QT:RTSC chapter 11

Phoenix Men’s Big Battle XI

When Shen Wenhan came to Wen household Mansion with his bag, he saw many luxury cars parked by the roadside.

He could faintly see brightly lit lights and a crowd of people wearing colorful clothes from far away.

He hesitated and went to the back door.

Walking through the garden, you could reach the side of the mansion. He thought that Father Wen and Mother Wen wouldn’t want to see him in the bouquet with all these guests inside.

Leaving the main road, the light around this path was somewhat dim.

Shen Wenhan walked slowly along the quiet path by himself. The light from lampposts cast a shadow on the ground. Compared with the noise and excitement bustling inside the wall, the outside seemed a little chilly.

But when he arrived at the back door, he saw a man who shouldn’t have appeared here.

The driver, Xiao Zhao, was standing at the door. When he saw him, he smiled and said respectfully, “Mr. Shen, Miss let me wait for you here.”

Wen Rushi did? Shen Wenhan opened his mouth. He didn’t tell her that he would come back today. But in the end he didn’t ask anything, he just politely thanked him.

Until Xiao Zhao took him all the way up to the third floor, a sense of dread couldn’t be more obvious.

Xiao Zhao had finished his task and left. Shen Wenhan stood in the middle of an unfamiliar room and scanned the decorations inside.

The whole room was only painted in three colors: black, white and blue. All the furniture were modern and simple style. He spotted several pots of brightly colored potted plants, probably to balance the tone in this room using more warm colors.

Shen Wenhan didn’t understand why he had to be brought here.

“Do you like it?” A familiar voice came from behind him. Shen Wenhan turned around and didn’t expect to see Wen Rushi standing at the door.

He just looked at her and went silent.

Wen Rushi was very beautiful today. It could be said that she usually a good-looking woman, but today she was even more brilliant.

Long high slit ivory cheongsam(TL: or qipao) revealed a pair of slender legs. There are slight wrinkles from her chest down to the skirt. The smooth arc of this dress showed a hint of gracefulness.

This dress was made to fit and accentuate her curves in all the right places. When Wen Rushi stood there casually. It gave people the illusion of seeing a mermaid.

“What’s wrong?” She tilted her head a little and approached Shen Wenhan slowly. Her long skirt swayed gently with her movements, like a gradually blooming flower.

Shen Wenhan averted his eyes. Wen Rushi was so dazzling that it gave him a strange feeling of being defeated.

“Why did you prepare this room?” The man who could live with her on the third floor beside him. Shen Wenhan couldn’t think of anyone else.

He could vaguely guess her intentions but he still wanted to hear her say it.

“Because we’re going to start all over again.” Wen Rushi approached him while she was smiling all the way there. Shen Wenhan had no choice but to look squarely at her.

The tender touch on his face reminded him of the kiss that happened when she had to go back to Wen household.

The tip of his ears reddened. He raised his hand and pulled her hand away.

She didn’t get offended by his action, instead, she held both of his hands tight. She said seriously, “I specially prepared it for you, I don’t know whether you will like it or not.”

Her long, slightly curly hair was combed and had pearls and gems as her hair accessories. The small portion of her curly hair was hanging down on both sides of her face. Because of the shift in her eyebrows, her smiling expression appeared to touch people a lot easier than before.

Shen Wenhan’s tried to struggle out of her grip but gave it all up in the end. He slowly whispered, “Mom and Dad won’t be glad you did that.”

For marrying a man into her family, wasn’t what Father Wen and Mother Wen want were to make her pregnant? How could they let him move out of the room so easily?

Wen Rushi smiled. This man didn’t need a further explanation at all. He has enough potential to break the shackles on him one by one. Give him enough time and he would do just that.

She didn’t answer his question. Since she dared to do so, she had already prepared being nagged by her parents. She just took him by the hand and went to the bathroom. “I will give you five minutes to go in and take a bath. I’ll have your dress sent in here later. When you finish, come to find me in my room.”

Shen Wenhan, who was pushed into the bathroom by her, looked at the closed frosted glass door for a while before stripping his clothes.

This was when the training in the army came to help. Within five minutes, Shen Wenhan came out clean and wearing a bathrobe. There was no one in the room, and a formal suit was laid out on the bed.

Shen Wenhan didn’t wear any famous brands, but he just looked at the workmanship and knew that the suit was worth a lot. More importantly, he didn’t let people measuring his size, but it perfectly fit his body.

She only spent a few days together with him. It was impossible for a person who didn’t really put him in her heart to do so.

Wen Rushi…

Shen Wenhan was confused. Suddenly he didn’t know what kind of expression he was supported to face with the woman who was his wife.

The guests downstairs had basically arrived, but Wen Rushi hadn’t appeared in front of the crowd at that time.

She sat quietly at the dressing table, like a bride waiting for her groom to knock on her door.

Shen Wenhan didn’t let her wait long. When she heard him knocking on her door, Wen Rushi’s face was filled with a perfect smile. She got up and said, “Please come in.”

When the door opened, the man standing outside was tall and handsome. He seemed to concentrate his attention on her.

Wen Rushi folded a handkerchief of the same color and put it in Shen Wenhan’s small pocket on his suit. She folded it in a way that only a sharp corner emerged. Wen Rushi straightened his suit, smiled and looked up at him. “You look like a real prince today.”

Shen Wenhan paused. The corner of his mouth lifted up. He offered his arm, waiting for her to come forward and took it.

They stepped down the stairs arm in arm, looking down at the crowd in the hall where the lights were shining so brilliantly and people were chatting among each other. This was like two different worlds from the tranquil atmosphere in her room.

Shen Wenhan’s hair was slightly sided. Wen Rushi’s forehead was bright and clean. She behaved in a quiet manner. Her curly hair hanging down on both sides was dimmed by warm-toned lights with a tiny golden ray.

He didn’t say to her just now. Because of her, he would be a prince tonight.

Shen Wenhan turned to face the two elders of Wen household who had never expected him to appear here.

Ignoring the look in Mother Wen’s eyes, Shen Wenhan respectfully bowed his head, “Dad, Mom, I’m sorry that I’m late.”

Just as he pushed open her door and saw that Wen Rushi stood in the middle of the room waiting for his arrival with her gentle smile, Shen Wenhan changed his mind.

One day, he would make Father Wen and Mother Wen bowed down and say to him that it was because of her good fortune that Wen Rushi could marry into Shen’s family.

He wanted Wen household.

But he also wanted Wen Rushi too!

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