QT: RSTC chapter 29

A Record of the Development of Loyal Dogs IV

Wen Rushi was under house arrest.

Or you could say that she was confined to her courtyard and wasn’t allowed to leave, as well as Wen Baoyi, who took her out to play in the back of the hill secretly.

When she thought of that night when she returned to the manor, she had to hold her sister who was crying like a pear blossom bathed in the rain. (TL: 梨花带雨 = a weeping beauty) Even if she had a thick-skinned, she still felt a little bit uneasy in her heart.

It’s not easy for Wen Rushi to explain where had she gotten her bruises in front of others. Most of them were made by herself to cover up the scars on her necks. She had to pat her elder sister’s clothes to show that she was alright. Who would have thought that this action would cause Wen Baoyi to burst into tears?

Wen Rushi felt a lot of pressure.

Fortunately, she wasn’t allowed to go out for a while, nor did she have to face her kindhearted sister.

After this frightening experience, Liu Shi kept a close on her even more than before for fear it would happen again. Even if Wen Rushi accidentally approached her courtyard’s gate, Liu Shi would do her best to convince her and talk her out of it.

In ancient times, the night sky was very beautiful. The moon was bright and the stars were very few. The cool evening breeze was filled with the fragrance of flowers.

If she had to spend the day like this for a long time, she would get bored or end up feeling stuffy.

She didn’t know what happened to 9486 now. Did anyone find out what he had been doing in the camp every day? Did he listen to her about how he had to behave himself?

She was lost in her thought as she reached for the bright moonlight outside the window and watching it slipped through her fingers.

After a while, Wen Rushi touched the wound on her neck and was about to close the window. Suddenly, she heard an unpleasant voice that was going through a period of voice change.

“… Are your injuries better?”

Wen Rushi was stunned. She looked left and right but she didn’t see anyone. However, she knew the owner of this voice without having to guess.

“What are you hiding for when you enter and leave this place like this?” Wen Rushi pouted. She was just thinking about him, and then he appeared. This was truly fate.

9486 slowly came out of the shadows at the corner of her room. He was thin and slim. He went outside the window and halted. “I have seen your wound. It’s time to go back.”

She didn’t expect him to risk life to see her. She grinned and said, “Are you worry about me that much?”

In the moonlight, she couldn’t see his expression clearly because he had his back turned towards the moon. It cast a shadow on his face, so she could only listen to his serious tone, “Of course, you said that I will be your hidden guard in the future.”

So, did he want to make a good relationship with his boss in advance? Wen Rushi blinked and suddenly didn’t know how to continue the topic.

“Looking at you, your wound should be healed soon.” After looking at her for a while, his heart began to calm down again. Some of Wen household’s medicines were very good, he may have made an unnecessary move by coming here.

He squeezed a porcelain bottle in his hand and turned to leave.

Wen Rushi quickly stopped him and said, “You haven’t told me your name yet.” You couldn’t always call him by number.

“I don’t have a name,” he paused slightly and looked at her with a certain certainty in his eyes. “You can give me a name when you become my master.”

He had no name. The silly girl from Wen household didn’t have the IQ to distinguish a number from a name. All the hidden guards were given name except for him.

His naming ceremony was like a joke. The original body foolishly called him big brother until she died.

But only she knew that later on when he was an adult, every weapon of his was inscribed with the word “Mo Xie”. Perhaps in his mind, that was his real name. (TL: 莫(Mo) = do not, 邪(Xie) = evil, 莫邪 (Mo Xie) = name of a legendary double-edged sword )

She didn’t want him to die with regret like that.

“Mo Xie,” Wen Rushi smiled and looked at his surprised eyes. She didn’t hesitate to say, “Ancient god weapon. Mo Xie, you will be the best swordsman who deserves this name.”

Kill ten people in ten steps, and do not stay in a thousand miles. (TL: 十步杀一人,千里不留行; It means the swordsmanship is strong and brave. This is from “The Knights” written by the great poet Li Bai.) In his bones, he was more like a knight who held great importance to love and trust much more than being a regular bodyguard.

“I didn’t have to wait until that day to think of your name.” Wen Rushi looked at him and smiled. “I’ll call you ‘Mo Xie’ in the future.”

“… But it’s against the rules.” 9486 hesitated, but there was an excitement in his black eyes.

“I’m sure you’ll beat all your opponents. You will live until Daddy gives you to me, won’t you?” Wen Rushi looked at him with a smile as if things should naturally be like that.

He was shocked but he raised his head proudly. “Of course.” It was an honor to fight for his master.

Mo Xie took a look at her and disappeared into the night.

He was this good even when he was only eleven years old. What would he be like in the future!? She really found the treasure. Wen Rushi was in a good mood to enjoy the dark “beautiful scenery” outside the window alone for a while. She went back to bed in satisfaction after that.

Liu Shi found that Wen Rushi’s face was hot the next morning. She called for a doctor in a panic.

