QT:RTSC chapter 4 part 1

Phoenix Men’s Big Battle IV part 1


“All right, dinner will be ready in a minute!” Qin Xiaoling came over with a dish of meat with plums in high spirits. As soon as she entered the door, she saw an unfamiliar woman sitting next to Shen Wenhan.

She stood there, put the plate on the table and uncomfortably wiped her hands on her apron. “This is…”

The corner of Wen Rushi’s mouth lifted up making a small smile. She said nothing but only gave Qin Xiaoling a nod. Politeness was one thing, but she wasn’t going to act chummy with her. Building a good relationship between them? Come on, they were from two different worlds.

Mother Shen was obvious to Qin Xiaoling’s feeling at this moment, so she naturally introduced her: “She is Shen Wenhan’s wife. She comes back to stay here for two days. Xiaoling, if you are free, why don’t you keep her company while she’s here?”

Shen Xiang on the other side shriveled and said, “When is Xiaoling sister free to accompany her? People still need to read books.”

Of course, Wen Rushi gazed down at the bowl in front of her. How can Qin Xiaoling catch up with Song Sijie without studying?

It is obvious that Mother Shen’s explanation has stimulated the little white flower girl who had long been secretly in love with her husband.

She looked back and forth between them then turned sharply and walked out the door. There was a panic that could not be concealed in her words: “There are still a few dishes left. They will be ready soon. You don’t have to wait for me.”

Shen Wenhan glanced at the woman near him and thought. Wen Rushi was really worthless as a woman for she was doing nothing at all.

Shen Wenhan and Qin Xiaoling had known each other far more than ten or twenty years since they were a childhood friend. She really didn’t believe that Shen Wenhan was oblivious to Qin Xiaoling’s feeling towards him. It’s more like he realized Qin Xiaoling was important to him after she’d loved someone else. How could he be to be so blind to her feeling for so many years!?

But it’s better for her like this, this would spare her any hard work she had to put in to break up this couple.

The atmosphere during the dining time wasn’t good at all. Because there’s someone unfamiliar eating with them, everyone was unable to relax. Looking at her graceful way of eating, Qin Xiaoling’s voice of drinking soup had been lowered, but it still couldn’t be as elegant as her.

It could be considered as a joke that her table manners were trained when she was on a task involved an aristocrat. Coupled with her persistence for more than a decade, it had already engraved into her bones.

Whether she was in a gorgeous dress or in ragged clothes, sitting or standing, her posture wouldn’t be any different. Even if Wen Rushi’s father was here, it was impossible to be this calm. Let alone a little girl who grew up in a small village on a mountain.

As far as something was concerned about her incompatibility, Wen Rushi didn’t understand. But Wen household was of a high-status. If she wants to put down her airs and accommodate others, she wouldn’t be willing to do so.

This was a meal that made everyone unable to sit still. The food here tasted rather heavy, and it wasn’t to her taste at all. After six to seven bite, Wen Rushi put down her chopsticks and turned to face Aunt Qin. She asked, “Excuse me, do you have a napkin?”

“Ah? Yes, we have that.” Aunt Qin, who had never seen such a reserved young lady before, hastily pushed her daughter, “Quickly get a napkin for the guest.”

Qin Xiaoling’s heart was filled with resentment as she stood up and got the paper from her room. She handed it to Wen Rushi. Wen Rushi politely thanked her and gently wiped the corners of her mouth, “I have already eaten my fill, everyone please eat slowly.”

Shen Wenhan disliked her attitude thinking that she intentionally showed off her superiority. He put chopsticks in his bowl and began to eat in silence.

Mother Shen noticed some differences in the taste of these dishes, she laughed, “Xiaoling’s cooking is getting better and better. I don’t know who is so lucky to marry such a daughter-in-law like this in the future.”

Qin Xiaoling bowed her head down with a blush dusting on her cheeks. It wasn’t like she was shy, but Mother Shen really couldn’t be quiet over it.

Wen Rushi couldn’t help but glance at Shen Wenhan, who was preparing to add a third bowl of rice.

When Shen Wenhan went mad, Qin Xiaoling couldn’t marry anybody but was confined in the basement by her good son. She was abused badly by him.

Mother Shen, who had planned to stay in the Qin household for a chat after dinner, also gave up this idea. The atmosphere was really wrong today. She couldn’t tell what’s wrong, but it would be good to take her daughter-in-law back to their home first.

When they were readied to go home, it was already late into the night. Qin Xiaoling came out to send everyone off. Shen Xiang accompanied her parent at the front. Before going back to her home, Qin Xiaoling dragged Shen Wenhan away with her ignoring the fact that Wen Rushi’s eyes were getting colder every passing second.

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