QT: RSTC chapter 28

A Record of the Development of Loyal Dogs III

“I am Marquis Wen’s daughter, why can’t I come!?” Wen Rushi was so angry that she forgot to pretend to be weak.

She thought that with him being faithful, most people like him would be extremely afraid and quickly apologize to her. Not to mention kneeling to receive punishment, or at least he’ll take the initiative to help her deal with the wound on her neck.

After a moment of silence, he suddenly took out a strip of cloth and tied up her hands.

“Hey, if you treat me like this, aren’t you afraid I’ll tell others about what you did when I get back?” Wen Rushi calmed down when she saw him acting like this instead. she didn’t resist as she allowed the other party to drag her to the other side of the haystack.

Wen Rushi raised her bound hands to brush away the grasses that fell into her hair. She maneuvered her body into a more comfortable position while she vaguely saw him walking to a small corner of the cave, and then came a rustling noise.

In a few moments, a flash of fire started from something in his hand. He extinguished the fire from a folding notebook and squatted in front of Wen Rushi with an old oil lamp. He said, “You said you were from Wen household. What about your servants? Why isn’t there a search party for you yet?”

He didn’t believe that there would be no guards when they traveled. The only explanation was that she was lying.

But there was nothing wrong within her clear eyes.

The dim light shone on the little girl in front of him. Her clothes were torn by some bushes. The mud and half-dry tears on her face almost concealed her original appearance.

He could easily kill a child like this with one finger.

“Just that, and you concluded that I’m not telling the truth?” Wen Rushi smiled softly. The wound on her neck was burning and it was extremely painful. She didn’t want to continue pretending that she was stupid anymore.

Since he was destined to be her bodyguard, he would know the truth sooner or later.

Seeing that he was still silent, the corner of her mouth turned up. She decided to frighten him a little bit, “Have you never thought that if what I said was true, you will be punished in the future for tying me up like this.”

“I’ll hand you over to the commander tomorrow. If what you said is true, then I’ll go and receive the punishment myself… If it’s not, you’d better worry more about your life.” 9486 said slowly, but his face was void of any emotions.

He stopped looking at her after that. He got up and walked back to the corner. He took out a clean cotton strip and powder to slowly clean a cut on his left palm.

The cut was deep and he could see the red flesh rolled over, but he didn’t feel pain. He began to spread the powder all over his palm.

As 9486 capped the bottle, he silently looked at his palm. He killed another companion today, a friend he had known for five years.

They have supported each other and fought side by side. They have encouraged each other to hold on and live until the end.

They promised to be brothers for life. However, he killed him today, just after his friend aimed his sword at him.

A qualified hidden guard didn’t need friends. In their hearts, it was enough to be with their master. This was what the commander spoke to him when he had stepped out of the room bathed in the blood of other orphans.

He didn’t understand it before. But when he grabbed their swords and looked cooly at the boy in front of him. The blood gushing from his friend’s mouth filled his right hand which was the hand he used to hold the sword. It was at that moment that he finally understood.

How could there be true friendship in this life-or-death competition?

He carefully wrapped his wound with the cotton strip, went silently to the paved hay, blew out the lamp and lay near Wen Rushi with his back towards her.

The cave was quiet, and the dim moonlight could only illuminate the cave entrance. Wen Rushi watched his shadow moving.

She was very uncomfortable. Her delicate skin was pricked by a rough cloth strip. She could even smell a strong smell of blood in her nose.

Wen Rushi couldn’t help opening her mouth, “If you want to tie me up, can you tear my clothes and tie them? The cloth you used was soaked with blood. I don’t feel well at all.”

He turned around to her and said, “I believe you now.”

Wen Rushi pricked up her ears for quite a while, waiting for him to continue his speech but there’s only silent after that.

It took a long time for him to speak again, “But it’s also possible that you are pretending on purpose. I still don’t trust you, so don’t ask for more.”

Wen Rushi was quiet. She got up and went slowly towards him as she was trying to say something.

He suddenly touched the dagger at his waist, so she stopped and lifted her bound hands. “Calm down, I meant no harm, but I want you to see that the daughters from ordinary background can’t wear such a good dress. Besides, why do I have to lie to you? You have nothing to envy for, haven’t you?”

9486 frowned. He laid his hand on his waist and remain unmoved, “Go back.”

Wen Rushi rolled her eyes. She had never seen such a lovely little boy like this before, but this shota’s face was too blank. (TL: shota = young/ cute boy)

She slowly moved back and lay down on the haystack. Since he was looking for death himself, she couldn’t forcibly stop him. She wouldn’t be punished anyway.

