QT: RSTC chapter 17

Phoenix Men’s Big Battle XVII


Shen Wenhan was expressionless when he was sitting among the group of board members who were already past fifty in the conference room at Wen enterprise. Their gaze bore into him.

Almost every seat in this spacious conference room was occupied, except for the seat of the General Manager.

Today was a very good day for Shen Wenhan to enter the board of directors of Wen enterprise with his head held high. Whether these old geezers would like to accept it or not, he still got the results he wanted.

At this moment, Shen Wenhan wondered what kind of expression Wen Rushi would have on her face when she stepped into the room and saw him for the first time.

However, half an hour had already passed the scheduled meeting time. Wen Rushi, who was supposed to sit in the seat of the General Manager, hadn’t appeared yet.

All the people inside started to whisper among themselves.

Several senior members impatiently directed the secretary to the General Manager’s office to urge the ignorant woman.

Only Shen Wenhan sat still and didn’t move.

As long as Wen Rushi had a tad of the whole situation, It wouldn’t be so capricious to throw a group of important old ministers here without saying a word.

But Shen Wenhan guessed wrong this time, Wen Rushi really dared to leave the directors of the whole company here and only sent Linda to manage the meeting on her behalf.

When Wen Rushi’s personal assistant read out the decision, the whole audience looked at the new member.

No doubt that this was Miss Wen’s way to show Shen Wenhan’s strength.

‘Squeaky’ A screeching sound of his wooden chair sliding against the ground. Shen Wen suddenly got up and left the room without looking back.

His fierce-looking secretary packed up his things in a hurry and quickly went after him. Turning his head back to pity these gaping old men as he left.

His boss got angry, so the consequences would be quite severe.

Shen Wenhan’s face was ghastly pale. He completely forgot about his secretary who had been followed him since he left the room. Before the secretary could touch the door, Shen Wenhan had already stepped on the accelerator and drove all the way to Wen mansion.

Did Wen Rushi hate how he was going to touch Wen’s property this much?

There was a wave of indescribable anger in his heart. His ten fingers turned white as he tightly gripped the steering wheel.

The indicator had been pointed to 180-kilometer per hour, but Shen Wenhan still felt that it wasn’t fast enough.

Countless curses and ‘honk’ sounds were coming after him. He still looked ahead and didn’t listen.

Except for a few servants, Mama Li was the only one in this place.

As for Shen Wenhan’s sudden return, the faithful old housekeeper showed great joy at his success. She didn’t find anything wrong until he didn’t say a word from beginning to end. She quickly dialed the phone to her miss.

The telephone rang again and again, but Wen Rushi didn’t answer it.

Shen Wenhan sat in her room, from afternoon to late night, and then from late night to early morning. Wen Rushi didn’t come home.

She didn’t answer her phone nor mail, and he couldn’t find a track of her silhouette in any place that she may go.

Apart from telling Linda that the company’s business would be in the newly appointed director’s hand, Shen Wenhan, the woman seemed to have evaporated into thin air.

From a fit of anger in the beginning, then came a panic. In the end, he was at a loss of what to do. Shen Wenhan had gone through hell during these three days.

All the detectives of Yuexin Company were released. Both that were from a normal detective firm and those that were from the underworld. As soon as they heard about her whereabouts, Shen Wenhan was willing to pay a high reward for it with his credit guarantee.

Other people said that Shen Wenhan was insane. That’s what because Wen household did him wrong. If they were in his shoes, they would wish that Wen’s family would all die and then they would have Wen’s property all to themselves. How could they be so foolish to look for this person at all costs?

Shen Wenhan was crazy.

He worked crazily during the day, drove crazily at night, searching in the city, and slept in the car when he had to.

Went back to the company in the morning, took a shower in the private lounge, changed into clean clothes, and repeated the previous day’s cycle.

He didn’t know how ridiculous his behavior was, but he dared not stop. If he stopped, Shen Wenhan could almost see that her smiling face was fading away little by little.

She has always been a thoughtful woman. Since her marriage, Wen Rushi had never walked away without any explanation.

Even after he moved out of Wen mansion, she would call him every day before going to bed. Most of the time, though, she would get no reply from him.

Shen Wenhan regretted that Wen Rushi had occupied such an important position in his heart, but he was too foolish to push her further and further away.

The city was in turmoil, but Wen Rushi’s whereabouts was still unknown. It was as if she was thousands of miles away.

The blue sky was cloudless, the waves from the crystal clear seawater were carelessly dribbling onto the sand. The sound of the wave was just like a lullaby lulling people to sleep.

Wen Rushi lay down on the beach chair by the sea and fell asleep. The huge sunshade blocked the dazzling sunshine for her. Her hair was fluttering gently by the cool sea breeze.

A book fell from her hand to the sand below her.

The nurse, who was holding a plate in her hand, approached her. She placed the plate on a wooden round tea table beside Wen Rushi and picked up the book before patting it. She softly said, “Miss Wen, it’s time to go back. The sea breeze after four o’clock is too cold for your body to stand.”

