QT: RTSC chapter 23

Phoenix Men’s Big Battle XXIII


The bright moonlight was pouring into the room and the night wind stirred the shredded paper on the ground. In the middle of the room was Shen Wenhan’s sitting figure. It made the scene look even more lonely.

The ear-piercing ringtone from his phone started to ring once again and the white light from the screen illuminated the room faintly.

Shen Wenhan picked up his mobile phone and was about to turn it off, but he saw the name that shouldn’t have appeared on the screen.

He took it slowly to his ear in disbelief.

“…Wenhan, I’m sorry.” He could hear a familiar sound coming from the receiver.

Shen Wenhan’s lips moved to form a word for a while, but he was unable to say anything. His bitterness had completely vanished from his words.

“Rushi, come back.” His Adam’s apple roll down his throat as he struggled to swallow and he could feel soreness in his eyes.

He never pushed her again, as long as she would come back to him.

“Rushi, don’t go, come back…” He began to ramble and repeat this sentence over again and again. If his pleading could soften her heart, he was willing to give up his pride.

On the other end of the phone, Wen Rushi was sobbing, “Dear, I’m at the airport.” She wiped her tear and continued to cry.

Love can make the weakest person strong, and the strongest person weak.

She thought she could give birth to their child by herself, and she would be proud to come back with the crystallization of their love.

But when she heard the boarding announcement for her flight, she became afraid. She feared that she would die alone on the operating table. She feared that she wouldn’t see him again until she died.

She had already passed the checkpoint, but Wen Rushi couldn’t take a step towards the boarding gate.

She couldn’t help dialing Shen Wenhan’s phone until all the people in the waiting room were gone.

“It’s closed everywhere. I’m cold, hungry and sleepy. ” It was as if she was waiting for her parents. Wen Rushi was sitting in the empty waiting room at this moment.

“Don’t cry. Wait for me there. I’ll pick you up right away.” Shen Wenhan sprang to his feet before grabbing the car keys and wallet. He quickly rushed out.

“We are going to eat delicious food. We’ll order whatever you like and go home to sleep after eating.”

“Don’t cry, Rushi.” Along the way, Shen Wenhan couldn’t remember how many red lights he had run. His heart couldn’t be at ease until he found her.

When Wen Rushi, who wore only thin clothes, practically threw herself into his arms. She was like a lost child. He thought sadly that she was like a nemesis he had hit.

If this child wanted to be born, at worst, he would go to the gynecologist again. He would recognize this child too.

When he returned to the car with his sobbing wife, the first thing he did was to turn on the heater. He held her cold hands and rubbed them, “You don’t know the temperature difference between day and night at the seaside. Why don’t you take a coat?”

Wen Rushi pressed her lips together, “I’m afraid of being discovered by you, and I had totally forgotten about it when I was in a hurry.”

Shen Wenhan stopped his movements. He felt that this was funny, but he also felt angry too. Although, he felt sad the most. How was it possible to say that she didn’t feel concerned about her previous behavior at all? He had feelings too. He didn’t have an unbreakable heart, and he could get hurt.

His mouth twitched, but he couldn’t laugh, “Why do you call me now when you decided to go far away?” He was frightened by her decision to simply throw everything away. Especially, when he was one of the things that had been abandoned.

Wen Rushi was shocked and blurted out, “Didn’t you see the letter I left you?”

Shen Wen looked down. “I tore it up.” Looked at her writing about how she loved the child, but she didn’t even love him? No, he didn’t want to see it.

“Why are you so foolish?” She snorted and wanted to cry again.

It took her a long time to write it. She hadn’t taken a lot of trouble to write such a sappy letter in her life before, but he tore it up without looking at it, “It’s not that I won’t come back. I said on it that I would send you an email and call you every day… If I had known it, I wouldn’t have written you a love letter.”

“A love letter?” Shen Wenhan looked up at her in surprise. Wasn’t it a farewell letter?

Wen Rushi stared at him and pouted, “Forget it, I have worked hard for nothing.”

Shen Wenhan turned his head and started the car regretfully, “Let’s go home!” He hoped those shreds on the floor hadn’t been blown away by the wind yet.

“You said you’d buy me good food first!” Wen Rushi was so angry. She was about to starve to death.

“Pack it and take it back.” Shen Wenhan suggested resolutely. The engine roared at the fulled throttle as he pressed harder on the accelerator pedal.

As for whether Shen Wenhan did collect the shreds of her love letter or not, Wen Rushi didn’t know.

After that, She sat on the stool in high spirited as she was currently enjoying a delicious baoluo fen (TL: This’s a traditional snack in Hainan Province, China) and watching him happily pick up the mop to sweep the whole living room thoroughly.

She was sure that Shen Wenhan had never swept the floor so clean in his life.

