QT: RTSC chapter 24

Phoenix Men’s Big Battle XXIV


Wen Rushi was a little anxious. Had that body become so weak that it began to reject her existence?

She circled around Shen Wenhan and the operating table in an attempt to find a way back. How could she just leave before she gave birth?

she watched in despair as the curve on her electrocardiogram became smoother over and over again until an alarm sounded.

Shen Wenhan couldn’t look at the baby under her. He just clutched her hand in a panic and shouted Wen Rushi’s name.

“I’m here,” Wen Rushi looked helplessly into his red eyes and wondering what to do. “I’m here, Wenhan.”

Suddenly, they heard a baby crying like a sound from a kitten crying. The nurse wrapped up the baby and held it in front of Shen Wenhan. “Mr. Shen, it’s a boy.”

“Boy?” Shen Wenhan turned his head blankly before his eyes fell on the young baby. It was like seeing life-saving straw. He hastily hugged the child and handed it to Wen Rushi, trembling and calling to her, “Rushi, wake up to see our child. Aren’t you the one who wanted to see him the most?”

“Wen Rushi, please open your eyes to see him…” The baby in his arms seemed to weigh more than a kilogram. He awkwardly held the baby in his arms, “Rushi, look at him.”

Wen Rushi’s heart was broke. Her palm, that was on his face, couldn’t feel the temperature on Shen Wenhan’s skin at all.

She shouldn’t have died here because five years hadn’t yet to come. The company had already promised her, so they wouldn’t go back on their word. There must be something wrong!

“Prepare for an electric shock!” The head doctor resolutely shouted to his assistant, “Pay attention to hemostasis!”

It was chaos in the operation room. Shen Wenhan held his child and retreated from the room. He stared nervously at his lover who was lying still on the operation table.

At that moment, the air in front of Wen Rushi was twisted. The familiar assistant stood respectfully opposite her, smiled and reached out to her, “The task has been completed, you can leave now.”

“What?” Wen Rushi looked at his open hand in dismay and unconsciously stepped back. “I don’t understand. Why are you here?”

Every executor has a unique embed jade. Unless it’s an accidental death, the call wouldn’t pass through the embed jade, and the assistant wouldn’t appear in the mission world.

Wen Rushi on the operating table was still alive, and she didn’t inform him to come, but his phantom actually stood in front of her.

The assistant blinked in surprise before explaining, “Even if you leave now, Shen Wenhan won’t turn dark as long as the child you left behind is there.”

Qin Xiaoling and Song Sijie were married last month. In such a short time, Shen Wenhan shouldn’t be in any mood to find trouble with them.

The career of male and female lead should be developing well by the time he got over the pain of his wife’s death. At that time, Shen Wenhan would be busy taking care of his children.

Following his line of sight, Wen Rushi looked at the man standing alone with the baby in his arms.

His dark eyes flooded with tears, but he still stubbornly fixed his eyes on the body on the operating table. His eyes were so full of pain and despair that even Wen Rushi could feel it from here.

The assistant was still whispering in her ear, “Since you have completed this task perfectly in advance, the company decided to give you a special case. You are no longer need to stay here and suffer. I was sent to take over.”

“Suffer?” Wen Rushi lowered her head and sighed. She laughed softly, “How can you know if I’m suffering or not?” A. Honey B. Arsenic (TL: This means things that are good and suitable for you, maybe fatal to others.)

A child is not a fish, but a friend knows the joy of fish. (TL: It means ‘you shouldn’t always look at others with your own eyes’ or ‘do not do what you want’)

She just wanted to accompany Shen Wenhan and watched her child grow up. Even with her weak body, she would gladly endure hardships.

Her love was only as long as this short world.

As soon as she left here, she would completely forget about Shen Wenhan. How could they understand that feeling of guilt?

She wanted to love him as hard as she could and made him happy, even if it was one more minute or one more second.

Only in that way could she live up to Shen Wenhan’s deep affection towards her.

Wen Rushi gently shook her head, “You go first. Don’t appear in this world anymore without my call.”

“But…” The little assistant tried to say something, but he eventually obeyed her orders. A glimmer of light enveloped him, and then he instantly vanished without a trace.

At the moment when he disappeared, Wen Rushi felt like she was being pulled. It was suddenly darkened before her eyes. When she regained consciousness, the first thing she said was.

F**k! It really killed her!

For the first time in her life, Wen Rushi wanted to point her middle finger at the doctor. She wanted general anesthesia, not local anesthesia. (TL: general anesthesia will affect the whole body and induces a loss of consciousness, but local anesthesia will only numb a specific area.) Did they want to bully her!?

“Wen Rushi!” Shen Wenhan desperately rushed to her side and held the baby in front of her, “Rushi, our child is a boy.” His voice trembled. It was as if he feared that she wouldn’t get the chance to see her child again.

Wen Rushi managed to glance sideways. Red and wrinkled, thin hair, his buttock was like that of a monkey buttock.

