I wanted to be alone until tomorrow!!

“You give me no choice. I have to do this in a hard way, Akane.”


I heard he said something about ‘doing it in a hard way’ after that I was being held up along with the blanket. I tried to squirm with all my might, but what was I going to archive with this small body!

“Let me go, Teo!”

I was pulled into his embrace. He held me as if I was a baby. When he held me in this position, I couldn’t properly shift my body. The more I tried to struggle the more force he used to hold me. I had to surrender in the end.

“Let me go!!” I shouted at him.

“I won’t. What happens to you? Your temper is swinging since the time we were in the forest. Is it that time of the month?”

“What are you speaking!!? So rude!!” Don’t speak about menstruation in front of a lady! You rude wolf!!

The blanket was swept away so there’s only my head showing up. Was it because I was in this body so I could see Teo’s face closer and clearer than normal?

“I think this is cute. You don’t have to hide.” He lightly chuckled.

“Let me go now!!”

“I will let you go, but…”


“You have to let me kiss you just one time. After that, I will let you go.”


Kiss!!? What’s a kiss!!?

I was still oblivious to it until he tried to move his face towards me!! His face was so close that I could feel his breathing. He almost kissed me now!! Did you intended to do this thing even when I was in this fox form!!? Pervert wolf!!!

I used my small paws to push his face away, but it didn’t help me at all…it’s too short!! They were so small so there wasn’t enough force to push him away!!

Father…Mother…I apologized…This fox form was tainted by him…

I couldn’t fight him in the end. His face was nuzzling against my left cheek which was full of a puffy fur. Didn’t you say you only wanted to kiss me one time? Why was that felt too long!!?

“Smell good…so soft.” Teo spoke while he was still nuzzling against my fur. I didn’t want your opinion!!

“Let me go now, Teo!”

“Can’t I stay like this just a little bit longer?”

“No. Let go now!!”

‘Sound of a door opening’

That’s when my door began to open. I almost didn’t hear it, however,

“Akane, I bring a tailor here to…Oop, it seems like I’m disturbing you right now. I’m sorry~, continue what you are doing, ok.”

My mother stood at the door with two servants behind her. She giggled and stepped back. No…mother…It wasn’t like what were you thinking!!

“Hold on…Mother!!”

I tried to call her, but It’s too late. She’d already closed the door and disappeared.

No, it was a misunderstanding!!

Please come back here!!

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  1. Not sure how I feel about this couple anymore. Akane’s just way too tsun with a frustrating lack of dere. If she hadn’t gotten into her current situation by praying for Teo’s safety I’d be thoroughly convinced she hated him. There’s just no warm feelings to be found anywhere in their relationship. It’s almost toxic at this point. Hope things get better.

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