QT: RSTC chapter 19

Phoenix Men’s Big Battle XIX


“Don’t move.” Wen Rushi was pressing against Shen Wenhan as she held a shining razor in her hand. She had wanted to do this for a long time, but he would never let her enjoy it.

Faced with Wenru’s enthusiastic expression, his brows knitted together. He tried to control his head to not lean backward. “In fact, you can try an electric shaver. That’s safer.”

“Shut up,” said Wen Rushi, who roughly rubbed shaving cream on his chin and laughed wickedly. “Don’t you think men are the most sexually sensitive at this time?”

His mouth twitched. He hated being compared to other people with a knife in front of him. If anyone else dared to do so, they would be destroyed by him.

But he dared not to move the little woman before his eyes. Otherwise, he would need to change a wife if he had punched her.

He shut his eyes closed as though he’d resigned himself to his fate, “If you want to do it then hurry up. Don’t dawdle.”

Looking at Shen Wenhan, whose whole body went stiff, Wen Rushi almost burst out laughing. She didn’t tease him anymore as she began to shave him carefully from the side.

The bathroom was quiet except for the sound of their breathing, and the slight rustle of the razor. Without his sight, Shen Wenhan’s other senses became clearer.

The movements on his face were as gentle as if she were afraid that she might accidentally hurt him.

He could feel her breath on his jaw, and it made him a little itchy. Shen Wenhan could imagine her stood on the tiptoe and carefully shaved him.

His body relaxed and a smile was beginning to form on his face. He really wanted to press her delicate body into his chest.

Shen Wenhan couldn’t help raising his hand and hugging her slender waist.

“Don’t mess around,” Wen Rushi said in a small voice. “It won’t be good if I suddenly mar your handsome face.”

His chest choked a little from his laughing. Shen Wenhan’s voice was hoarse as he was confused with an indescribable charm, “Is there nothing else you want besides this face?”

“Yes,” Wen Rushi let him embraced her. She bent her back and raised her hand to lift up his chin to shave the lower part of his beard. “I also want a child who is a part of us, who is as handsome, intelligent, and filial as you.”

Wen Rushi smiled softly when she saw his eyelashes slightly shaking. She looked at him with a deep sadness in her eyes, “He will inherit your career, become your pride, accompany you to old age.”

Loved him, and respected him for life in place of her.

The finger that caressed her waist moved. Shen Wenhan slowly opened his eyes, and in front of his eyes was a warm and beautiful smile like spring. After a while, he slowly said, “Okay.”

Even if the child’s surname was Wen, even if the Shen family might make a scene about it, he was willing to compromise.

He loved her, and Shen Wenhan had never understood it so clearly.

He loved this woman. She was his wife and would become his children’s mother. Her life would be closely linked to him.

Shen Wenhan was beginning to look forward to his future life with her. He didn’t know what the future would hold for their children.

He lowered his head to kiss her soft lips.

Their children should be the loveliest and happiest treasure in the world.

The shining razor fell to the floor tiles with a tinkling sound. Shen Wenhan held her body firmly in his arms. After prying opened her lips, his tongue negotiated its way into her mouth.

His movements were impatient. The strength in his hands made Wen Rushi feel a little pain, but she said nothing. She just wrapped her arms around his neck and smiled to indulge him.

When his hands wandered on her silky shirt, he groaned in dissatisfied. Shen Wenhan lifted her in his arms, kicked open the bathroom door and marched into the bedroom.

He gently lowered her to the bed, and her hair spread all over the pillow. He said in a low voice. His last restraint was almost crumbling down, “Do you not regret it?”

Wen Rushi smiled with tears shone in her eyes, “Shen Wenhan, have I ever told you that I love you?”

Shen Wenhan was shocked. It took him quite a while to utter the words out of his mouth, “…You haven’t.”

She said she liked it, said she missed it, called him husband, and called him dear, but never said she loved him.

When she defended Song Sijie when the company was in the hardest time, he also had a suspicion that perhaps all these fleeting feelings were just like a joke to her.

“I love you, love you very much,” Her smile was brilliant. She raised her hand and gently brushed his eyebrows. His straight nose and firm lips had already craved themselves into her heart, “So, how can I regret it? I love you, Shen Wenhan, only you, no one else. You can’t forget it”

Shen Wenhan’s heart was throbbing. Something warmth seemed to pull at his heartstrings, and slowly descended down from the horizon to the ground.

His eyes glistened. He opened and closed his mouth for a while, and he sighed in the end, “…Rushi.”

She leaned in, pulled down his neck and covered his mouth with her own.

That’s all right. You didn’t have to say anything.

Clothes and shirts slipped from the edge of the bed onto the wooden floor. The skin was as warm as bare as snow, and they seemed to melt into the white and soft bed. Her skin was as flawless as snow, and it looked as if she would blend into the pure white bed.

Shen Wenhan almost embraced her like she was something sacred. (TL: Author use ‘
朝圣’ in the raw. This means ‘a pilgrimage to a holy mountain’. Another one of my guesses is ‘He held her as though they were on a journey together searching for something significance’ )

Initially, he only felt that her body was warm as spring water, and it was incredibly soft. Her long hair was as black as ink. It was more like the threads of their affection that were deeply attached to each other.

The long-endured regret was warmly filled with such beautiful scenery.

There were beads of sweat dripping from her forehead. Shen Wenhan slowed down his movements as much as possible, patiently following the exquisite curves and kissing her delicate and smooth skin inch by inch.

It wasn’t until her face was flushed, and his eyes were blurred that he slowly sank into her body.

Their bodies were pressed against each other. The sea breeze brushed the ivory curtain. Its yarn was flying up and down gently with the wind.

The setting sun shone its light into the bedroom and reflected in Wen Rushi’s eyes. The glistening teardrops were stained red and quietly rolling down her cheeks.

It wasn’t til late at night that Shen Wenhan was awakened by hunger.

Wen Rushi was curled up in his arms and slept soundly. Her eyelashes shut peacefully and looked so calm like an angel.

He raised his other hand and used his thumb to gently caress her soft cheek. He was really reluctant to part from her.

Shen Wenhan leaned over and kissed her on the forehead. Later, he carefully pulled out his arm, lifted a corner of the quilt to get out of the bed and put on clothes.

When Shen Wenhan returned to the bedroom again, Wen Rushi was still asleep.

He placed the tray on the bedside table lightly and sat down near her to pinch her nose. He laughed and called to her, “little lazy pig, get up. You have to eat something before going to sleep.”

The pure white quilt concealed her shoulders. Even after he’d spoken to her, she continued to sleep as if she was in a dream.

“This is my own dinner, oh, only you have the honor to enjoy my service.” Shen Wenhan smirked while he was teasing her.

Between husband and wife, there must always be one person who could work without a servant. That person had to make sure they wouldn’t starve to death. Wen Rushi was no good, so he had to be the one who did all that.

For this meal, he secretly practiced for a long time before he could make it look a little bit like this.

Shen Wenjan touched his clean shaved jaw. Using a gentle tone was unsuitable for him. He raised his brow and reached out to pat her bottom, “If you are still sleeping like this, I’ll eat all of them and left none for you.”

The room was silent.

Wen Rushi’s body didn’t respond. Even her long eyelashed hadn’t flickered. She was as calm and serene as a beautiful statue.

“…Rushi?” The smile on Shen Wenhan’s face faded away, and a sense of foreboding swept pass through his heart.

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