QT:RTSC chapter 7

Phoenix Men’s Big Battle VII

A gust of cool breeze mixed with a fragrant from wildflowers and weeds gently blew pass her.

Wen Rushi didn’t think that Shen Wenhan wanted to take her out to fish in this small pool. She even felt ashamed to hear him called it a lake.

“People in the mountains don’t have that many hobbies. When they are free, they hunt or go fishing,” said Shen Wenhan. He intentionally turned his head to look at Wen Rushi’s feet. He lifted his eyebrow slightly, and there’s a look of triumph in his eyes. “You can’t walk far anyway. You’d better sit here and be patient.”

He just wanted to see how long this violent woman could sit by the river bank. That’s right, he deliberately chose this place and intentionally misrepresented his mother’s treatment.

He didn’t want to take her to the mountains and rivers, nor did he want to take Wen Rushi to see the most beautiful place on the mountain.

To the north of this village, at the mountain summit, there was a place surrounded by peach trees.

This season was when the peach blossoms were in full bloom. As soon as you stepped into that mountain pass, you could see the pink blossoms all over the mountains. This scene painted an image that was just like crimson clouds at sunrise. It would surely burn people’s eye by its beauty.

It was a place he had fantasized many times that one day he would be able to walk with his beloved wife. She tarnished his marriage, but he couldn’t tolerate her taint the sacred place in his heart.

Wen Ru didn’t retort or ignore the provocation in his words. She lowered her head and picked up an earthworm in the bait jar. She took a small piece and put it on the hook. She indifferently held the rod in her right hand and pulled the fishing line with her left hand.

With a hard swing of her right wrist and at the same time, loosen her left hand. The fishing line cast into the distance.

“Although I do have a bad temper, how do you know whether I like fishing or not?” She chose a flat stone and sat down by the lake. She continued leisurely, “Many people look through people with colored glasses. It’s just as shallow as judging people by their outward appearance.”

Passing through a hundred worlds, even Wen Rushi herself didn’t know what else she didn’t know. Let alone which activities she didn’t like?

Shen Wenhan’s provocation didn’t touch her pain at all. In her eyes, it turned out to be an awkward moment from the arrogant child.

Life was truly as lonely as snow.

The gentle breeze in the mountains blew gently over her forehead, and her hair began to flutter in the air.

Shen Wenhan looked at the scene in disappointment. He didn’t understand how she could sit happily by the lake and fish with him. Not only did she not show any irritation, but even her sitting posture was so graceful.

“Ah, another one.” Wen Rushi suddenly yanked on the pole.

A lively carp was dragged out of the water by a long fishing line. The water droplets from the fish body were like pearls, drifting back to the sparkling lake.

She turned her head happily and laughed sweetly as she looked at the struggling fish in her hand. “You can make a braised fish in the evening!” Her sparkling eyes were clear and affectionate.

Looking at her, Shen Wenhan couldn’t help thinking. Maybe she’s not as bad as he imagined. Maybe he could get with her just fine. One day, he would really accept the terrible fact that she’s his wife.

Shen Wenhan was shocked by his thought.

He reluctantly looked away and fixed his eyes on the fishing rod in his hand. In the end, he muttered under his breath, “Speak as if you will do it.”

A small white face suddenly came up to him. It took him a lot of effort not to slap her.

Wen Rushi was so busy staring at his wide eyes. The corner of her mouth slowly turned up with a teasing look in her eyes, “Oh, you wanted me to be a wife who washes your hands and make soup for you.”

She slowly stepped back and sat back in place. “Why didn’t you say it earlier? Why hide away and let people guess your mind?”

Ignoring a blush on his face, Wen Rushi took the carp off the hook and threw it into a small bucket on her side. Suddenly, she turned around and said happily, “Unfortunately, I only cook for the people I like.”

She tilted her head at the stunned Shen Wenhan and raised her eyebrows. She still smiled gently, but her eyes were full of provocations. “If you want to eat the dishes I made, you have to put out some real efforts. To turn a cold shoulder to me is out of the question. If you have the ability, you will make me fall in love with you and be willing to cook for you.”

“Who wants that!?” Shen Wenhan angrily scolded. A shameless woman, like? like a fart!

He must have a screw loose in the head before when he was fascinated by her appearance. In the glimpse of the moment, he felt that she was straightforward and lovely.

He shouldn’t have given her a chance to speak at all.

Instead of him provoking Wen Rushi, he got angry by her words. Shen Wenhan deeply felt that it was a mistake to take her out fishing today, a serious mistake!

