QT:RTSC chapter 15

Phoenix Men’s Big Battle XV


“I have a little donkey. I never ride it. One day I go to the market with all my heart and soul. I’m proud of my little whip in my hand…” (TL: This is a Chinese children’s song.)

Opening the door of the General Manager’s office, she heard Miss Wen humming a popular tune while swaying in the General Manager’s chair. The beautiful female assistant smiled and closed the door. She said, “General Manager, what do you want me to do?”

“Certainly.” Wen Rushi said with a smile. She pulled out a folder, threw it on the desk, and raised her chin, “Look, what should I do with you?”

Linda, a female assistant, picked up the document and opened it to read the big words on the first page: Yuexin Group are prepared to do a press release about the damage to consumers due to the use of contaminated raw materials.

The company’s legal representative: Shen Wenhan.

The gods fight and the mortals suffer. Linda really doubted whether they were really real couples.

Otherwise, how could a family advanced and retreated at the same time? Why did they begin to attack each other like that?

In the past two years, under the leadership of General Manager Wen Rushi, Wen enterprise had attacked her husband’s company more than ten times. Mr. Shen’s company took big damage each time this happened.

For his daughter’s “nonsense”, Father Wen who was the president just turned a blind eye to his daughter’s action. Not only did he not interfere, he even took Mother Wen to travel around the world.

One could call it was their honeymoon.

At present, all the businessmen in the city were even gambling to see how long Shen Wenhan could stay under his ruthless wife.

Everyone was waiting to see him fall. But every time they thought he was done for, he stood up miraculously. He was even more powerful than before.

“Let’s get a little more exciting this time. Arrange a reliable journalist to get into the factory and shoot something real.” Wen Rushi rested her chin on her hand and looked at her assistant who had followed her for two and a half years.

“No!” Her eyes twitched, but she refused to grit her teeth. If it was like the last person that she sent, that person was sent to a hospital for two months. She never dared to carry out any task from her boss anymore.

Those people were a good citizen. They weren’t a criminal from the underworld nor did they were the group of veterans that Shen Wenhan hired into the company.

“The security of Yuexin Group had doubled after the last incident. We can’t do that again.”

Linda stared at Wen Rushi. If Wen Rushi was going to bring this matter up again, she would call the president and complain to him ruthlessly.

Wen Rushi blinked her twinkled eyes, and her mouth curved into a smile. It looked as if she was an angel that came to deliver all living creatures from suffering. “It’s alright. We can use our own people this time. If you have money, you can make the devil push the millstone for you. I will offer a price, so you can find someone right now.” (TL: with money, you can do anything you like. )___Yeah, she would be like an angel if she didn’t speak.

Linda almost fell down when she stepped out of the door. If she had known that Miss Wen was such a troublemaker, she wouldn’t agree to assist this young miss even if they threatened to kill her.

It’s too late now. Linda could almost imagine that Mr. Shen would fly into a rage and kill those people who dropped into his place again.

She could only shudder…

Three days later, Wen Rushi had been busy all day. She returned home in the evening. When she turned on the light, she saw Shen Wenhan sitting on the sofa.

The TV screen was full of snowflakes. He hadn’t bothered with it, and just let it turned on.

Wen Rushi just walked on her tiptoe wishing to hide upstairs. The moment she touched the stair’s handrail, she could hear a roar coming towards her, “Wen Rushi, you come here now!”
She sighed before plucking her courage up and went to sit on the sofa. Just as she was about to sit down, Shen Wenhan said, “Go to the other side. Don’t think about running away!”

She pouted. Wen Rushi was just afraid that his determination wasn’t enough making her sat so far away from him like this. That’s a big deal!

She sat facing him and prepared to hear him wearily bombarding her with his problem.

Shen Wenhan rubbed his forehead and channeled his anger that accumulated all night, “What on earth do you want to do? Tell me what I have to do to make you stop this kind of senseless behavior.”

Shen Wenhan asked himself that he had never made a single apology to Wen Rushi and Wen household.

However, she suddenly started targeting his company one day. On several occasions, his company was almost collapsed.

He didn’t understand. He really didn’t understand it at all. When she got home, she was the same wife who liked to cling to him.

No matter how many times he said it, she’s still going on her own way.

Looking at Wen Rushi who kept her mouth shut, Shen Wenhan suddenly felt tired. His long eyelashes hid his complex emotions in his eyes, “How do you want me to deal with the person you are going to send this time? Cut their fingers off, or never let them go home?”

Wen Rushi was shocked and said, “You promised me not to do anything illegal.”

Because she knew that Shen Wenhan would not kill her people, she would continue to let Linda send them. She knew that Shen Wenhan had a lot of comrades in arms and that he had a way with people in the underworld, but she always believed that Shen Wenhan would never go back to that road.

If his hands were stained, it would be no going back for him. She stood up while keeping her emotion in check, “If that’s the case, come at me. Don’t drag those who aren’t involved in this.”

Shen Wenhan angrily laughed at her. Come at her? Unable to fight, couldn’t scold, and she let him target her!?

He sprang up, “Very well, even an unknown subordinate is more important than me in your mind.” His jaw tightened when he glared at her.

Shen Wenhan wanted to tell himself that he shouldn’t care about her provocations, but he couldn’t help himself to recall what she said when she stayed at his home two and a half years ago.

At that time, Wen Rushi also faced him like this. She hadn’t retreated or backed down.

The disappointment gradually filled his eyes.

“This is the last time. I won’t show mercy if I happen to catch them again.” Shen Wenhan firmly turned his head and walked away. His room was on the third floor. It was only a simple bedroom, but he wasn’t going to live anywhere else.

Watching him walk away without turning back, it left a bad taste in her mouth. It wasn’t like she wanted to oppose him like this. But if she hadn’t given Shen Wenhan any trouble, Song’s enterprise would be crushed by him.

She didn’t know why Shen Wenhan wanted to strike Song Sijie all the time. She only knew that if she hadn’t continued to fight him, Qin Xiaoling would have to eat Kang Yan Cai (TL: This refers to eating glutinous rice and swallowing wild vegetables = face the poverty and hardships of life.) with the Song family in the second half of her life.

It’s also her responsibility as an executor to let the hero and the heroine lived happily together.

She had no choice but to secretly help Song household when they were under Shen Wenhan’s attack.

These were the thing that she couldn’t tell Shen Wenhan.

Wen Rushi had no way to tell him that was for the sake of Song household, and she also couldn’t explain why she’d insisted on helping them.

He was far too sharp, and he could easily detect flaws in her words.

Wen Rushi didn’t want to use countless lies to cover the previous one. It wasn’t something she wanted to happen, so she could only keep her mouth shut.

She sat on the sofa thinking. Shen Wenhan grew too fast. Maybe in a few years, she would no longer have the power to suppress him anymore.

He has an amazing talent that was different from ordinary people. His foresight wasn’t something that a few decades of experience could completely make up for it. Unless she knocked him out right now.

But, how could she do that?

He was her husband, the man that Wen Rushi identified as her husband in this lifetime.

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