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Phoenix Men’s Big Battle XX


“Rushi.” Shen Wenhan leaned over and held his sleeping wife in his arms. He shook her gently. “Wen Rushi, wake up!”

He could feel an uncomfortable pressure gripping in his heart. Shen Wenhan whispered to her in a panic. He didn’t even notice that his voice was trembling.

Just as he was trying to lift her upper body, Wen Rushi, who was lying in his arms, suddenly sat up. She began to giggle.

“Stupid, got scared by me.” Wen Rushi looked up at her tense husband with a twinkled in her eyes, “I’m just teasing you, but you haven’t even found out.”

Shen Wenhan relaxed, but he didn’t know what to say. He could only tighten his arms and pressed her to his chest.

He was really scared. Shen Wenhan buried his face against her shoulder and even forgot the idea of punishing her for such a prank like this.

He hardly realized that Wen Rushi was also breathing a sigh of relief in her heart at this moment. Shen Wenhan almost found out. Fortunately, she woke up just in time.

“Don’t do that again. I’m worried.” Shen Wenhan’s deep voice came from her shoulder.

“…I’m sorry.” Wen Rushi raised her hand to caress his hair tenderly. She could feel his heart beating frantically in his chest.

Except for these three words, she couldn’t give him anything any more than this, especially a promise.

Being able to wake up, and spending her day like this, Wen Rushi knew that the day like this would be fewer as days passed by. Shen Wenhan would sooner or later know eventually. He was so sharp and intelligent. She could only hope that he wouldn’t know this cruel fact.

There were many things that she hadn’t done for him. She wasn’t a qualified wife for him at all.

“I’m hungry.” Wen Rushi hugged him and smiled, “Someone even cooked this big meal personally. I wonder whether we will be satisfied after eating it?”

Shen Wenhan sighed before biting her neck gently to ease his anger. He made her sat up straight and glanced at her sadly, “It’s cold, I’ll take it out and warm it up.”

After watching Shen Wenhan went out with a smile, she finally relaxed. She slapped her smiling face to make the flush looked more natural.

Shen Wenhan stood in front of the cabinet and put the plate down. He stared at the cold meal for a while before taking out his phone and dialing.

“Find out what did Wen Rushi do during the time that I moved out from Wen household to the day that I got into the board of directors. Check everything in detail.” Shen Wenhan paused for a few seconds and added, “Especially her health.”

After hanging the phone, Shen Wenhan pocketed his phone. He turned the microwave on and began to heat the meal.

Wen Rushi must have something to hide from him. It’s alright. Since she refused to say it, he would check it himself.

Wen Rushi carefully out on a light make up in the bathroom. She scrutinized her appearance for a long time but hadn’t found any flaw on her face yet. At last, she came out satisfactorily.

“You did all this?” She ran to the table and sniffed. Sincerely admired the dish before her, “This’s good. It has both color and fragrant, but I don’t know what the taste will be like.”

Shen Wenhan smiled softly and handed her a pair of chopsticks, “This is all because of you. Even if it doesn’t taste good, you can’t dislike it.”

He looked at her makeup but said nothing. He only concentrated on adding rice to her bowl.

His subordinate replied quickly. The detailed report was sent to Shen Wenhan’s mailbox the next morning.

Wen Rushi was still sleeping while Shen Wenhan near her without preparing breakfast. His laptop’s screen was glowing in eerily blue light with many lines of text showing on it.

Wen Rushi did a check-up with Mama Li. A few days later, she began to shrink Wen’s business and gave several large orders to Song enterprise and Yuexin Group.

Why did she do that? Shen Wenhan’s fingertips unconsciously lighten the desktop. He thought that as her husband, he had the right to know her examination’s result.

Even since the first time she showed him her face without makeup in his village, she hadn’t put on her makeup at home. Shen Wenhan sat beside her bed and quietly watched her sleeping face.

She had lost some weight, and her complexion wasn’t as rosy as in the past. Shen Wenhan gently stroke her smooth cheek. When did she become so thin and pale? He didn’t even realize it.

Her thick eyelashes fluttered and Wen Rushi opened her eyes slowly. She caught sight of a complex expression in his eyes. She blinked and drowsily said, “What’s wronged?”

His mouth turned up into a smile then said, “There are so many things in the company that I have to go back to the city to deal with them.”

Wen Rushi was stunned. She didn’t want to be separated from him. There was not much time left. She hoped to be with him all the time. Her voice became somewhat hoarse, “When will you leave?”

“I will leave in a minute.” Shen Wenhan gently brushed her hair away from her face. He watched her sad eyes dropped down to the quilt before she shrieked like a sad kitten.

“I’ll be back as soon as possible. If I’m lucky, maybe I can catch up with your breakfast tomorrow.” He was reluctant to let her down, so he could only make a promise to comfort her.

If he’s lucky, he would be able to find out the truth this afternoon. He wouldn’t let the current situation go out of his control, especially as it relates to Wen Rushi.

But the next morning, he broke his promise to Wen Rushi.

Shen Wenhan’s temporary apartment was decorated in the same style as the room in Wen mansion. The colors in his room were blue, black, and white. It also had a simple decoration. Even the position of the flower pot was arranged to be the same as his room in Wen mansion.

However, those things were no longer in place. All the things that could be smashed were already broke by Shen Wenhan.

Now, he sat in the middle of a pile of ruins, clutching thin sheets of paper. His palm bled from a broken shard slashing his skin. The blood was dripping onto the ground along with the crumpled paper.

What was unexplained exhaustion? What was an unknown disease? What couldn’t be treated by the existing technology!?

He never believed that there were cases in the world that couldn’t determine the cause! If you couldn’t cure in this country then find a doctor overseas. He would invite the best doctors, find the best medicine and the most advanced medical equipment for her.

Wen Rushi would be alright. She still hadn’t given birth a child for him yet. She also hadn’t accompanied him to the end of his life, so how could she die like this!? She was such a proud woman. This wasn’t a fate that she should bear.

Shen Wenhan staggered to his feet, picked up a napkin and tied up the wound on his hand. He bent down to pick up his phone from the ground.

“Sell all the real estate of Yuexin Group, and divide it up. Except for Wen’s shares, all the others will be converted into cash and put into my private account as soon as possible.

Don’t ask why. You just have to listen to my order!”

Shen Wenhan hung up the phone and took a deep breath until he could force a smile on his face before dialing the familiar number.

The phone rang for a long time before it was picked up. When Wen Rushi’s voice rang at the other end, Shen Wenhan was fighting back his tears.

“The morning plane was temporarily canceled,” Shen Wenhan said while gritting his teeth. He tried his best to control his voice from trembling. “It changes to noon. I will be there before dinner.”

What is love? Shen Wenhan didn’t know. Before meeting Wen Rushi, he never thought that this emotion even existed in him.

Until now, Shen Wenhan still didn’t know how to love someone properly.

He only knew that in front of Wen Rushi. It was always easy to get irritated by her, but it was also easy for him to feel happy with her words. His calmness and decisiveness were shown to other people that wasn’t Wen Rushi.

He wanted her more than money and power. He was so eager for this woman to belong entirely to himself that anyone who dared to covet his possessions would bear the fierce attack of his sharp teeth.

But now, Wen Rushi had taught him one thing again.

If his lover could endure all the pain and show him the best of herself wholeheartedly, why couldn’t he?

“Wait for me, dear.” Shen Wenhan said softly. It’s almost like he was whispering in her ears.

Even if his heart was bleeding, he could stand in front of her with a smile. if that was what she hoped for.

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