QT:RTSC chapter 4 part 2

Phoenix Men’s Big Battle IV part 2


Er gege[1], we haven’t been together for a long time since you went to the army. Xiaojun and Xiaowei miss you very much.” Her eyes brimmed with unshed tears as she lightly pulled Shen Wenhan’s sleeve. She quietly complained, “You will leave again in a few days to accompany Sister Wen. Can you spare me some time to meet you?”

Er gege? She really thought she was Shi Xiangyun[2]. Wen Rushi felt a goosebump all over her body.

Before Shen Wenhan could open his mouth, she stepped in between them, and naturally took Qin Xiaoling’s hands. She kindly reminded her: “I’m afraid it can’t be like that. Wen Han will have to follow me back to the city the day after tomorrow. If you want to catch up, you will have to wait until he returns from work which won’t be too long. I guess it will around half a year.

As for whether Shen Wenhan would return to this small village after half a year or not, it is not Wen Rushi’s intention to inform her.

Qin Xiaoling was stunned by her, so she turned to look at her Er gege.

Shen Wenhan must think that if he went back to Wen household the day after tomorrow, he wouldn’t feel embarrassed in his heart. He couldn’t even see the help look in her eyes. He just opened his mouth and said, “I will come back to see you later when I have time.” Pausing for a moment, he added, “You have to study hard. Aunt Qin will depend on you in the future. Don’t let her down.”

Seeing the light in Qin Xiaoling’s eyes had gradually faded away, Wen Rushi was almost open her mouth to complain. No wonder they had nothing to do with each other when Qin Xiaoling followed him to the city. Compared with sweet words from Song Sijie, such words of righteousness and justice from him were really not enough.

By the time the two of them left Qin household, Shen family had already gone far.

Perhaps they want to give the two people a chance to get along with each other and nurture their feelings, however, a man like Shen Wenyan can be with anyone who fancied him.

Eventually, he still used the same path that he came to Qin household to go back to their home.

All along the path, except for the sound of the wind blowing vegetable fields, there was only the sound of crickets from grasses. He was like a gourd with a sawed mouth. He acted as if he was mute and kept on going without saying a word.

Even when Wen Rushi got lost, he still didn’t know it.

Shen Wenhan found that one person was missing behind him a moment later. No matter how much he disliked Wen Rushi, he still didn’t want to drive people away on the first day of their visit.

Although there are no wild animals in this mountain, there are still many things like snakes, insects, mice, and ants. If Wen Rushi was really lost then he would be very upset as a husband.

After waiting for a long time, Shen Wenhan didn’t see her following after them. He had no choice but to go back to look for her.

After walking for a while, he saw a woman sitting on a stone with her bag on the ground. She had already taken off her shoes and looked at her feet with a grimace expression.

Shen Wenhan frowned and kept her at a distance of 1.5 meters. “What’s the matter?”

Dr. Edward Hall, an Anthropologist, has come to the conclusion that there are four distances in people’s interpersonal behavior.

At this time, her husband was standing within 1.2 meters to 3.7 meters of her social distance. Wen Rushi raised her eyebrows. They had already married, so their distance shouldn’t be this wide. Ah, this couldn’t even be considered as personal range!

Her eyes glanced up then lower her head down, “I can’t walk with my feet like this. It’s too painful.”

Shen Wenhan hesitated for a moment. He didn’t understand how someone, who walked up to the mountain empty-handed and followed him around in a circle before dinner, had her feet hurt so much that she could not walk?

Was this woman really was in pain, or was she just looking for something to complain?

Shen Wenhan finally stepped forward, “Don’t make a fuss, we will be home in half an hour.”

Wen Rushi acted as if she didn’t hear anything. If she really followed after him all the way back, she should be called “pig” today!

Her snow white foot stretched out in front of Shen Wenhan, each finger had a pink nail on it, even the line at the arch of the foot was looking incredibly soft and beautiful. Shen Wenhan blushed and suddenly realized that this enemy who’s always going against him was a woman.

He uncomfortably averted his eyes as he reached out and softened his gesture. “I’ll help you.”

“Can’t you see there’re blisters on my feet?” Wen Ruru furiously pointed at her feet. His eyes were so bad. Did their leader know that?

“Even if you want to help me now, I can’t walk.”

She cast a sidelong glance at his awkward expression and added, “I can’t walk a step.”

At last, he could see the blisters on her feet, which instantly made Shen Wenhan regret.

In his mind, all women like his mother and Qin Xiaoling could do all the housework at home, or cut grass all over the mountains and fields. Even if they had to go up or down a mountain for a few times, this was a common occurrence.

How could he imagine that a little bit of difficulty would make Wen this uncomfortable?

No matter how much the Wen household had bullied him, how ignorant Wen Rushi was, in the end, she was also his wife. Shen Wenhan completely shook off his anger. Well, at least before she was alright again, he wasn’t ready to trouble her again: “Stand up, I’ll carry you back.”

Wen Rushi pursed her lips, all she really wanted was to hear this sentence.

She got up from the stone with one hand then patted some dust off her body. She made a ‘V’ sigh behind Shen Wenhan’s body and stretched out her arms to lay on his broad back.

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[1]  Er gege = Second brother (Er = two , Gege = Big brother)

[2] Shi Xiangyuna fictional character in the classic 18th-century Chinese novel Dream of the Red Chamber

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