QT:RTSC chapter 16

Phoenix Men’s Big Battle XVI


“Send the dress made last week to Wenhan’s company.” Wen Rushi rubbed her eye and hid her tiredness behind her delicate makeup. “take the invitation card to attend the banquet too.”

Linda took the invitation card and looked at Wen Rushi with concern. It was no secret that Shen Wenhan had moved out of Wen’s mansion.

Shen Wenhan, who broke away from Wen household, made a lot of big moves in the first time. It seemed that he was proving to the world that he had no fear, no matter from Song household or Wen household’s attack.

“Yuexin Group has now acquired a lot of retail shares in the market. If we let it go like this again, the company will probably welcome new board members…” Linda paused and said nothing more. She believed that Wen Rushi knew the consequences better than anyone else.

What kind of impact would Shen Wenhan’s anger have on Wen household’s industry? Will he destroy the foundations created by two generations in order to retaliate? —— She dared not imagine.

“Let him go, it’s just a tantrum.” It’s just that his temperament was a little bigger more than before. She frowned. She made him sad, so that’s why she should just accept his punishment. Fortunately, she could still bear it.”If he wants to come in, let him in, as long as he gets in by his own ability. Believe it, those old-geezers won’t say anything.”

“General Manager…” Linda stopped talking. This person…no one had any idea how much kindness she possessed.

Everyone thought Wen Rushi didn’t want her husband to be in charge of Wen enterprise. That’s why she drove him out of the house, and let him fight all by himself.

Now this man had plenty of assistance. The pressure from the time during two and a half years didn’t completely crush him but gave Shen Wenhan the opportunity to take the chair of the board of directors.

Once the matter was settled, Wen Rushi was the only person who would be questioned.

Others wouldn’t blame Shen Wenhan if he was as cruel as a wolf and charged against Wen Rushi. It could only be a joke that Wen household’s eldest daughter was as blind as a bat. (TL: fail to recognize a thing for what it is) She pushed away someone who had so much potential like that.

Only Linda, who was her close assistant, knew Wen Rushi’s secret. Whenever Shen Wenhan was almost collapsed, Wen Rushi would try to rack her brain to secretly pass her orders to Yuexin Group.

She was the only one who could see a beautiful flame dancing in Wen Rushi’s eyes when Shen Wenhan’s company rose from the dead and came back to life.

How could Shen Wenhan rise in a short two years without any backing or protection!?

Linda was livid. How could he drown in this victory, but her master had to bear all the scolding? Wen Rushi had to force a smile on her face while meeting those blockheads!

Linda stood at the big desk with her chin up. She held the invitation card and strengthened her back as if she was a proud fighter, “I have been keeping all the evidence of the benefits we have brought to Yuexin in private these two years. As long as I put these things in front of Mr. Shen, I believe he will know how foolish he is.”

She paused and glanced at Wen Rushi. “By then, he will surely regret what he has done and rush to ask you to let him move back.” A lover ought to find a way to come together not pointing a knife to each other’s throat.

Wen Rushi laughed and shook her head, “I will let him know these things, but not now.” She knew a lot better than Linda how high Shen Wenhan’s self-confidence was.

If she told him the truth now, Shen Wenhan would feel guilty but that wasn’t what she wanted. A man who was played with by his wife in his most proud field, regardless of her reason, would receive a great blow to his self-confidence.

He was an eagle that was about to spread its wings and sour high. What he needed now was to have the courage to press forward, not a fatal blow to his inner strength.

That’s why this time she would lose, but she would lose beautifully.

“I don’t care about all these trifling gossips. Don’t worry about the matter between Shen Wenhan and me. You’ll come with me to the dinner party in the evening. Dress yourself up and don’t let me lose face.” Wen Rushi waved her hand and motioned her to go out first.

Her mouth twitched. Linda turned back to leave the room. It wasn’t her who needed to dress up, but Wen Rushi who was so pale even her makeup almost couldn’t conceal it.

Wen Rushi didn’t stand up until she was alone in the big office. Her physical condition was getting worse and worse in the past two years. Maybe it consumed her mental energy too much. She thought she really should take a long vacation after this.

Ah! Fighting a battle of wits and courage with your husband wasn’t really a human thing to do.

She closed her eyes and waited until it’s after business hours to pack up and go home.

The evening banquet was very important. The patriarch of Song household would also present in this banquet. If she could come to an agreement with him, Shen Wenhan’s future would be a smooth one.

That’s all she could do for him.

By the time Shen Wenhan had a firm foothold in the Wen enterprise, she would have succeeded in quitting from the company. After that, she would go and mend their relationship. Hoping that when he saw her painstaking effort, it would calm his anger down.

When Xiao Zhao, her driver, took Wen Rushi to the meeting hall and turned to call her, she was sleeping soundly on the backseat.

The loyal driver looked at the time and decided to wake her up in ten minutes.

