QT:RTSC chapter 3 part 2

Phoenix Men’s Big Battle III part 2


What Wen Rushi has to do now was to make it clear to him about what can he do? What he can’t do? To take care of one’s family was a good thing, but it’s not all about your own family anymore. Acting like that to your wife definitely crossed the line.

Shen’s family was poor. You could count all of their presents from relatives or friends with your five fingers. It could be said that 99% of the wedding gifts were from Wen household’s guests.

Shen Wenhan could carry her on his back and then give a quarter of the money to his mother. But apart from praising him for his filial piety, Wen Rushi just wanted to say, buddy, your EQ was too low.

Why were you grabbing your wife’s money into your parents’pockets? There’re many ways to earn money and support your family.

“I don’t mind helping your family. That little money is nothing, but you have to consult with me beforehand. I’ll give it to you, but you can’t just grab it.” Wen Rushi stepped back and looked at her masterpiece with satisfactory expression.

There are some things that you should do it, but you shouldn’t overdo it. Speaking too much would also give him a chance to show his rebellion side. Shen Wenhan is not a man who let his wife command at her own will.

Although the way to Qin’s house wasn’t long, it wasn’t short either. Shen Wenhan told her, “not very far”, but Wen Rushi had been walking on a wide ridge for more than 20 minutes without seeing any house.

The earlier conversations weren’t pleasant to hear, at least for Shen Wenhan, who was “not allowed to snatch” the money now. Therefore, he didn’t intend to let Wen Rushi feel pleased with herself too much. He quietly took her around a large circle, because the distance would be longer this way.

At first, his sister who followed her brother didn’t realize it. But when she looked back, she saw that there’s a drop of sweat on Wen Rushi face. She suddenly realized her brother’s plan and happily caught up to him while snickering all the way there.

Looking ahead at their backs, she paused her lips. Wen Rushi didn’t quicken her steps, but she wasn’t falling behind either. They dare not lose her here anyway.

She wasn’t stupid. How could she not see through what’s inside their mind?  Even if Wen Rushi didn’t know the address of the Qin household, she had read the word “neighbor” written in the data.

They were a neighbor. Even if the houses in the mountains were far apart, could it be possible to use an hour in one’s journey?

Wen Rushi disliked this kind of male target, especially the male target who pranked her with a boring and childish prank.

If Shen Wenhan’s performance in the next few years had been so poor, she wouldn’t mind ending the task earlier.

When Wen Rushi’s feet began to ache again, she finally got angry. Could this be over now?!

Just then, she finally saw the house.

Shen Wenhan’s timing was very accurate as she was about to explode.

He casually pushed the door open as though he was about to enter his own home. “Aunt Qin, has my father come yet?”

“They are all staying in the room waiting for you two.” The middle-aged woman who was washing vegetables in the courtyard greeted him and shouted at the kitchen, “Xiaoling, they are all here. Let’s start cooking.”

“Ah.” There was an echo came out from the room in the back. Afterward, she could hear the sizzling sound.

Qin Xiaoling? A vision flashed in her mind as Wen Rushi walked slowly into the house.

Shen Father and Shen Mother didn’t expect to see Wen Rushi here. The old couple was stunned when she walked in.

“Dad, Mom, you left early yesterday and everybody was worried about you two. That’s why I brought some things up to the mountain for you two today.” Wen Rushi impassively glanced at impassive Shen Wen Han who calmly sat near his mother. She gently patted her callous hands and said in a soft voice. “It’s nothing special. These things are good for your body.”

Mother Shen uncomfortably retracted her hand and looked at her equally stunned husband.

This daughter-in-law had never been so kind before. Even at yesterday’s banquet, they had to keep their mouths shut. Had she ever properly called them dad and mom? Not to mention that she was now sitting in a small house with them and was about to eat dinner with their neighbors.

The strength of Wen’s household had been deeply rooted in the hearts of everyone. The sudden change in her personality made them somewhat nervous.

“Now that we’re here, let’s have a meal together.” Father Shen finally opened his mouth, gesturing to his son to sit next to his daughter-in-law. “Let him show you around while you are here.” He couldn’t do Wen’s household wrong for his eldest son.

His son was married into Wen’s household. Even more, they could also climb a social ladder from marrying into Wen’s household. If they can live together peacefully, even if they were dissatisfied, they could only endure it.

Shen Mother started to smooth thing over after seeing the situation. “There’s nothing to see on this poor mountain? Why don’t you two stay here for a day or two before going back to the city?” Before the eldest son recovers from his illness, she had to treat her daughter-in-law well. No matter how much reluctant she was, she had to do it.

Wen Rushi smiled and said nothing. She had come to get Shen Wenhan back. Of course, she wouldn’t reject her idea.

As for her genuine thought, what to do with her? This devil siblings! She hadn’t settled accounts with him yet for dragging her around all the way here!

Glancing at Wen Rushi’s calm expression, Shen Wenhan warily nodded. “If the driver of Wen’s household is waiting in the town the day after tomorrow, I will go back with her.”

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