He should let the woman who didn’t know the heights of heaven and earth stay at home and refuse to let her go out even if she was killed by his mother.

Although Wen Rushi didn’t know what was going on in his mind at this time, he could guess a few things just by looking at the color on his face. He went white and then turned red. She happily threw the fishing line back into the water, sat straight and waited for the next big fish.

However, it didn’t take too long for Wen Rushi to suffer from the retribution.

She reached out and scratched her bare arm again. Several lumps had already swelled up on her smooth skin.

There are many mosquitoes in the mountains. It seems they suddenly found a human blood bank as they kept buzzing around her.

Wen Rushi’s body didn’t attract mosquitoes. But she didn’t know that Wen Rushi’s body was allergic to mosquitoes.

When other people were bitten by mosquitoes, at most, it would be soon disappeared. But when she was bitten, it would be red and swollen for half a day.

Her whole arm was practically swollen now. If it went on like this, she doubted that she would get fat when she went back to Shen’s home at night.

Don’t say Shen Wenhan wouldn’t like it, even she didn’t like Wen Rushi when she was fat.

How could such an important matter not be recorded in the data? If she knew it earlier, she would prepare some insect repellent lotion.

Wen Rushi waved her hand and swatted mosquitoes away. She held her tears back and cried for help to Shen Wenhan, “Dear, let’s go back.”

“Don’t shout, we aren’t that familiar.” Shen Wenhan didn’t even glance at her. He was immune to the silly remarks she occasionally made.

He did not dare to imagine what would happen if he had replied back to her this “dear”. He guessed that a ton of annoying words was surely waiting for him.

The only thing to be thankful for was that she no longer spoke as viciously as she used to be. At least, she’s making great efforts… Right.

Shen Wenhan was sadly aware that his bottom line was getting lower and lower when he was pestering by her all day long.

“I don’t want to do this anymore.” Wen Rushi said while stifling her sobbing voice. The little woman was able to bow and rise at will so long as she hadn’t crossed the line. “There are too many mosquitoes, dear, let’s go home.”

Hearing the unusual tone of her voice, Shen Wenhan finally turned his head and looked at her mercifully. He persuaded her gently and persuasively, “One must know to finish once one starts something. Now that we have come out here and it hasn’t reached the time to go back yet. How can we just give up halfway?”

This was what he thought all morning, and now he could say it smoothly and throw it in her face without hesitation.

He had an impulse to look up and laugh at the sky. Woman, served you right!

Wen Rushi was choking with rage.

She could have used better methods, such as pulling his clothes to act coy. For example, such pear blossoms shed a few tears in the rain. (TL: acting like a weeping beauty )

The more stubborn a man was, the more he was great at holding a grudge. This was Wen Rushi known best from her experience. Among the executives of the whole company, she recognized the second-ranked. But no one dared to be the first!

If she really wanted to act, this man who hasn’t had his wife in his eyes would sooner or later be her lover. But she was just unable to stand this mud who was pretending to be righteous and honest.

What kind of love came from acting skills? If you wanted to play then it’s game on! Sixty years was enough for her to make this proud and conceited man fell in love with her.

Love and kill, she decided! Since it was love and kill, she would have a hard time. That’s why he couldn’t expect to live a comfortable life either.

“If you don’t want to go back, I will go back first!” She threw the fishing rod to the ground and turned to walk away.

“Stop!” Shen Wenhan quickly stood up. He was really blind to think that she was trying to be repentant, “Pick up the fishing rod.”

His voice was bleak, and he stared hard at Wen Rushi. His eyes burned with anger.

It’s like if she dared to disobey him, he would throw her into the lake at the next moment without hesitation.

Wen Rushi looked at him in a daze. This was the real Shen Wenhan. Those gentle, affectionate and persistent written in the descriptions didn’t really describe his dark nature.

Also, if Shen Wenhan didn’t have the tendency to turn dark, how could Shen Wenhan eventually do something to kill the male lead and imprison the female lead?

Wen Rushi gradually looked down and walked forward step by step. She slowly picked up the fishing rod from the ground with both hands.

Looking up at Shen Wenhan’s slowly softening eyebrows, she suddenly raised her hand, lifted the fishing rod, bent her knees, and pressed her hands hard!

“Clatter—” With a snap, the rod broke into two pieces.

Wen Rushi ruthlessly threw the broken rod into the lake. She raised her head while clenching her fists at the side. Her complexion changed to being haughty when she looked at Shen Wenhan, “If you dare hitting me, I will tell your parents that Shen Wenrui’s medical expenses won’t be paid any more from today onward!”

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