VH: side story (TeoxAkane IV)

I didn’t know what’s happened in Shiwa’s room last night, but one thing for sure was that I would never think of this memory again.

Shiwa brought me out of her room at dawn when there’s no one around, and groggily went back to her room. Even if I wanted to ask for her well-being, but the unconscious part of my mind was screaming at me to not saying anything. It’s not my business, and it’s also my fault for insisting on staying in Shiwa’s room.

They were engaged and they were going to marry in only a few months. It’s not weird at all if they were doing…

Ah!! I don’t want to talk about it anymore!!

I had been staying in this fox form for almost two days, but I had to do prayer dance in a few days. Maybe I should let others substituted for me?

I was the only princess of this kingdom, but I couldn’t do prayer dance. This was too disgraceful!!

I could only roll on my bed right now. Well, instead of letting others saw this ungraceful side of me, I should only stay in this room!!


My door suddenly opened making me gasped in surprise. When I saw a pair of brown wolf’s ear walked into the room, I didn’t have to guess much to know that this person was Teo. The noble prince from the wolf kingdom who never knocked on the door!

“Teo! Why didn’t you knock before come in!?” I was also at fault for not locking the door. But if I could lock the doot using this form then I must be a super fox for sure!

“Come with me, Akane.”


He wore a serious face and went straight towards me. Half of my heart told me to run away, but one look at him and I could see that he was very serious. Should I escape or not?

“Ah!! What are you doing!?”

I didn’t have time to think anything before I was lifted into his arms. He made a beeline to the window and it was as if he wanted to jump straight down there…No…

He really wanted to jump down!!

“W-where are you going!!? Stop right now!! I don’t want to jump down there with you!! Kyaaaaa!!!! ”

He didn’t say anything and jumped down from the window of my room which was on the third floor of this castle!! This height was normal for those wolfs, but…!!!

You should explain it to me first, alright!!!

You didn’t even ask for my opinion!!!

That’s when I got a glimpse of a tip of black fur that was slowly moving further away from my window. Even if the distance was too far, I knew this person by heart.


He was like my brother. We were together since we were young and he was once my fiance before I had to marry for this war.

Why did Teo have to bring me to escape with him?

I couldn’t ask him as he was currently jumping from tree to tree. A gust of wind blew past my face. Where exactly did he want to bring me to?

Tap tap tap!

‘Cough cough’ “Are you out of your mind, Teo!!?”

The instant that I landed on the ground, I turned to scold him. How could I not be mad at him!? He suddenly kidnapped me out like that! Don’t think this will end well!!

When I looked around, I saw this area was a forest. Somehow, I felt a deja-vu here? liked I was here before recently?

More importantly…!!

“Explain it to me right now! What is this madness!!?”



Why did he keep his mouth shut like that? Answer me right now! Even if I was only a fox now, but I still the rightful princess inside! Kidnapping a princess was considered a crime, you know!!

“Ah!! What are you doing again!!?”

My body was suddenly into the air. Hey, I was still the princess of this kingdom!!

“That man…said that he wants to take you away.”


I was confused. Teo looked down at me. He showed me a sorrowful expression that I had never seen on his face before.

“Akane, What am I to you? Am I a friend or your lover?”

“W-what are you talking about? Haven’t I told you before that I…”



“You have never told me directly.”


“Akane, I am really serious about us and I love you.”

“I-i also…”

It was only a simple word, but why did my lips hesitate to move? Why did I only…stare at his eyes and not speaking anything.

‘I also love you too…!’

Why was I so hesitant to say this sentence.



I wasn’t ready to say it!!



I used my paws to push him and leap down to the ground. I ran deep into the forest. Something inside me was rejecting him without any reason. His voice was trailing after me as I kept on pushing my legs to run and run.

Why did I get scared? There’s nothing to be scared of.

Why did I run? Why…

I also didn’t understand it myself…

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