QT:RTSC chapter 10

Phoenix Men’s Big Battle X

Sleeping in a different room from Shen Wenhan was only the first step. The lavender fragrance pervading through her bathroom. Wen Rushi closed her eyes while her face was flushed by the steam in her bathroom.

She pushed Shen Wenhan too hard. Now was the time to step back.

Besides, she didn’t want them to sleep like last night anymore. That kind of life, even if Shen Wenhan was willing to live like that, she doesn’t want it at all.

The itchy bumps by mosquitoes hadn’t disappeared yet. She raised her hand, and water droplets slipped past her skin to the floor. Swollen red spots could be found all over her fair skin. It was rather an unpleasant sight to look at.

Her eyebrows knitted together in a frown and then relaxed.

Wen Rushi didn’t let him see it last night, nor did she take medicine. She had been endured the whole day, and she planned not to do anything in the next two days too.

She used her finger to scratch it lightly.

Wen Rushi wondered whether Shen Wenhan would have a trace of guilt next time he saw the scratches on her arms.

Wen Rushi lowered her body into the water. She lied still at the bottom of the bathtub and looked at the surface of the water while holding her breath.

The dim light shook a little. It looked so close to her, yet it seemed so far away.

She blinked. Tiny bubbles kept spreading around her body. The corner of her mouth turned up as she reached for the light above the water’s surface.

I will catch you, she thought. If she tightened her fingers, she could grab the light in her palm. Her widened smile caused more bubbles to rise through the water’s surface.

She got out of the bathtub. The water trickled down from her naked body.

Wen Rushi pulled a white towel from a stacked towel rack and wrapped her body. She wiped her hair and went out of the bathroom barefoot.

Shen Wenhan would return to his village in half a year. She must lay a trap in this short period of time.

Sitting on her bed, Wen Rushi blew her hair while pondering something in her mind.

But by doing this, she couldn’t attend school as before.

The original Wen Rushi’s way of studying was like three days fishing and two days drying nets (TL: It means not to have perseverance/ half-hearted effort), and she didn’t attend classes seriously. In Wen’s company, she merely took an internship in the marketing department.

It wasn’t enough for her plan at all.

Fortunately, she was the only heir of the Wen household. This business will be handed over to her sooner or later.

“Xiaoru, come down to dinner when you are ready. Your parents are back now.” Mama Li’s voice was ringing outside the door.

“I’ll change my clothes and go down.” She answered. When you wanted to take a nap, someone would always come to interrupt you. It’s just right.

Father Wen had a kind brow, pleasant eyes (TL: It means amiable looking/ kind), like a scholar. When Wen Rushi went downstairs, he was already sitting in his chair. Sitting near him was Mother Wen, who dressed in fancy clothes.

When she sat down, Father Wen said softly, “I heard you came back alone?”

She took a sip of her soup. This was her habit. She used to have an upset stomach. It is said that drinking soup before meals can nourish her stomach.

Put down the spoon and nodded. Wen Rushi added an explanation, “I let him stay as I had to leave immediately. Accompany the elderly is a kind of filial piety for me. ”

“Well, that’s all right.” Father Wen smiled happily. The son-in-law was chosen by him. If it weren’t for the sake of continuing Wen’s bloodline, he wouldn’t threaten Shen Wenhan to marry into his family.

He was always feeling guilty for Shen Wenhan, but this guilt was far less than the love for his wife and daughter.

Father Wen came a good family when he was young, but because of his poor choice in his investment, Father Wen fell into a difficult situation at that time. It was Mother Wen who chose to marry despite the fact that his fortune was completely opposite from her family.

With the money brought by his wife and her family support, he could reclimb to this position one day.

He was a man who knew how to be grateful. Despite his wife’s many shortcomings, he was willing to tolerate. Even if his wife didn’t give him a son, he never complained at all.

Similarly, he also hoped that his daughter would be loved by her husband.

“Wen Rushi, didn’t you just say that you want him to be filial to his family, but what about our family?” Mother Wen asked with a waned interest while curling her lip. She thought she would go home today to find the stinky boy, who disregarded their feeling, came to admit his fault. Because of her husband’s presence, she could only mumble to herself, “Whether this son-in-law was good or bad, we must get the score clear.”

It had to be said that on the sophisticated aspects of human relationship, Mother Wen was as ignorant as a junior middle school student.

Perhaps the wisest decision Mother Wen had ever made in her life was to earnestly follow her father with her dowry. Within ten years, her choice had been rewarded.

In addition to food and clothing, the most important thing was that she had been loved and respected wholeheartedly by Father Wen. Despite how old she got, she would still offend many people unconsciously and let Father Wen cleaned up the mess after her. She didn’t even know how much mess she had caused.

