QT:RTSC chapter 6

Phoenix Men’s Big Battle VI

The next day, Wen Rushi woke up at dawn. There was still Shen Wenhan’s smell lingering on the pillow. She stretched out satisfactorily, only to find out that she was alone in the room.

Wen Rushi turned over and sat up. Good employees should always remember their mission all the times and kept persisting on making her presence known to her target every day and night.

Humming the song while she’s spreading her clothes from the bag on the bed, Wen Rushi was in thought. She finally chose a light pink shirt. The shirt cuff was hemmed, and laced with plum petals.

A pair of trousers was more than elegant enough.

Changing into clothes, Wen Rushi tied up her long hair in a ponytail. This showed a thin layer of pink lace at her neck. She looked at the old round mirror on the wall.

Very good, this made her look delicate and charming. She didn’t look menacing or aggressive anymore.

“Xiaoling, why are you here?” Wen Rushi was about to open the door and go out when she heard Mother Shen’s cheerful greeting outside. “Have you had breakfast yet? I’ve done a little more today. Come and sit down together.”

Qin Xiaoling blushed. Thinking that Shen Wenhan would leave again after today, she did not sleep well all night. After staying at home for half a day, she could not help coming early. But she felt ashamed at herself when she saw Mother Shen who gave her a hearty greeting.

Whether she liked it or not, Shen Erge was already married.

Before she could answer, Wen Rushi rushed out the door and said, “Mom, where is the place to wash?”

When she saw it was her daughter-in-law who spoke with her, she turned around and took Wen Rushi to the other side and said politely, “That kid, I don’t know where he was going in the early morning. He hadn’t even brought you the water for washing.”

“We are all family members. How can he pay particular attention to me that much?” The corner of her mouth quirked up and spoke on behalf of “This family’s kid” as though she spoke it to get him out of trouble.

That’s the way mothers do, their sons could be scolded by only them. But, if their daughter-in-law followed suit,
she was likely to not be a good daughter-in-law.

Wen Rushi glanced back at Qin Xiaoling who stood awkwardly at the side and smiled. “Sister Qin sits down first. I’ll come and talk to you when I’m finished.”

Shen Wenhan wasn’t here, so you would have to talk to me. It would be best if she dared not to come here next time.

Watching her stepping into the house with Mother Shen, Qin Xiaoling felt completely lost. She used to come here at the time in the past. When did she fall into a guest’s treatment today? She would be accompanied by this new woman.

Qin Xiaoling wanted to leave, but she didn’t move.

When she was at a loss about what to do, she saw Shen Wenhan came back. She immediately forgot the sadness she had just had and greeted him shyly. She softly called him. “Shen Erge.”

“Sit down. I’ll wipe my face first.” Shen Wenhan was sweating all over. He nodded to her absently and walked past Qin Xiaoling into his house.

He didn’t even get a wink of sleep all night. In the early morning, he got up and ran a big circle along the mountain road, exhausting all his strength before going back. No sooner had he reached the door that he bumped into Wen Rushi who was just coming out.

She had just cleaned her face, but her skin looks more radiant than after she had makeup on.

He was stunned when Wen Rushi saw him. She raised her eyebrows and smiled at him. Her teeth were dazzlingly white

Shen Wenhan’s heart jumped and suddenly remembered her soft body in the night. He quickly averted his eyes and pushed her inside, forgetting to say what he had thought before.

Wen Rushi, who was roughly pushed into the doorframe by Shen Wenhan, didn’t lose her temper. She leaned against the door holding onto the frame and laughed happily.

Qin Xiaoling happened to see Shen Erge pushing Wen Rushi away. She felt a little joy in her heart. But she felt even sadder because she couldn’t bear to see this sight.

“Sister, what are you doing?” She went over and gave her a hand.

Wen Rushi put her hand into Qin Xiaoling’s palm. her skin was like a gel. She knew that these fingers had never touched the water in the rivers or lakes before.

Qin Xiaoling looked down at her own fingers. Not everyone had such a good life. Even if she had a beautiful face, but her hand could never be compared to Wen Rushi.

There are deep and shallow scars on them, all caused by years of farming.

“It’s nothing. I guess I must be bothering him last night. Your Wenhan is annoying me.” Wen Rushi acted as if she didn’t notice her mood. She grinned like a fox who stole the fish.

“Wen Rushi!” Suddenly there came a roar from Shen Wenhan, “You woman! What are you talking about there with a child?

Child? Qin Xiaoling is not a child. What kind of child stole one’s husband!?

Without a hint of fear, Wen Rushi secretly winked at Qin Xiaoling and smiled. “Don’t say anything, your brother Wenhan is shy.”

Qin Xiaoling suddenly came to realize something. A flush crept up her face, and those big eyes were brimming with tears now.

She quickly pulled back her hand and stuttering, “I’m sorry…Rushi jie, I can’t chat with you anymore. I just remembered that my mother was still looking for me.

Watching Qin Xiaoling stumble out of the door in a panic, Wen Rushi had absolutely no sense of guilt. She took out a chair and put it in the yard. She sat down on the back of the chair and squinted at the blue sky.

Today’s weather was really good. The sky was cloudless today.

“It’s time to eat,” Mother Shen looked at her doubtfully as she came out with a plate of white steamed bread. “Where’s Xiaoling, Ah? Aren’t we going to have breakfast together?”

“She ah,” said Wen Ruru, with a grin, “said Aunt Qin wanted her to do something, so she was going back.”

“Oh, I had just gone in and made some small dishes. This child, why are you so busy?” Shen Mother muttered and laid the dishes on the table.

“Where is Dad?” Shen Wenhan wiped his wet hair with a towel and went to the table to sit down. He didn’t help his mother lay out the dishes and chopsticks. He sat next to Wen Rushi.

“He went down to the hill to buy meat. The meat is rare to come by, and our home is about to run out of it” Mother Shen happily added a bowl of porridge to her son’s bowl. “Don’t worry about the old man. I wrapped him two steamed buns and dried meat. If he was hungry, he would eat on the way.”

Shen Wenhan didn’t say a word but turned his head to stare at Wen Rushi.

If the other women were stared at by his lethal eyes, they would have stood up restlessly and said, “Don’t be so polite to Barabala.”(TL: I’m sorry, I don’t know this one)

However, Wen Rushi didn’t do that. She just stared back at him.

It didn’t matter if she doesn’t know what’s going happen in the future. Unfortunately, she clearly knew that no matter which plot was going to be. Wen Rushi would always have a sad ending.

When she was down, no one in Shen’s family ever offered a helping hand.

Well, as an executor of the Rescuing the Supporting Male lead Program, she really shouldn’t be moody.

Even if the original Wen Rushi deserved it…

However, it didn’t prevent her from teasing Shen Wenhan. Well, let’s just say that it was interesting to see him angry.

“Eat quickly and take Xiaoru out for a stroll after eating.” Seeing the stinky boy still dared to stare at his daughter-in-law. Mother Shen slapped him in the back of his head. “Did you hear me!?”

Wen Rushi is now the most precious person in the family. Without her, his eldest brother could no longer be healed. This child was still acting so ignorant and always went against her!

Mother Shen sat on her seat with a headache. Feeling in her heart that if she went on like this, she would only have a few years left to live!

“I got it!” Shen Wenying sighed and sipped his porridge.

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