QT: RTSC chapter 27

A Record of the Development of Loyal Dogs II

Wen Rushi wasn’t frightened to learn etiquette. She believed that her manner could be regarded as the role model from a textbook, whether she was sitting, speaking, or standing.

But when the next day’s class began, Wen Rushi knew she was wrong.

These damn teachers weren’t here to educate them at all. They were preparing to teach them as intelligence agents who gathered information from those generals, or court officials.

Marquis Wen’s viciousness was simply too chilling. Ladies from wealthy families were everywhere, but there were few of those who could arouse men’s desire to marry at all times.

They didn’t only learn the piano, chess, calligraphy, painting, but they also need to learn singing, dancing, and the feminine arts. This was an arduous task even for the campaign queen. Looking at the delicate and pampered young girls in front of her, Wen Rushi felt only a pang of sadness.

She was in a daze while pinching the circular golden fan handed out by her teacher earlier. Wen Suoyue, who was standing next to her, seemed even more confused than her.

A tough-looking woman was walking towards them with a sack of linen. The woman took a serious glance at the two of them, then turned around and nodded. When the sack was opened, dozens of butterflies of all kinds flew out.

Wen Rushi watched the three sisters chasing forward with small steps. Their long clothes fluttered in the wind and their slender waist swang. Even butterflies were all throwing out all kinds of amorous feeling.

Unfortunately, the eldest sister was only thirteen years old. She was just a girl in junior high school in modern time with a flat chest and flat butt. What if she swang her hips into a ‘Mahua’? (TL:
麻花 (Ma Hua) = Fried Dough Twist/ a crisp snack food made by deep-frying plaited dough )

Wen Rushi ended up laughing out loud.

“Laugh all you want. If you fail to meet the standard today, Marquis Wen will punish you in the evening.” The woman gave her a deadpan look.

Her smile went stiff. Wen Suoyue was also shivering in fear. She rushed out to catch the butterflies which were fleeing in confusion.

“Stop! follow your sisters!” The teacher shouted. She turned her face and frowned when she saw that Wen Rushi hadn’t moved yet. She pointed at her and said, “You come here.”

What would a fool do at such times? Wen Rushi squinted her eyes. Let’s go!

Looking at a colorful butterfly just flying in front of her, she raised her fan and stared at her snow-white skin on her wrist. It was so delicate that with a snap, she swatted the butterfly on the ground.

The bright butterfly fled to the sky with great difficulty and then fell with a thump to the ground. It twitched its colorful wings twice and ceased its movement.

Other People: “…”

Wen Rushi smiled, “It’s easy.”

The stunned teacher took a deep breath and tried to open her mouth a few minutes later, “Butterfly is an artistic conception. We need to create a sense of fluttering feeling, so the key lies in one’s grateful posture. But you just…swatted it to death.”

She stared at Wen Rushi, and once again added, “Do you understand?”

Obviously, Wen Rushi continued to act silly. She continued to snigger.

How could you ask her, a retard, to understand such a profound theory? Her teacher’s mouth set into a straight line. She gave up in the end, “Free practice.”

Wen Rushi fanned herself and turned to look at her audience with her bored expression.

The most beautiful one should be this world’s female lead, Miss Wen Baoyi. Looking at her figure with an air of shyness and her sweet and charming manner, even when she was young, one could see that she was a rare beauty.

Wen Rushi ran towards the female lead, raised her head and readied to flatter her, “Sister, are you a fairy?”

Wen Baoyi always knew that she was good-looking, but how dared people, who ranked below her, compliment her so frankly? Even if they flattered her, they would change their words to make them more pleasant to hear. She hadn’t ever heard praise like this before.

She couldn’t help blushing and bend over to touch Wen Rushi’s head: “I am your sister, how can I be a fairy, silly child?”

“Really? Can I go see you often in the future? Wen Rushi immediately hit the snake with the stick. (TL: 打蛇随棍 = take advantage of opportunities)

Among the ten sisters, only the female lead could enter and leave the manor freely. Whether she could find her target ahead of time depends on how much Wen Baoyi loved her. She continued to double her effort by squeezing a few tears and looked sadly at the savior in front of her, “They don’t like me, so nobody plays with me.”

Wen Baoyi suddenly sighed and took her handkerchief to gently wipe her tears. She said, “Sure, I will tell my servant to let you come whenever you want.”

She was really deserved to be called a white lotus who had a kindhearted from the start until the end. Wen Rushi smiled foolishly. She was beginning to like this sister now.

Wen Rushi, who had gotten her free pass, insisted on using her short legs to cross several courtyards and walk to Wen Baoyi’s house to show herself no matter how unsightly her personal servant’s complexion was.

After a long time, Wen Baoyi really treated this blockhead as her blood related younger sister. Even when the teachers tried to punish her by not serving her dinner, Wen Baoyi was the one who stopped them.

