QT: RTSC chapter 21

Phoenix Men’s Big Battle XXI


When Shen Wenhan rushed back to the villa by the sea, the first thing he saw when he pushed open the door was the warm orange lighting and Wen Rushi. She was currently bustling around while wearing a cartoon-pattern apron.

“You’re back. Go take a bath and have a rest. Dinner will be readied soon!” Wen Rushi stood on tiptoe and kissed him on the lips. She took Shen Wenhan’s coat off.

He stood at the door and looked at the little woman who resembled a butterfly perching on a flower. She was happily running around and putting things in the kitchen. Shen Wenhan didn’t move, instead looked at her with a mixed feeling.

Wen Rushi, who hadn’t heard a reply from him, stared at him perplexed. She smiled at him, “I’m looking silly, right?”

“Well.” The corner of his mouth turned up. His smile was the most gentle and loveliest in the whole world, “I really can’t see enough of you.”

Wen Rushi didn’t know whether she should laugh or cry when he was acting so straightforward like this. How could she not know that this man would have such a sweet side? It seemed like her way of teaching him was successful.

The extravagant door with carved patterns blocked his sight. His smile gradually changed into a sad one.

Her life had entered the countdown. How many days did she has left? Perhaps only a genius would know.

Dinner was remarkably rich. Various kinds of dished filled the whole table. Shen Wenhan lowered his head and carefully tasted a small portion of her dishes.

It was delicious like those dishes made by a chief, but his mouth was full of bitterness.

“Aren’t you going to say something? Are those not delicious?” Her sparkling eyes looked at him expectantly. This was the first time she showed him her cooking skill, so Shen Wenhan ought to be surprised. Maybe he would whine to her that she still owed him a meal from a few years ago to make up for his dissatisfaction. (TL: 吐槽(tu cao), this is a popular term in Chinese. This term can be interpreted in various ways depending on each sentence such as ‘vent’, ‘Tsukkomi’, ‘complaining’, etc. )

“It’s really good. I’m just a little tired today.” Shen Wenhan dared not to look up as something just came to his mind. In the beginning, she said that she would only cook for the person she loved. Recalling this, Shen Wenhan couldn’t hold back his tears anymore.

His wrist trembled a little. This action made his spoon fall down to his trousers. He cleared his throat and stood up as if nothing had happened. “I’ll change my clothes, so you eat first. I’ll be fine soon.”

Wen Rushi looked at his back puzzled. She lowered her head and brought the chopsticks to her mouth. It tasted good.

After shutting the door, Shen Wenhan leaned his back against it and hung his head down. The stain on his trousers was very noticeable, but he couldn’t find a trace of strength to deal with it.

Perhaps he may really overestimate himself. It took him half of the day to build up a defense just to simply having a meal together. If it went on like this, he really had no confidence that he could smile in front of her.

He buried his face into his hands before taking a deep breath. He couldn’t cry. If he lost his strength, what should he do with his Wen Rushi? What would happen to her?

When Shen Wenhan finished washing his face and returned to the dining room dressed in clean clothes, Wen Rushi was already sleeping with her head on the table.

Shen Wenhan felt sad when he saw that she wanted to sleep but still refused to fall asleep. He leaned over and carefully picked her up. She was as light as a feather that could be blown away.

“Husband?” Wen Rushi barely opened her eyes.

He kissed her on the forehead and walked slowly to the bedroom: “You sleep, I will always be with you.”

She sniffed before pulling his shirt gently to rub her cheek on Shen Wenhan’s chest. “Wait till I wake up. I want to show you something.”

“Alright.” Shen Wenhan answered in a low voice for fear that it would disturb her dream.

It’s late at night. There’s only a dimmed night light in the room. Wen Rushi was lying on a soft bed and sleeping soundly.

The food was already cold. Shen Wenhan sat alone at the empty table and slowly finished her delicious food bit by bit. He continued to eat even when he was sobbing.

When Wen Rushi woke up in the sunlight the next morning, she turned over to see Shen Wenhan lying beside her. He gazed at her then winked.

She smiled and raised her hand to stroke his cheek, “Good morning.”

Shen Wenhan’s mouth curved into a smile before kissing her palm that she used to stroke his cheek, “Good morning, my princess.”

Wen Rushi was so amused that he laughed and pushed him gently on the chest. “Aren’t you busy? Why don’t you go to work?”

Shen Wenhan fell off the bed from her push. Sadness clouded his features when he looked at the ceiling above him, “No matter how busy the work is, it’s not important as you.”

She laughed. When did he become so clingy? She used to chase after him. It was really ‘feng shui lun liu zhuan’. (TL: 风水轮流转 = Reversal of the wheel of fortune/ Every dog has his day.) This hard-to-get-along-with person was doing something rather unexpected today.

