QT:RTSC chapter 14

Phoenix Men’s Big Battle XIV


In the end, Shen Wenhan still failed to eat a meal cooked by Wen Rushi. It’s because they met Qin Xiaoling, whom they hadn’t seen for a long time, on their way to shopping.

It’s no big deal if she’s the only one. The problem was that she’s accompanied by a handsome colleague.

They looked intimate as they were talking and laughing together. Everyone would know at first glance that they weren’t ordinary friends.

The look on his face wasn’t good at all.

Qin Xiaoling was also embarrassed to meet an acquaintance. She broke her hand away from her friend then came towards them and shouted, “Er gege.”

Shen Wenhan frowned slightly because there were still outsiders present. He asked, “Don’t you have class today?”

“Today is the weekend. I don’t have to go to school, so I go out with my friends.” Speaking of her ‘friend’, Qin Xiaoling hesitated for a moment. She always felt prickles down her back. (TL: feel nervous and uneasy.)

Although what she had was only an innocent friendship, she didn’t why upon seeing Shen Wenhan, she was acting like a mouse when it got scared by a cat. She also had to report her recent situation regularly.

After all, she had loved him for more than ten years, so it wasn’t something easy to forget.

Shen Wenhan glanced at the man who stood behind her. The man was neither haughty nor humble. He said, “Since you don’t have to go to class, go home early and accompany Aunt Qin. Your mother is old. it’s always good to have someone to take care of her often.”

Qin Xiaoling blushed. She dared not to refute him, so she could only bow her head down.

“Is this Xiaoling’s boyfriend? He sure is handsome, isn’t he?” Ignoring Shen Wenhan’s stern expression, she got to the topic. If she hadn’t mistaken, this man was supposed to be that man.

Sure enough, the man who had just been deliberately neglected nodded to them. He smiled politely and said, “Hello, I’m Song Sijie.”

Shen Wenhan gave her a sideways glance. He was more likely to imply that she was meddlesome.

It’s a pity that Wen Rushi wasn’t a woman who got scared by the look in his eyes. She casually winked at him in return and greeted them with a smile.

The four of them eventually ate dinner together. Except for Wen Rushi and Song Sijie, who had a very pleasant conversation, the other two people hardly said anything. Qin Xiaoling, who was sitting across from Shen Wenhan, didn’t dare to even lift her head like a quail that was about to be killed.

Shen Wenhan grimaced from the start to the end of their dinner.

When they returned to Wen mansion after dining, Shen Wenhan changed into slippers to go upstairs and ignored the woman who was trailing behind him.

She honestly had no idea what’s in his head, but she also couldn’t leave Shen Wenhan aside. She went to blew a tea and brought it to him.

After knocking at the door, she found that it’s actually unlocked.

She smiled and pushed the door open, only to see Shen Wenhan was reading a book on the bed. His slippers were kicked to one side on the ground.

Tsk, was he angry?

She closed the door, put the tea set on the table by the window, and then went to Shen Wenhan’s bed. Wen Rushi sat on the bedside as she gently pushed his leg and said, “What’s wrong? Who makes you unhappy?”

He looked up at her then went silent, and kept looking down at the book in his hand.

“Don’t mention it.” Wen Rushi blinked. She simply took off her slippers and climbed onto the bed. She sat near him, pulled his arms away and leaned over.

She adjusted her position comfortably as she put his hand on her shoulder. Her arms enveloped his lean waist, and sighed, “It’s good to be at home. I’m tired, so let me sleep for a while.”

Shen Wenhan, who was treated as a pillow by her, teased up and gritted his teeth.

Originally, Qin Xiaoling wasn’t good at reading. He was in a bad mood because of how Qin Xiaoling behaved. Her mother was alone at home, but her daughter went to school to fall in love. His wife was also one of the reasons why he was like this. What was she doing? Laughing and acting liked they were familiar with each other.

He didn’t understand what’s so good about that handsome young man. It’s worth the heartless woman to help him ease the situation! (TL: I don’t know how to translate this sentence, sorry.)