Liu Shi was at a loss. She didn’t know whether she should be happy that her little lady no longer talked about the word “Daddy” every day, or she should be worried that she was too young to understand, and carelessly offends her elderly relative.

Anyway, the mentally retarded Miss from Wen household now only listened to the rumored Seventh Miss. This news was spreading in the village.

Everyone took it for granted that the child born from Marquis Wen’s first wife would naturally have this awesome ability, but what about the fool?

At present, Wen Rushi’s life was very leisure. By hugging the female lead’s thighs, she could avoid the torture of etiquette classes. She didn’t care at all about those jealousy gossips. Even if the other sisters deliberately come to provoke her, she wouldn’t do anything as long as it wasn’t too excessive.

Wen Rushi was now thinking about how to get Wen Baoyi to agree to take her to the back of the hill to play. (TL: 后山 (Hou Shan) = the back of the mountain/hill)

Deep in the back of the hill lay the secret camp of Marquis Wen where all hidden guards had been training there. No one knew about it except for Marquis Wen’s relatives.

Wen Rushi didn’t need to enter the camp. Her sweetheart had a place that he used to heal himself outside of the camp. Whenever he was bullied or seriously injured from training, he would go there for half a day.

As long as Wen Baoyi could take her to the back of the hill, she believed she could find that cave.

She’d like to try it out. Could she meet the target named 9486 in advance?

For two years, every qualified guard grew up by stepping on the corpse of others. There were almost one hundred orphans in Marquis Wen’s care. It was estimated that there were fewer than five who could survive and receive the name from their master.

It’s so wicked for a boy who was only eleven years old to have such cruel survival of the fittest. In the first few years of intense brainwashing and bloody killing, the hidden guard assigned to her became a life-threatening killing machine.

Loyalty was not bad, but that loyalty led him to blacken and then commit suicide. Thousands of miles after he became blackened, he killed all enemies and took his own life. There was nothing but death in his mind. This was truly a headache.

Wen Rushi, who was trying to persuade Wen Baoyi, thought in her heart. At least, let her instill him that ‘This master was sincere and need to be treasured, but the value of life was even higher.’ Let’s think about democracy.

Wen Rushi was deeply convinced that her task was an honest child and he needed her to take care of him.

But when she was awakened by the pain around her neck in the dark cave, Wen Rushi knew how wrong she was.

How could a man, who was able to fight his way out from several hundred of talent orphans, be an honest and pitiful child!?

“Who are you and why are you here?!” 9468 held the dagger to her throat and the voice that was still in the period of voice change was ridiculously hoarse.

Unfortunately, Wen Rushi couldn’t laugh about her situation at all. Her neck must have been cut. She felt her blood was slowly trailing down her delicate skin.

Wen Rushi didn’t hesitate to sob and cry: “Sister, where have you been. I’m scared…”

9486’s hands went stiff. He had never met such a delicate girl. Most of the women, who could live to the end in the camp, were fiercer than the real men.

But he didn’t dare to put his guard down. If it hadn’t been for his vigilance, he would have died long ago.

“How did you find this place? I won’t kill you if you tell me the truth.” Although he didn’t remove his weapon, 9486 shifted his dagger slightly.

As she looked at him with tears in her eyes, it was so dark in the damn cave that she couldn’t guarantee that he could see her gesture as pear blossom bathed in the rain. (TL: a weeping beauty)

This really made one feel irritable!

“I don’t know,” Wen Rushi cried. “My sister took me out to play. I slipped and fell. They disappeared…”

It was true that she had fallen, but she deliberately shook them off and found a slightly gentler slope nearby to roll down. Otherwise, if you didn’t have any injuries on your body, it would be hard to explain when you went back.

She hadn’t expected that after hearing what she said, the boy didn’t even feel sympathize with her, but he suddenly turned hostile.

He pinched her delicate neck and pushed her to the ground. The fire in his eyes was just as frightening as those from the wild animals in this dark cave.

“That’s a lie. This is Wen household’s private property. How could someone take you for a stroll?”

Watching him slowly lowered the dagger in his hand, she was on the verge of suffocating. The tears course down her’s cheeks as she tried to desperately fight the iron-clawed hand on her neck. “I’m…from Wen household…”

He paused and loosened his grip on her neck, “What did you say?”

At last, Wen Rushi could finally take a breath of fresh air. She slapped and pushed his bandage palm away before coughing on the ground.

“I am Marquis Wen’s daughter. Why can’t I come here!?” It was difficult for her to speak when she was short of breath like this. Wen Rushi turned her head and stared at him fiercely.

She was furious!

She’s going to punish him. This was a big crime as he had just gone against his superior!

Thanks to her dedication to him. ‘wuwuwu’ (TL: sound for whimpering) He had just bullied her, a retarded person. Her neck felt hurt too. When he became her guard, she was going to punish him!

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