She pressed against him and grinned on his chest, “Unfortunately, it seems impossible for you to be as idle as I am. There is a document for you in the bedside table. Take it out and have a look.”

Shen Wenhan looked sideways at her earnest expression and stretched out his arms to open the drawer beside the bed. There was a blue folder in it.

Laying in his arms, Wen Rushi looked at him turning the page with his eyebrows twisted. He didn’t look surprised at all. She was somewhat nervous when she grabbed his hand, “Are you not happy?”

Was it because the regulations were too harsh? After all, if she hadn’t been there in a few years, Shen Wenhan would have been able to swallow Wen household up at the current rate of his growth. There was no need for him to put another shackle on his neck in a hurry.

Shen Wenhan sighed and looked at her with a complicated expression, “…Happy.”

This was a transfer of shares. The only thing left was for him to sign his name. From today onwards, the authority to control Wen’s enterprise belonged to him. Five years later, if nothing unexpected happened, Wen will be officially classified under his name.

The only condition was to support her parents for life and kept their standard of living the same as before.

Shen Wenhan caressed her soft hair and pulled out the pen that was pinned on the cover. He sighed his name at the place where the money was deposited.

Happy? Before he could return the shares to her, he received such a gift when he split up his company and sold it in an attempt to save her.

Shen Wenhan didn’t know how to smile before he could reluctantly force the word ‘Happy’ out of his mouth.

Even if that’s what he’s always wanted.

These things were so insignificant when he compared it with Wen Rushi’s life at the moment.

When he thought about what kind of mood his beloved woman was in, he just couldn’t sign his signature without feeling a heartache. He had once planned to go back to his parents before.

The signature on the white paper was like dragons flying and phoenixes dancing. (TL: beautiful penmanship/ exquisite calligraphy.) There was hardly a trace of tremor in his hand. Shen Wenhan closed the folder and turned his head to Wen Rushi in his arms. He softly emphasized it again, “I’m really very happy.”

He should be happy. If he found something to be happy about in this document, at least, she would believe that he wouldn’t turn a blind eye in the future.

Shen Wenhan, who took over Wen enterprise, was back to his busy work again, but even so, he only took one day a week to go back to the city to deal with a business that needed a face-to-face meeting. After that, he would take the last flight back to Wen Rushi.

As Wen Rushi slept longer and longer, Shen Wenhan would finish his business after she fell asleep every day and lay down next to her. He would hold her and wait for Wen Rushi to wake up.

Wen Rushi felt very satisfied. Now, she was used to seeing Shen Wenhan’s smiling face as the first thing after she opened her eyes.

She would act like a spoiled child in his arms until he surrendered and coaxed her out of the bed. Sometimes, she deliberately got off naked or half-naked to arouse the desire to “push him into an unstable state”.

However, No matter how much she tempted him, he wouldn’t do anything to her.

Looking at his figure from afar, Wen Rushi began to suspect whether her charm had dropped because of lack of physical strength.

Shen Wenhan, who was hiding in the bathroom, looked at himself in the bathroom mirror. There was a strong desire lit in his eyes. He rubbed his face hard before opening the cold water and poured it on his body from head to toe.

It took Shen Wenhan a lot of effort to persuade the well-known expert to do a door-to-door diagnosis and treatment under the guise of an ordinary routine examination. He had to do it secretly for fear that Wen Rushi would know. At last, the appointment date was approaching.

He was just one step short of success. If it’s possible, he even hoped that all the examinations would be carried out when she was sleeping.

He wanted to let her think she had successfully concealed her illness from him. How could he spare her a sad look when she knew the truth? She had suffered enough and she didn’t need to add this to her list.

As long as Wen Rushi was able to get better, they would have children together. But it wasn’t now when her body couldn’t bear it.

Shen Wenhan shook off his wet black hair, put on his bathrobe and stood in front of the mirror until he was calm down then he stepped out of the bathroom.

Some people say that when people are unlucky, drinking water will staff their teeth. (TL: Extremely unlucky.)

Shen Wenhan had never understood it until this moment. The more he afraid the more it would come true.

Just two days before the doctor arrived, Shen Wenhan was sitting in front of the computer handling his official duties. Wen Rushi suddenly came over happily, waving a test pen in her hand and holding him in her arms.

“Dear, we are finally having a baby!” On the pregnant pen in front of him, the sight of these two red lines was stabbing him in the eyes.

Shen Wenhan was confused.

Watching Wen Rushi happily hummed a tune and starting to call her father, he only felt weak in his heart.

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