Not too far away came an Audi. It was Shen Wenhan in a suit who got off. He casually threw the key to the parking attendant and saw the familiar car parked on one side.

He took two steps forward, then stopped abruptly and, after a while, turned his head and went straight into the hall.

When Wen Rushi woke up, there was no one in the car. Through the dark window, we could see Xiao Zhao standing outside with Linda who had arrived.

She arranged her hair and took out a mirror to check her makeup before stepping out of the car. She apologized to the lady in a long dress, “You are so beautiful today. I hope I didn’t keep you waiting for too long.”

Linda rolled her eyes. An action that really contrasted to her outward appearance. She walked side by side with Wen Rushi but didn’t give her partner a glance, “I suggest you rest for a few days or go for a general check-up. If you really wear yourself out, I’m not good enough to talk to the president.”

Wen Ruru laughed but didn’t answer. Years of getting along with this competent assistant made her familiar with this woman’s personality. She had a sharp tongue that could easily cut through one’s heart.

Well, she should just go and have a check.

She wasn’t worried about her health. Either way, Wen Rushi lived to be 80 years old. If she could take advantage of this opportunity and let Li Ma, who raised her up, to go check her body. She may be able to avoid Mama Li’s early death in the future.

“In two days, you can arrange for me to take Mama Li for a general examination.” Leaving this sentence in the air, Wen Rushi took the lead to step into the hall. She walked towards the patriarch of Song household who stood by the window. His smile got bigger and bigger as she walked in his direction.

Song Sijie’s father was a wise man. It was easy to talk to him. It wasn’t long before they came to an agreement that would benefit both of them.

Father Song took two glass of champagne from a passing waiter’s plate and handed one of them to Wen Rushi’s hand. He gave her a satisfied smile, “Mr. Shen is blessed to have a wife like you.”

As for his suggestion, Wen Rushi didn’t give a positive answer, but simply smiled and drank a glass of wine, “I am proud to have such a husband, who can strike back under the means of the older generation.” He wasn’t qualified to drive a wedge between them yet. (TL: He = Song Sijie’s father)

If it weren’t for the fact that his son was the male lead, Wen Rushi wouldn’t have bothered to take care of an old man with a belly fulled of evil tricks.

This shrewd old man also didn’t take it seriously. As long as he could make the Song household develop steadily and not suffer from enemies, the purpose of his trip would be achieved.

It would be best if both Wen and Shen had a fallout. Anyway, he wouldn’t insist on that if it didn’t happen.

Wen Rushi put down her glass and saw Shen Wenhan talking to a young woman beside him on the right side. Wearing a silver-gray suit, he became more and more graceful and handsome.

The fact was that she spent a lot of money to get it customized for him.

Wen Rushi raised her eyebrow. With a smile, she turned to Song Sijie’s father and said, “Excuse me.” She walked towards Shen Wenhan.

Just halfway through, Wen Rushi was stopped by Song Sijie who was holding Qin Xiaoling in his arm. He had a gentle expression on his face and a smile that could only come from the children of a businessman. “Miss Wen, I haven’t said ‘Thank you’ to you for your help last time yet. If there’s a chance, I want to invite you for dinner tomorrow evening. Xiaoling will be there too. I hope you can accept our sincerity.”

Wen Rushi glanced from him to Qin Xiaoling. “I don’t have time.”

“Rushijie!” (TL: jie = older sister) Qin Xiaoling took her hand. Tears shimmered in her eyes while she was looking at Wen Rushi, “Si Jie really wanted to thank you. If it weren’t for your help, Wenhange…” (TL: ge = older brother)

Wen Rushi brushed her hand away and cut her speech. She didn’t like people slandering Shen Wenhan in front of her, especially from these two. “I said I’m not free. Since you still don’t understand me, I’ll make it clear. Helping Song household is nothing more than unintentional. I don’t need your thanks and I don’t want to see you in front of me anymore. If you hadn’t run out and stood in the way, Shen Wenhan wouldn’t have held on to Song household. How about using your brain? The suspect that should be avoided is still to be avoided.”

Regardless of whose fault it was, Wen Rushi firmly believed that the problem would never arise from Shen Wenhan. The two people in front of him would love each other as far as they can go.

The three of them were standing in the middle of the crowd, but others couldn’t feel a chillness coming from her. They could only see the illusion that they had a very happy conversation.

Even Shen Wenhan, who has been observing them with the corner of his eye, was also deceived by that.

He drank the remaining wine in a rage, turned around and left the hall without hesitation. He also didn’t care about how embarrassed the woman was when she had affectionately talked to him.

By the time Wen Rushi got rid of Qin Xiaoling and Song Sijie and looked towards the direction that she found Shen Wenhan, he had already disappeared.

She had a headache. When was the day that she had to chase after Shen Wenhan’s ass again?

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