“Everything is going well. I will be glad if you can be reasonable and fair.” Father Wen took a piece of fish and put it in Mother Wen’s bowl.

“Well, you have the final say anyway.” With a sigh, Mother Wen picked up her chopsticks and began to eat. Now that her husband had spoken, she would certainly listen to him.

Wen Rushi didn’t say much, just bowed her head and ate quietly. Some words are not suitable for talking on the table. Speaking them out in front of Mother Wen would accomplish the outcome the very opposite of her wish.

After dinner, Wen Rushi went to the kitchen and brewed a pot of herbal tea that could help with digestion. Holding a plate with two exquisite cups, she knocked on the door of the study.

Two hours later, she came out pleased with half-empty tea sets. Mother Wen, who had been waiting in front of the room because her husband didn’t permit her to come inside, ordered their servant to take the plate away and pulled Wen Rushi to the living room.

“Tell me about it. What on earth did you two whispering about inside? You two even hid it from me.” Mother Wen looked at her daughter dejectedly because she loved her so much. To her surprise, this pair of father and daughter’s behavior was the same. They didn’t let her had a hand in any important matter.

“Nothing,” Wen Rushi smiled and led her mother to sit down on the sofa. “I just don’t want to go to school anymore. Dad agreed that I should get familiar with the environment before I enter the company.”

“What?… What about your degree? Mother Wen was stunned. Her daughter never liked to go to work in the company. Somehow, her daughter changed after coming back from Shen’s house. She stared and suddenly stood up, “Did they bully you!? Don’t be afraid. Tell me, your mother supports you!”

Wen Rushi laughed. Her father was so gentle and elegant. He had to enjoy something bitter as if it were malt sugar (TL: it means gladly endure hardship/ willing to endure in crisis.) and lived happily with her hot-blooded mother for so many years.

She held her mother’s hand helplessly: “What did just you say? This means you don’t know me yet. I’m the only one who’s angry with him. There is no reason for him to turn his back on me.”

“Degree is not important, as long as I pass the exam, I can get it.” Wen Rushi said, shaking her shoulders affectionately and slowly explaining, “I just think that I will take over the company sooner or later. Although you have found me a good helper, Shen Wenhan is an outsider after all. I can’t just hang around at home and do nothing. He’ll be in charge that way.”

Mother Wen couldn’t do anything else other than taking care of the family. Everything else was bigger than the health of the people in this family and the interests of Wen household.

If you wanted her to stand on your side, you couldn’t use the same words that you used with Father Wen in the study.

“Our things will still be in our own hands. Whether they are handed over to Shen Wenhan in the future depends on his performance.” Wen Rushi winked at her mother. “Don’t you think it would be safer?”

“It’s good, but can you do it?” She was completely interested in Wen Rushi’s idea. But the thought of Wen Rushi’s achievement hadn’t gone well as she wanted, Mother Wen was frustrated.

“You may not even pass the exam. Better let someone teach Shen Wenhan well. Although he hasn’t had a good family background, according to your father, he has a good brain and a promising future.” Now that she thought about it, it seemed this son-in-law wasn’t completely useless.

After listening to Mother Wen’s words, Wen Rushi couldn’t help rolling her eyes. Did Shen Wenhan go well in the future? She knew better than anyone else. She was afraid that he would go too far and swallow the Wen household in one mouthful.

“You can rest assured that my father will assign me a special assistant. She would teach me if I don’t know anything.” Wen Rushi didn’t tell her mother, but she also knew that this assistant was mostly meant to keep an eye on her and prevented her from causing trouble.

But it didn’t matter, she would soon be able to impress others. Even her examination didn’t go well, her hands-on experience in business would make up for it. “Anyway, it’s only half a year. If I can’t really pass the exam, and I can’t make any achievements, then you can put me back to school again. It’s not a big deal to study for another year.”

After thinking about it, Mother Wen eventually agreed to it. In any case, Father Wen would always be there for her. Even if her daughter couldn’t archive her goal, there was him to balance it.

Mother Wen, who was a little airheaded herself, soon became happy. Their child was so ambitious. Shouldn’t parents celebrate for their child?

She said enthusiastically to her daughter, “Now that it’s all decided, we’ll have a small party at home in two days. We’ll invite all your uncles and introduce them formally.”

“Ah, I almost forgot. I’ll prepare you a few more dresses so that you will surely stand out at the party.”

If she had a chance to open her mouth, she would say that two days was too hasty. But Mama Li would certainly grumble about her inflexibility.

But it wasn’t her turn to speak at all, and Mother Wen, who was happier now, simply threw her down and walked to the second floor in her high heels. “I’d better go to your father first and decide the name list!”

Wen Rushi leaned back in silence. Well, she would like to go to this family gathering before Shen Wenhan came. Now it seemed that we would have to meet at the party.

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