After supper, Wen Rushi climbed up to the soft bed with satisfaction and shouted to the living room, “I also wrote my first trip to the mountains, and about how it felt to sleep with you in my letter. ‘tsk tsk’ Unfortunately, you can’t see it.”

There was a pause outside the door, and then there was a noise of moving tables.

Wen Rushi happily went into the bed. She patted the pillow and closed her eyes with a smile on her face. He deserved it!. He tore her letter without looking at it.

The sky was bright, but the woman in the bedroom was still sleeping soundly. However, one man was still sitting on the sofa with his back straight as he concentrated on putting small pieces of paper back together on top of another A4.

Wen Rushi wrote three pages of love letter for the first time. Shen Wenhan gleefully studied his work after he’d finished gluing them together. He made up his mind to always encourage her to do more of these things that were good to her body in the future.

After all, this was “Jia Shu” which could be passed on to their children and grandchildren. (TL: 家书 (Jia Shu) = a letter between a person who is far away from home and family.) If they were to see it look so torn and tattered, it wouldn’t be good.

He couldn’t tell his children when he got old that originally, his father was angry because he hated his mother for abandoning him, so he destroyed his mother’s first love letter like this.

That would be too harmful to his image.

Shen Wenhan carefully folded the letter, put it in a small box, and then put it into the bedside cabinet.

Wen Rushi smiled in her sleep look like she was having a good dream.

He leaned over then gently lifted her arm into the quilt and turned to go out.

He still had many things to do if he wanted both his wife and their child to be safe. Nutritionists, health care providers, nurses, and professional obstetricians and gynecologist were those who could deal with all kinds of unexpected situations, so he couldn’t be short on them.

Shen Wenhan took his mobile phone out. He looked at his phone thoughtfully. Maybe the previous expert could recommend a better candidate.

After Wen Rushi’s second attempt to leave her home ended in failure, the yarn between them was completely snapped. However, the relationship between them was strangely more harmonious than before.

At the very least, they didn’t have to hide their true feeling in front of each other anymore, and they didn’t have to avoid talking about her illness.

As though their child could sense their mother’s discomfort, the baby was particularly quiet and didn’t give Wen Rushi any trouble.

She didn’t have morning sickness in her few months of pregnancy, so there was no major discomfort. But as her stomach grew larger and larger, it became more and more obvious that her body turned weaker because of this new life.

It was very noticeable that Wen Rushi had lost weight at a rapid rate. No matter how much she managed to eat or how much nausea she was, she couldn’t stop the child from draining her life bit by bit.

Shen Wenhan had no choice but to agree to have her infused with a nutrition supplement every day.

Whenever she saw him frowned, Wen Rushi would raise the back of her hand full of tiny holes then went to him and called it her ‘Medal of honor’. She would laugh joyfully while saying so.

He would kiss her on the back of her raised hand then said that when the baby was born, he would take her to dinner and bring her to see the most beautiful scenery. Of course, they would go with their child.

Wen Rushi always laughed and listened to his rambling while nodding her head.

She knew Shen Wenhan’s pain, just as Shen Wenhan also understood her persistence.

Six months later, Wen Rushi was unable to get out of bed and move around. It made her legs swollen and cramped all night. Her bones were also getting fragile.

Her beautiful long hair had long been cut short and her round cheeks had sunk down. Wen Rushi hadn’t looked in the mirror for a long time. The strange woman in the mirror was so ugly that she even felt embarrassed at herself.

She had once mocked herself unintentionally. She said to Shen Wenhan that when she died, he could go find a beautiful wife to make up for the loss of these months. However, Shen Wenhan began to shed tears while holding her. Wen Rushi never dared to play this joke again.

Every afternoon, Shen Wenhan would go to the beach to bask in the sun with her. It was said that she could get calcium this way.

Whenever she fell asleep during his story time and woke up, she could always see Shen Wenhan’s sad eyes.

Wen Rushi wasn’t sure if she could survive the disaster. Every mother said that the moment they gave birth was like having died once. She didn’t know whether she could survive like them if she died this time.

Before the due date, Wen Rushi broke her bone. No, she didn’t trip or fall. She didn’t even get out of the bed.

The child was only seven months old, but Wen Rushi was already pushed onto the operating table.

Her forehead was covered with beads of sweat. She told herself that she had to stay conscious, but her line of sight was slowly blurring.

When Wen Rushi floated out of her body and hovered over the operating room. She saw the standby anesthesiologist injecting something into her vein.

The obstetrician, who she met every week, held a shiny scalpel and then cut her lower abdomen. Her bright red blood instantly gushed out.

The man in a sterile suit held her hand and kept talking in her ear. His handsome face was paler than the body lying on the operating table.

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