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A Record of the Development of Loyal Dogs VI

“Mo Xie, how long will it last for both of us if we sell all these things?” Wen Rushi sat cross-legged while she was picking and choosing the pearls and emeralds on her bed.

Mo Xie leaped from the withering tree outside the window and appeared inside.

He refrained from correcting her ungraceful posture and looked down, “Wenfu‘s property has a specific stamp. If Miss took it out for sale, Marquis Wen would be unhappy.” (TL: 府 (fu) = official residence / mansion)

“Stamp?” Wen Rushi’s eyes widened, “Why haven’t I seen it?”

“It’s normal that you can’t see it. Only trained guards can distinguish it.” If everyone could see it, it wouldn’t be easy for Marquis Wen to dispose of a disloyal thieve. 

Wen Rushi was speechless. She didn’t need to go rob Wen Suoyue every two or three days now. Her action made that girl hide at the sight of her nowadays…

Mo Xie frowned, “If Miss is short of money, Miss can directly tell Marquis Wen about it without having to sell your jewelry.”

Wen Rushi waved her hand as though she wanted to swat a fly that was buzzing around her, “That’s enough. We’re going to escape in the future. Of course, the more money we have, the better.” There was no doubt about his loyalty. Many things need to be dealt with in the future. She didn’t want to hide everything from him.

Mo Xie didn’t understand why Wen Rushi was so eager on collecting money, nor why she always said that she would take him to escape with her, but in any case, Wen Rushi was his master.

He packed the small pile of ornaments into his arms, and as long as she could take him with her when she left, he didn’t care where she would go in the future.

She waited until Mo Xie followed her order to leave before putting the jewelry back into the wooden box then threw it on the dressing table.

Today, the teacher had begun to teach them about s*x. She was only fifteen years old. This evil world!

The gears of fate have begun to turn irreversibly. Before long, Marquis Wen would look for Pei Renqing or the general who would take her away.

Unfortunately, he didn’t know that Pei Renqing had injured his ‘Shen Yang’ in his early years and couldn’t have sexual activity at all. That man was only a chess piece laid down by the current Emperor. The emperor only waited for Marquis Wen to take the bait. (TL: 肾阳(Shen Yang) = kidney yang; Yang deficiency can be a primary cause of subfertility or reduced fertility.)

From the moment she was sent out, Wen household’s fortune would dramatically change. Marquis Wen would be dead within three years.

If it was possible, Wen Rushi didn’t want to enter Peifu at all. (TL: 府 (Fu) = mansion / official residence) She couldn’t let Pei Renqing touch her, even if it was only her hair, from the start to the end, but she wanted to let Marquis Wen think that this man was infatuated with her. Only then we would see the depth of this man’s shrewdness.

The most foolish action would be like ‘a mantis trying to stop a chariot‘. If she really couldn’t get away before that, Wen Rushi would stay at Peifu for real until the major event had passed. (TL: 螳臂当车 = a mantis trying to stop a chariot; overdoing oneself and causing failure)

She cheered herself up while looking at the blurred bronze mirror.

Li Yunwei would visit Wen Baoyi again tomorrow. How could Wen Rushi pass up this good opportunity to show her presence? She picked up the wooden comb, combed her long smooth hair for a few times, and then suddenly laughed lightly.

Li Yunwei, a divine doctor, wasn’t as gentle and harmless as people saw him to be. She didn’t know whether he knew it or not that the woman he liked was a rebel, or maybe he simply knew, but he didn’t want to talk about it. She’s really curious.

The afternoon sunshine was bright on the next day. Wen Rushi arrived at Wen Baoyi’s courtyard on time. As soon as she entered the door, she saw a man who shouldn’t have appeared here beside Li Yunwei. 

“This is…” The man put down his cup of tea and glanced at the door with great interest. Wen Rushi was now wearing clothes that made her look delicate and elegant.

“Xiaojiu, you’re here,” Wen Baoyi stood with a smile. She gracefully walked towards her, and took her hand before she lightly scolded, “Now that you’re here, why don’t you come in instead of standing foolishly at the door?”

Wen Rushi was so confused. She had already lacked the strength to Tsukkomi. What kind of guest would dare to enter through the door? If Wen Baoyi wasn’t the female lead, she would have been beaten to death by Marquis Wen.

