QT:RTSC chapter 13 part 2

Phoenix Men’s Big Battle XIII part 2


It was as if a flash of lightning had struck him in the heart. Even his arm on the armrest went stiff. Shen Wenhan was speechless for a long time before he found his voice again. “Good, the noodles are readied now.”

Wen Rushi woke up and sighed in the bottom of her heart. In response to Shen Wenhan’s increasingly good attitude, even if she was offered a bowl of □□, she would have to swallow it with tears.

In the end, Wen Rushi pulled herself together. She obediently sat down at the table and used her chopsticks to pick up a handful of noodles.

It was hard to swallow, and she couldn’t taste the flavor either. But one thing was for sure, it absolutely not a normal way of cooking things. She looked up to see him staring at her, and there was a rare expectation hidden in her dark eyes.

At that moment, Wen Rushi was moved. The man in the file never cooked for anyone. She thought this man was too condescend to do it. Unexpectedly, yes. He couldn’t do it at all.

Even so, she was just acting like a spoiled child. Shen Wenhan was still willing to expose his shortcomings in front of her. This was impossible for a man who had been fighting throughout his life and would be firm and resolute in the future.

Wen Rushi continued to have another bite. Looked like it wasn’t that difficult to eat after all.

Sensing her silence, Shen Wenhan frowned.

He knew that he couldn’t cook. If he had a choice, he would rather not do it at all.

“You shouldn’t force yourself if you don’t like it. We will clean up and go eat outside.” He put down his chopsticks and was about to stand. Suddenly, he was grabbed by Wen Rushi.

“Although it doesn’t taste very good, I’m very happy right now.” She beamed with a sparkling in her eyes. There was absolutely not a trace of reluctance in them.
Holding his warm hand, Her words were sincere from the heart. “I’m glad, not because of the taste of the bowl of noodles, but because you are willing to do these things for me that you aren’t good at.”

Compared with her who obviously had a good cooking skill, but was unwilling to cook. Shen Wenhan’s intention for his partner was purer than hers.

What was she not satisfied with?

There was still a long way to go and it didn’t matter what the process is.

More importantly, she believed that as long as Shen Wenhan was willing to work with her. They would love each other and grow old together.

Shen Wenhan’s fingertips moved. Her warmth on the back of his hand really made him reluctant to let go.

“Since you refuse to leave, you should clean up all of it. Don’t eat half of it and say you regret it.” His expression closed up. He pulled back his hand, but his voice was unmistakenly soft.

Wen Rushi tilted her head to look at him. This man looked like he clearly wanted to laugh because the corner of his mouth almost turned up. He was pretending to be serious. Would you die if you weren’t making yourself so difficult to deal with?

Looking at the big bowl in front of her, she stood up decisively and turned to the kitchen. “I remember Mama Li bought a bottle of spicy sauce the other day. I am going to look for it. Where did it go?”

Without her presence, Shen Wenhan finally showed a smile on his lips.

He took a big bite of noodles with his chopsticks then paused for a minute. Putting his chopsticks down, he waited for her to bring in the seasoning.

Finally, they sat down together and busily transformed plain old noodles into mixed-sauce noodles.

After dinner, Wen Rushi was in a good mood to clean the kitchen.

Shen Wenhan was washing dishes in the sink next to her. He couldn’t cook, but he was good at washing. Washed and rinsed in clear water then wiped it off with a clean cloth. It’s simply perfect!

Putting the dishes and chopsticks into the disinfection cabinet in different categories. Shen Wenhan turned his head and looked at Wen Rushi’s back. She was currently bustling around the sink now. He leisurely said, “I suddenly think of something, I don’t know if you are interested in listening to it.”

“I’m listening.” The atmosphere was good, so Wen Rushi happily answered him without thinking.

“I remember half a year ago, a certain woman said that she could cook, but only for the people she liked…”

He narrowed his eyes and looked at the woman standing across from him. She looked like she had pressed the pause button in her body. He continued, “I will go buy a fish later. Why don’t you try cooking dinner?”

She looked up the sky. Half a year went by, but you still remembered that clearly. Man, how could your heart and eyes be so small?

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