She pouted her lips and squeezed out two words: “How ugly…” She fainted after that.

Wen Rushi’s case had become a miracle in the medical field. No expert could explain why a pregnant woman who was weak enough to reach half the health of the average person could still hold on to having a baby and survive after having her heartbeat stopped for a few minutes.

In the end, they blamed her super willpower. For this point, she scoffed at the notion.

She threw aside the newspaper in her hand, opened her mouth and took a bite of porridge fed to her mouth. She smiled sweetly at the man in front of her. “It’s clearly because of love that I can wake up.”

“Well,” said Shen Wenhan, smiling softly and gently wiping off the porridge stains on her lips, “It’s my pleasure.”

“Of course, I am a great hero now,” Wen Rushi accepted his compliment without hesitation and pulled at his sleeve. “I want to go out and sunbathe.”

Shen Wenhan remained silent. He scooped another spoon to her lips and said softly, “Eat a little more and I’ll take you out after eating this bowl.” When she gave birth, she lost too much blood and her vitality. She should get more supplements for her body.

Wen Rushi had no choice but to open her mouth. He clearly took advantage of her now knowing that she couldn’t bear to see him sad. He even dared to act so recklessly when he forced her to sit for months.

What wife just sat and protect her body for half a year!? If that’s the case, she should simply make a nest and lay an egg at home.

Taking highly nutritious foods and medicines every day, Shen Wenhan’s mood became better, but Wen Rushi was at her limit.

She looked at him bitterly for a while, and finally said, “Otherwise, you should put some meat floss in porridge next time…”

“Alright.” He gave her the most charming smile. As long as she was alive, let alone putting some meat floss, he was willing to put a whole chicken in.

After eating porridge, Shen Wenhan carried her in his arms and helped her settle down on a recliner chair at the backyard.

In spite of that, she was satisfied. At least her bones wouldn’t break at a drop of a hat.

The early summer sunshine felt warm on her body. She shifted the thin blanket on her legs a little before hooking her pinky finger with his, “Let’s go and bring Little atty Dun to the sun too. I haven’t seen him for most of the day.”

Little Fatty Dun was not as ugly as he was when he was born. He was white, plump, and round. He also loved to eat and move around. Even if he was sitting alone, he could play with himself for half of the day.

Shen Wenhan held her hand, turned to the servant who stood opposite him and said, “Go and bring Muhan and let him play on the grass for a while.”

Little Fatty Dun’s name was Wen Muhan.

Ever since he changed his son’s name, Shen Wenhan had always called him this way for fear that others wouldn’t know the feeling between the two of them. The meaning of this name was that Wen Rushi was in love with Shen Wenhan. (TL: 慕 (Mu) = admire)

After a while, the babysitter came with a baby in her arms. She laid a picnic mat on the grass, and then put the baby in the middle of the mat for him to freely move around.

Wen Rushi smiled as she watched her son crawl on the mat. She had three years left. She could live in these beautiful days for three more years.

She leaned slightly to Shen Wenhan. She wasn’t surprised to catch a glimpse of the look of adoration in his eyes. She smiled, “When Little Fatty Dun is two years old. We will bring him to his grandparents, and then we will go out for a trip together, okay?”

Shen Wenhan hesitated for a moment. He did not know whether Wen Rushi’s body was suitable for traveling.

Although it has been a long time, her body couldn’t get back to its pre-pregnancy state. He had already invited a lot of medical experts to check, but they still couldn’t find the cause of her exhaustion.

If it was possible, Shen Wenhan even hoped that she would stay at home and not go anywhere.

“Husband.” Wen Rushi took his hand and shook it gently, “Just promise me. I promise to listen to you. I won’t run around or eat too much.

The last time she secretly made a spicy fish behind his back and ate until she was full. In the evening of that same day, she began to vomit and have a high fever. He hastily ran off an important meeting and rushed home overnight.

Shen Wenhan had strictly monitored her meals since then, and no longer allowed servants to prepare snacks for her in private.

“Really, you have to believe me.” Wen Rushi raised three fingers to pledge her sincerity and looked at him with a sparkling in her eyes.

“By that time.” Shen Wenhan sighed helplessly and stroked her shoulder-length hair. He considered, “If your health gets well enough, I will take you out for a stroll.”

After going through her near-death experience, if it was something that she wanted, he would never be able to say the word “No” to her.

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Bear: I almost forgot for a second there that Song Sijie and Qin Xiaoling are the male lead and female lead of this arc lol. I’ve just remembered them when the author wrote they were getting married.

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  3. Lemme explain. Remember she said she once exchanged all her privileges for one thing? I’m pretty sure she exchanged it for something, or the ability, to forget the emotions she gains in her missions. If you recall a few chaps ago, she was dreaming about her first mission and her collapse when he died and how she was inconsolable with grief when she returned to the real world…and that was probably the reason why she exchanged everything for that one item—so that she would never have to experience that grief again

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