QT:RTSC chapter 3 part 1

Phoenix Men’s Big Battle III part 1

He didn’t like this kind of feeling. It looked as if Wen Rushi had become another person as she was no longer getting easily irritated by him.

Shen Wenhan looked down at the bags. All the things she brought here were very expensive. Various kinds of high-grade supplements were packed in plastic bags. It looked very thoughtful, but he knows that most of these were prepared by Li Mama, the housekeeper of the Wen’s household. She may not even know what was in the bag.

Wen Rushi was this kind of woman. She was arrogant and haughty, and she would do things regardless of other people’s feelings. What’s more, she wouldn’t be considerate of her husband’s pride at all.

This marriage was never what he wanted. Except for the day of their blind date when she did not speak much, his impression of her got worse every time they met each other.

Until last night, Shen Wenhan no longer had any hope for her. He was afraid that it was impossible for him and his wife to respect each other in the future. he was bitter enough to be married into this household. This kind of women tended to act polite, but they didn’t have sincerity. She would continue attacking him with her poisonous words and he had to endure this humiliation.

In his situation, what’s the difference between this and the people who knelt on the street and sold themselves into the landlord’s house in ancient times!?

“I will go to Aunt Qin’s house later. You should speak less because it’s enough to make trouble at home. I don’t want to make everyone felt uncomfortable.” He carelessly stacked the things she brought together. Shen Wenhan didn’t turn around, but these words were all aimed at her.

There was nobody in the house so no one would cook for this young miss. He also didn’t think she could cook by herself too. However, he didn’t want to take his wife out to Aunt Qin’s house.

What could you possibly hope from someone who couldn’t even greet her parents-in-law?

Wen Ruru raised her eyebrows: “What are the benefits if I agree with your term?”

Shen Wenhan was flamed with anger, but he tried to suppress it in his heart. He asked, “You asked what’s the benefits? Our household only had so much property. You can take whatever you want.”

Her lips twitched from his answer. The man without a sense of humor was really boring. He took everything too seriously. Even if this old house was given to her, not to mention that this place was so dirty, she still suspected that she wouldn’t use even half of this house.

“Alright, I still haven’t said anything yet, but you look like you’re going to fight with me. As for that,” Wen Rushi stared coldly at him, but she wasn’t angry. If she were to get angry over some trivial matter like this, she would have died from her anger countless time during her tasks in the past. “If I do it, you have to promise me that you wouldn’t violate the principle. I think that’s not too much.”

When he remembered his eldest brother who was still lying in the hospital, Shen Wenhan was speechless. What can he do about it? Eat people’s soft mouth and take people’s shorthands[2]. There’s nothing free in this world. Now he was a member in Shen’s household, not Wen’s.

After seeing Wen Rushi sat at the edge of the bed with both of her long legs stretched out, Shen Wenhan sighed, “Well, if you can do it, I’ll also be nice with you…”

Before he could finish, Wen Rushi jumped down from his bed and went straight up to him. Her pair of black eyes were clear and her voice was soft. “Shen Wenhan, I really didn’t want to talk about it this early. But now that we have come to this matter, then we’d better make this clear as much as possible.”

Be nice to her? What she wanted is not for her to be ignorant or simple-minded, but she rather wanted his wholehearted love. How could she give up such a good opportunity and let the thing that Shen Wenhan had done in the past passed by?

Stop? For what!? Doesn’t he know that ‘to follow the victory with hot pursuit[1]‘ are the best tactics for a military strategist?

So long as you have a brain, whoever said that mistakes couldn’t be turned into advantages.

“We were tied together since the day we’d married each other. This is a fact so it may not be a bad idea to get along with each other. People say that husband and wife are like one person. That’s why, we had to share everything between us. However, this does not mean that you have the right to give that money to your parents without my consent.”

Ignoring the ugly look on his face, Wen Rushi raised her hands, and gently smoothed the folds on his collar, seemingly like a new daughter-in-law who was truly kindhearted and virtuous.

There were two kinds of golden phoenix flying out of the ditch that she disliked the most. One was to go out and never came back, for fear that others would know the situation in their own home and used it to humiliate him. Another was when one desperately trying to salvage the whole family. Once one got involved in an affair concerning money, they couldn’t help but build their own nest.

Of course, this nest wasn’t the nest with the new daughter-in-law, but it was for their family.

Unfortunately, Shen Wenhan was the latter. No matter how excellent he was, he couldn’t get rid of this idea in his heart. Most importantly, he succeeded both in the normal plot and in the plot where he had turned dark. He had never fallen before whichever paths he took.

However, this Shen household’s second son was far less ambitious than he was a few years later, he wasn’t so ruthless now.

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[1] 乘勝追擊 = to follow the victory with hot pursuit                                                                       [2] 吃人家的嘴软,拿人家的手短 = The mouth that eats the food of others is softened; the hand that takes the possessions of others is shortened = there is no such thing as a free lunch.

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