Wen Rushi slowly opened her eyes. It took her a little while to come round.

She had forgotten that she was not in a familiar home.

She wouldn’t have to fight and scheme against each other here, so she wouldn’t be both mentally and physically exhausted. This place also didn’t have annoying Qin Xiaoling and Song Sijie, her parents, and Shen Wenhan either.

She lived the life she once liked the best.

Facing the sea when Spring has come and the flowers were in bloom.

No network, no telephone, completely isolated from the world.

It’s a pity, there wouldn’t be any man who loved her. It was as expected, things wouldn’t go just as one wishes.

Was the sea breeze too cold after four o’clock? The corner of her mouth turned up. She wasn’t so weak.

She gently moved her finger and whispered, “Let me stay here a little longer. I like this place.”

“You can only stay for half an hour at most,” said the nurse after looking at her watch. She nodded obediently and leave. “I’ll pick you up later.”

Wen Rushi didn’t answer. She merely looked at the sea in front of her. Beneath its surface, one would have no idea how many undercurrents there was.

Linda, who was still furious to forgive, didn’t know whether she can resist the pressure exerted by Shen Wenhan. That man ought to be on the verge of dying because of an excess of anger, right?

Such a wife like this, Wen Rushi felt sorry for him.

She blinked, tears filled her eyes.

She missed Shen Wenhan very much. She really missed him, but at the moment, Wen Rushi could only hide in a place where nobody could find her while she was waiting for the final trial.

If she failed to achieve the outcome she wanted, she would surely make No. 6 pay a heavy price for it. No matter what circumstances he was in, he still planted a vicious curse on Shen Wenhan.

Whatever you love would eventually be lost. Whatever you ask for would eventually be destroyed.

This was ‘Duo Qing’ (TL: I’m not sure how to translate it. 夺(Duo) = to take away forcibly, 情(Qing) = feeling/emotion)

The direct damage wouldn’t occur on mission targets, but the side damage did.

This ‘prophecy’ had a great chance to take effect on people of this world. Only one in ten thousand would be met by the executors.

Unfortunately, Wen Rushi was that one in ten thousand unlucky people.

To use this curse, one must use a privilege. Only by completing every ten worlds could the executor obtained one privilege.

This curse could also be resolved by using privilege, but Wen Rushi couldn’t.

From the moment the target of her first mission died, she spent all her privileged opportunities on a device that nobody would buy.

Whether she completed ten or a hundred tasks, she would never have another privilege.

Perhaps the only consolation was that only a woman who was deeply loved by Shen Wenhan would be exhausted day by day.

The man she loved also loved her deeply, even after she had done so many hurtful things.

That’s nice.

Wen Rushi narrowed her eyes slightly and smiled shallowly at the clear sky.

Suddenly, the light began to twist two meters away from her. Within seconds, two illusions that only she could see appeared in front of Wen Rushi.

The familiar assistant bowed respectfully to her, then stepped behind the judge, waiting for him to unfold a roll of paper and read out the results of the higher-up meeting.

“Executor No. 6 used a curse when he was brutally murdered by the target. Although it is excusable, his action has caused the irreversible situation to senior executive. The company decided that he would be exempted from all the current rankings and return to No. 100. (TL: FYI, This is the lowest ranking for the executors.)

Wen Rushi waved impatiently and interrupted the judge’s long speech, “You just need to tell me how the company can make up for my losses in the world.”

The judge didn’t mind her action, instead, he took the verdict away and bowed respectfully to her, “You have two choices. One is to declare that your task is completed. You can return to the real world at any time. Another option is to stay for a while and we will give you a week to say goodbye. As for this world, we will destroy it if we can’t save it. No matter which one you choose, you will get privilege from No. 6 when you go back.”

The privileges that you received in this world could only be used in the next world. Even her, the first rank, was unable to change this point.

Wen Rushi’s lips moved slightly. Her expression hardened. She whispered in a soft voice, “That is to say, you have completely abandoned Shen Wenhan, right?”

The judge was stunned and answered in embarrassment: “There are only three nodes to come into this world. Even if the company agrees to ignore the ranking sequence and sends another person over, it will cause this world to collapse. Every executor is a precious asset, we can’t ignore their life and death.”

Wen Rushi slowly stood up. Her long Bohemian skirt reached the ground. The slender body seemed to contain endless energy.

Step by step she proudly approached the judge’s phantom while her skirt was dancing in the breeze.

“Extend my life span for five years. I will accomplish this task.”

Even if they compromised, she would spend more than half of her life sleeping. What’s the meaning of living in days like that? The astonished judge was interrupted by her stern remarks as soon as he wanted to speak.

“I will not tolerate any failure on my merit record, let alone allow you to attempt to close the world I pass through!”

Wen Rushi’s jaw clenched.

“I am the top executor for my unbeatable performance!” The sun shone on her. She was brimming with pride.

“If you don’t want to lose, and don’t want me to be buried with the world, you’d better promise me the terms!”

Even if she died, she would die in Shen Wenhan’s arms!

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