QT:RTSC chapter 8

Phoenix Men’s Big Battle VIII

“If you dare to hit me, I will tell your parents that we won’t pay Shen Wenrui’s medical expenses any more from today onward!”

Wen Rushi narrowed her eyes and raised her chin slightly. She was obviously a good head shorter than him, but she held her ground.

“You dare!” Shen Wenhan couldn’t help stepping forward, grabbing her wrist and raising his hand high.

“Why?” Wen Rushi stumbled forward as she was pulled by him. She added fuel to the fire, “This is ridiculous.”

She looked at the man who no longer pretended to be gentle and courteous. Her rosy lips continued, “It is your Shen family that had asked us to help you, and it is your Shen family that had agreed to let you in.

When the Wen family took out the money and made the engagement, it was your Shen family who acted as if we had forced you and you all were reluctant to this deal.

What’s your reason to act like this? Do you think I have to endure your bad temper all day? Why are you, because you are handsome, or because you earn more money than other men?”

Shen Wenhan’s forehead furrowed, if not for the medical expenses…

If it weren’t for that damn medical bill! He won’t stand here and allow her to throw his self-esteem on the ground and trample on it!

His raised right hand stuck in the air trembling with anger.

“Are you not convinced? Then why don’t you try to refute me?” She was the kind of person with an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Whoever treated her well, she would be twice as good to him, and vice versa.

Wen Rushi chuckled lightly. Facing his open five fingers, she gave him a dirty look, “It’s because you know what I said is true. If that’s what you call integrity and righteousness, I can’t agree with you.”

Some men were so strange because they always take others’efforts for granted.

Her accommodation and flattery weren’t in his eyes. She would make Shen Wenhan deeply understood that the cost of provoking her wasn’t what he could bear!

“Or is it because your poor self-esteem has been hurt that you want to find it on me?” She smirked. “If that’s true, it’s ridiculous! Shen Wenhan, I’m not the one you can just take advantage of. If you dare to touch even my hair today, I’ll make you regret it.”

Word by word, she made it definitely clear to him!

She’s not afraid of him beating her. She was just afraid of only one thing and it was that he won’t be able to stop after the fight!

No matter what world she was in, she is not a woman who was willing to suffer. If he dared to beat her, she would do everything possible to make him live in pain for a long time to come.

It’s not that she didn’t understand love, but her love only went to the man who deserved it.

“Fine.” The palms of Shen Wen’s raised hands fell inch by inch, and his anger gradually receded. His dark eyes, however, turned dark instead.

If he said that she had just destroyed his budding feeling for her, he wondered whether Wen Rushi would ever regret it.

His mouth set in a hardline then he turned to leave. Leaving the woman who just had a fit standing there alone.

This marriage was quite right to a deal between them. It was his foolishness that made him expect something from her. Shen Wenhan had never been so sober, “You can rest assured. I won’t hit you in the future”

He would take away everything she was proud of, watch her fall into the dirt when she lost everything and crawling like a mortal.

He would like to know what kind of expression would she have by the time that she had nothing at all.

Because Shen Wenhan returned home alone, he was questioned by both of his parents. But no matter how hard they pressed him, he didn’t say a word.

Mother Shen was helpless. She didn’t want to beat her son despite the fact that her son didn’t care about Wen Rushi’s fate at all. In the end, she could only listen to her husband and go finding Wen Rushi. She went to the direction that her son came in.

When she came to the lake, it was almost time for dinner.

Wen Rushi was sitting a meter away from the lake with a bonfire in front of her. There’re fish bones scattering around it.

She was sitting on the stone while leisurely fanning the fire to roast a carp. The roasted carp’s skin was yellow on both sides giving off a rich fragrance from it.

Mother Shen was slightly unhappy. Their family was almost having a falling out because of her disappearance. Who knew that after searching for half a day, the woman was sitting there roasting fishes.

Wen Rushi, who had her back to Mother Shen, was currently brushing mosquitoes away.

Damn these mosquitoes, why were they attracted to her this much? She muttered as she turned the roasted carp over again.

Why hadn’t people from Shen’s family came to get her yet? Was she wrong about this? Did Shen household really want to give her up for the sake of Shen Wenhan?

If they really agreed to let Shen Wenhan divorce her, she would immediately call back home… No, she couldn’t remember the way back. There’s no signal in the mountains either. Even if she wanted to go now, she didn’t know where to go.

Wen Rushi shook her wrist hatefully. She was about to throw the carp into the fire when she heard someone called her name.

“Xiaoru, why are you here? I’ve been looking for you for half a day.” Mother Shen had just changed her expression. She strode forward and gently grabbed Wen Rushi’s hand. “Wenhan made you angry, right? Don’t bother with him, go back with me and I will make you a good meal.”

Wen Rushi stood up with a laugh. She let Mother Shen held her hand, “It’s all right. I was the one who said something bad. Don’t blame him.”

“Oh, that’s good, that’s good, the city people are generous.”The corner of Mother Shen pulled up. She patted the back on Wen Rushi hand and took the roasted fish from her, “Let’s go home. I’ll teach you a lesson about that boy.”

Wen Rushi smiled slightly, picked up the bucket, and followed Shen Mu back obediently. This scene was just like that of a really harmonious mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

In the evening, Mother Shen cooked a delicious meal for her, and all of them were suited to Wen Rushi’s taste. She enjoyed this meal more than she did yesterday.

Wen Rushi expressed 120,000 thanks to Father Shen as he was busy running everywhere finding her after dinner. (TL: 120,000 thanks = deep gratitude/ most sincere thanks) She sincerely praised Mother Shen’s cooking skills. The atmosphere at the dining table was warm and relaxing.

Everyone was satisfied with the result except for Shen Wenhan, who didn’t even say a word.

Just when she thought their relationship had fallen into a deadlock, Shen Wenhan entered the room with gauze and an ointment.

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  1. “Budding feelings lost” pah! If she just kept acting as though she had no temper he would have kept on behaving as though he were suffering some terrible grievance and ultimately just abandon her once his brother was well again. forcing a confrontation was the right choice, it broke them out of that deadlock.

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