Wen Rushi, who had been running for half a day, was very tired. She was afraid to miss the moment when he appeared. She hadn’t had a good rest at all. At this moment, she simply didn’t want to do anything.

Just as she fell asleep in a daze, the people in Wen household was very upset.

One person could unexpectedly get lost at the house’s gate. Wen Baoyi just kept blaming herself while wiping her tears, and no one could stop her.

The housekeeper, with a group of guards holding torches, repeatedly searched the mountain road they had traveled through. Finally, he found traces in the bushes by the roadside before dawn.

He sent someone back to the manor to reply as soon as possible and followed the clues. But when they found the cave where Wen Rushi once stayed, they didn’t see any people.

At this time, Wen Rushi was dragging reluctant 9486 through the woods. Her hands weren’t bounded now. Fortunately, she had heard the voice coming from a distance before those people arrived. Otherwise, she was sure she would be caught by now.

When this idiot with a one-track mind realized she was really from Wen household, he insisted on sending her back before going to prison for punishment. If it wasn’t for Wen Rushi who ordered him as his master, he would have been dragged back and whipped.

She didn’t know how long she had been running, but her legs were starting to feel numb. Wen Rushi slowly stopped when she was really unable to run. She held his hand in one hand, while other was holding on her thighs. She was almost out of her breath.

“Why did you do that?” 9486 looked at her perplexed. His breath was normal, unlike Wen Rushi. Only a little sweat on his forehead showed that he had followed her for a long time.

Wen Rushi glared at him angrily, “Do you want to be found out that you were up to no good, and you planned to kidnap me?”

“I didn’t kidnap you. You came to my door by yourself.” 9486 quickly replied. He would confess if he had done anything wrong. But if he hadn’t done it, he wouldn’t confess even if he was beaten to death.

“What’s the injury on my neck?! You didn’t even bandage me,” Wen Rushi said angrily. She pulled open her collar to reveal the scabbed wound. “If you are saying that you didn’t kidnap me, who will believe it? If I hadn’t pulled you to escape, you wouldn’t have gone back to the prison, but the grave!”

Then she would become the first executor who accidentally killed him because she contacted her target in advance. That’s a real laughing stock!

Wen Rushi sincerely wanted to beat this brainwashed boy. She sat on the grasses and waved weakly, “I know that you have secretly gone out of the camp. If things get too big, you’ll be found out that you are out here without any reason. You will have to be an immortal if you don’t die after that.

While they haven’t found out yet, you should go back quickly. Don’t come out again for two days.”

9486 was in a daze. He opened and closed his mouth a few times. He was wondering whether he should obey her orders or strictly abide by the principle of protecting his master with his life.

No one ever urged him to escape alone when things became dangerous. What’s more, it was a much younger girl who said that. She should be the one who watched him die in front of her and thought nothing about it.

Especially after being betrayed by his brother who had known him for many years, he suddenly felt that it wasn’t so hopeless to live so cautiously like this all the time.

“… Or I’ll wait until they find you.” He regretted that he had done that to her last night, so he opened his mouth to speak.

Wen Rushi shot him a disdain look. “Are you sure that with that ‘jack-of-all-trades’ skill of you, could truly avoid the eyes of others without being found out?”

9486 was silent. His kungfu was the best among his peers, but if there were a tracker among the search party, he dared not to say that he wouldn’t be exposed.

“Go back, you can rest assured that I will be all right.” Seeing his embarrassed expression, Wen Rushi spoke in a soft voice to persuade him.

Anyway, his intention was indeed something rare. The subordinates who are willing to die for their superiors, no matter what the reason is, could fully deserve her sincere admiration.

9486 stared at her before finally retreating. He took a few steps back and then he suddenly opened his mouth to ask her in a serious tone, “There are ten ladies in the Wenjia family, what’s your ranking?”

Wen Rushi smiled. The corners of the lips rose gently: “I rank ninth in my family. You must remember that when I reach the age of ten, I will ask my father to point you out to me as my hidden guard. Don’t humiliate me at that time.”

His dark eyes lit up and his thin lips moved. At last, he didn’t say anything to show his loyalty. He turned around and left quickly.

9486 sped silently in the dense forest where the sun couldn’t pass through. An expectation gradually rose in his heart.

In less than two years, he could leave that dark place and follow his master for life, just like other chosen guards.

His master was a kind-hearted lady. She wouldn’t use him as a killing tool.

He was very happy.

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