A moment later, Wen Rushi who was leaning on his shoulder suddenly opened her mouth.

“Say it if you have something to say.” He asked her impatiently.

“It’s time to turn the page.” Wen Rushi smiled and reminded him. From the start til now, he hadn’t turned the page once, but he still held the book there to look serious.

The tip of his ears turned red. He raised his hand and pushed her away in embarrassment, “You meddlesome woman!”

Wen Rushi, who was pushed away by him, wasn’t angry. She laughed at him instead. Turning her head to the man who threw his book aside, she joked, “Ah, I was blamed for being meddlesome. Pray to tell me, why are you not happy when Sister Qin has a boyfriend?”

“What does it matter to me whether she has a boyfriend or not!?” Shen Wenhan’s anger wasn’t that rich people don’t understand how hard it is to get that money. Aunt Qin scratched it out of the ground one by one. It’s all sweat and blood money!

“I’m just worried about Aunt Qin. All these years of hard work to save the tuition fees for her daughter will be for nothing.” All the good things were distorted into something by her. He would never know what in this woman’s mind.

“Moreover, there’s also that Qin Xiaoling’s boyfriend.” Shen Wenhan truly hated iron for not becoming steel. (TL: to feel resentful towards somebody for failing to meet expectations) That bastard’s eyes had been looking straight at Wen Rushi the whole time.

This woman was usually smart. How could she be so foolish at the critical time like this? “That guy looks like a half-hearted jerk. Yeah, you had a good chat with him, but you didn’t put your guard up at all!” With such a wife, he doubted whether he could remain calm in the future.

This is very worrying!

Wen Rushi blinked twice. So…that’s what happened. It’s better to say that you were jealous.

Song Sijie was just like a prodigal son who turned back to the light because of his woman. After that, there will be a lot of intersection in business. It is always right to deal with each other well in advance so that something wouldn’t go wrong.

However, letting Shen Wenhan got jealous made her feel pleased.

Unexpectedly, once he understood, he didn’t wait for her to do anything. Now the speed at which their relationship was progressing was just as fast as flying.

She happily smiled and raised three fingers to show her faithfulness, “I swear if I have to see Song Sijie again in the future without your consent, I won’t ignore him nor will I give him my attention. Even if he takes the initiative to say hello to me, I will turn a blind eye or act like I have a deaf ear to him. I will clear all the thing that may affect your mood away!”

Shen Wenhan turned his face to the side quickly. He almost let her see his smile.

Pretending to take the book back to the drawer, he calmly answered, “You can speak better than you can sing. If you want me to forgive you, I’ll see how you behave in the future.”

This was an unexpected response. Wen Rushi was unwilling to give up. She turned his face towards her and continued to carefully observe his expression.

He also didn’t shy away. He remained calm and let her observe.

After a long time, Wen Rushi gave up. This man was getting better and better at hiding his expression. Even her sharp eyes couldn’t see any flaws.

Shen Wenhan’s expression was serious and grim. There’s no sign of softness on his face at all.

Wen Rushi put her arms around his neck, kissed him softly, and said with a smile, “Now, do you forgive me?”

Shen Wenhan’s eyes darkened suddenly and kissed her forehead.

She only felt the sky and earth were spinning around. The next moment, she was weighed down by his strong body on the bed.

Facts have proved that no matter how confident you are, how confident you are of the other person’s character or control, you shouldn’t try to arouse men’s desire on the bed.

That’s just playing with fire. It’s going to get out of control one day!

That’s why, when Shen Wenhan jumped out of bed and rushed into the bathroom, his clothes were untidy. He left Wen Rushi lying on his bed with swollen and red lips.

His muddy brain almost forgot what he had intended to say.

“We will have fish tomorrow and you better do it! I won’t let you live if you dare to make excuses”

So that’s what he would never forget. She had completely forgotten about it.

Wen Rushi covered her face. It was a big loss this time, and it even went in the wrong direction. It was truly a shame!

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