The old man only said that she was exposed in a cold wind for far too long. He wrote her a prescription and then went to the housekeeper with his medicine box on his back.

After several days of bitter medicine, Wen Rushi’s condition gradually improved.

When she was ill, she only saw Liu Shi. Marquis Wen hadn’t come to visit her at all. Anyway, the affection between this father and daughter was lighter than water.

Wen Rushi worried that even at the age of eight, this child’s body was still weak.

If she was bathed in a cold wind for a long time, it would be easy for her to get ill. It would be bad if this happened when they were on a run.

Wen Rushi moved her small arms and legs in the room. She kicked his legs and bent her arms for half a day and stopped when she had some sweat on her body.

“If you really want to exercise, I can steal some books for you.” Moxie hung on the branches outside for a long time until he couldn’t help to open his mouth.

Wen Rushi was so frightened by him. She quickly threw herself at the window and glanced around to see his whereabouts.

Mo Xie leaped down from his hiding and approached her, “Really, it’s much better than messing around like what you did before.”

Wen Rushi blushed and scratched her messy hair. She couldn’t help but feel shy and said, “When did you come?”

“When you get out of bed,” Mo Xie answered earnestly as though there was nothing wrong with peeping into a lady’s room. He didn’t even realize that it was inappropriate. “I’m glad to see you exercising. It hasn’t done anything to Miss’s elegance.”

He wanted to see her get well before going back. If not for the fact that the young Miss’s action was unsuited to her rank as Miss QianJin, he wouldn’t let her know that he was outside. (TL: 千金小姐 = Miss QianJin; an unmarried girl of a rich family)

Wen Rushi sighed. She would need to close the window before going to bed. Otherwise, there would be no privacy at all.

There’s an expectation in his eyes. Wen Rushi couldn’t help, but to go along with him, “Aren’t you very good? You can teach me lest you risk being caught stealing.”

Mo Xie frowned, “I will be very careful not to be caught.” His kungfu wasn’t suitable for her. He was a rough man. How could he make her suffer the same guilt as him?

Wen Rushi didn’t feel grateful for his kindness at all, and that made him hurt. Mo Xie lowered his head and looked down. His thin lips drew in a straight line.

Seeing him like this, her curiosity arose instead. She didn’t know what kind of secret books he was going to steal. If she could develop her skills, at least they could run faster when fleeing in the future.

“Are you sure nothing will happen?” Wen Rushi raised her small face. She was carried away by her imagination.

Mo Xie didn’t reply. He just looked at her and then disappeared.

Wen Rushi blinked. Well, she had to learn to get used to him appearing and disappearing like this. She turned back and closed the window, thought about it, and pinned the cork to lock the window before going to bed.

Within two days, Mo Xie really brought Wen Rushi a yellow book. She happily accepted and opened it. She could also smell a faint fragrance from this book.

Seeing Wen Rushi read the book for a long time without saying anything, Mo Xie’s fingertips slightly moved. Could it be that she didn’t like those gestures in the book?

It shouldn’t be like that. He chose it carefully in the room of her teacher, which was the most suitable exercise for a lady.

Just when he was puzzled, Wen Rushi slowly opened her mouth. Her action really made one feel quite uneasy, “This is what you said about the books”

“Miss doesn’t like it?” Mo Xie’s face was blank.

The so-called secret technique to make one’s waist, leg, arm, and other parts as flexible as possible. It would be better for her to practice Yoga than doing this. Wen Rushi was very disappointed, even if he brought her a book to do a light exercise.

“Do you think I should like it?” Wen Rushi gritted her teeth. If she really wanted to learn how to seduce a man, she wouldn’t have to skip classes and let him stealing it from other people’s houses.

She had a headache at the thought of how the teacher found that the book she had brought to teach were no longer there tomorrow, and she didn’t know whether she should be pleased or angry at him.

He had totally screwed up his first task, but he didn’t want to give up. He straightened up his back and gave her a firm assurance, “It doesn’t matter if I don’t like it. Tomorrow I’ll bring all the books over. You can take your time choosing them!”

Wen Rushi: “…”

She couldn’t help but express her idea, “Don’t you think I can learn martial arts or something?”

Mo Xie shook his head without hesitation, “I’ll do all these things. I don’t need a young lady to learn that.” There was a slight reproach in her eyes after hearing what he’d said.

He was now the most skilled martial artist of his age and he would be the strongest one in all of the guards. He could protect her. If his master had to work hard to learn how to protect herself, that would humiliate him too much!

Wen Rushi went silent. At last, this confirmed her that they were having a ‘chicken speaking with duck conversation. (TL: 鸡同鸭讲 = not understanding each other) Their minds weren’t on the same channel at all.

Ah! It wasn’t easy to walk down this road…

Wen Rushi could already foresee how long it would take for her to correct his deeply ingrained ideas.

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