If it weren’t for all those three pair of eyes that were on her now, Wen Rushi would definitely turn around and leave at once. Meeting Li Yunwei could be count as something rare. But for Pei Renqing to take a fancy to her this much ahead of time than in the original plot, this was too wrong!

“This is Ninth Miss of Wen household. She is indeed beautiful and refined. No wonder Marquis Wen has been saying that Wen household has beautiful daughters and she is a matchless beauty” Knowing her identity, Pei Renqing still kept smiling, but that smile didn’t reach his eyes.

He refilled his cup and looked her up and down slowly as if she were an item waiting to be priced. “But I heard people talking about it that Ninth Miss was born retarded as a child, I don’t know whether this rumor is true or not.”

The expression on Wen Baoyi’s face changed. Before she could open her mouth to pacify the situation, Wen Rushi’s tears fell. She pointed to the tip of his nose and burst into loud sobbing, “Sister, thrown him out! I hate him. He’s a bastard!” She didn’t believe it. He was really willing to play a disgusting love trick with a fool.

Pei Renqing grimaced. Although there was a command for him to get engaged to one of the daughters from Wen household, Marquis Wen only recommended his silly daughter to him throughout their conversation.

It was enough to make him sick when a senior general was going to do such despicable things like this. He also had to endure taking care of this idiot from Wen household. He really didn’t know what to say!

Pei Renqing slowly rose up and his manner changed. He was now like a general who stood on the battlefield and threatened his enemies around him. No one ever dared to point at his nose and scold him. Those who dared to do that wouldn’t die well in the end.

“Even if Marquis Wen was here, he didn’t dare to drive me out. I wonder if Wen household is yours or his.” His voice was low, and his words were as vicious as a viper. He stepped closer to the two weak women in front of him.

“Wen Rushi was just a little child. It would be inappropriate for General Pei to be offended. I hope that General Pei won’t take this child’s unintentional offense to heart.” Wen Baoyi held Wen Rushi’s hand tightly.

This man came with the divine doctor, and her father also told her to welcome him well. She had to make sure that the guests were satisfied, but she never expected that he would be so rude.

Wen Rushi’s eyelids drooped and she began to sob. As the color of Wen Baoyi’s hand on hers began to turn white, she couldn’t help but feel touched. This girl was only four years older than her. She was clearly afraid but still insisted on not letting go.

As a half-sister of the same father, Wen Rushi was very touched by her action.

Looking at the touching scene in front of him, Pei Renqing squinted his eyes slightly. He raised his right hand to touch the sword at his waist. Maybe he didn’t need to put this fool in the house at all. He could also find out Marquis Wen’s loyalty by giving her a lesson.

If he wasn’t a rebel, he would certainly become hostile with him. If he could bear it…

Pei Renqing sneered and said to himself that he had taken a fancy to Wen Baoyi, the daughter of his close relative.

“General Pei,” said Li Yunwei. There was a trace of displeasure on his handsome face, “That’s enough.” After all, Wen Baoyi was a woman he liked. If he didn’t help her out when someone treated her like this, It’s going to make him look bad in her eyes.

Pei Renqing hesitated for a moment, and let go of the sword’s handle in his right hand. He laughed loudly, “Since His Royal Highness loves a fragrant jade-like maid. Pei will spare her this time. Even if her death can be avoided, she can’t run away from her suffering!” (TL: 怜香惜玉 = to have tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex )

 As he reached out and grabbed Wen Rushi’s shoulder, a shadow suddenly swept past her. This made Pei Renqing immediately jumped backward.

“You dare!” said Mo Xie fiercely. His voice was clear and bright and no longer irritating to the ear like when she first met him.

Wen Rushi’s heart was in a panic!

If it was only her, at most, she would have to pay with her skin and blood, and this would make everyone knew what happened to her. Pei Renqing just took the opportunity to try. Because of Li Yunwei’s situation, he dared not go too far.

But Mo Xie’s status was low. If Pei Renqing insisted on killing him, she afraid that in order to calm down this situation, no one else would speak a word for him.

Wen Rushi was in such a hurry that she broke her away from Wen Baoyi’s grip. She quickly threw herself on Mo Xie’s back and burst into tears, “Mo Xie, I’m scared. Let’s go back. I’ll never sneak out to play again.”

All Mo Xie’s tension was about to dispel by her. He had never seen such a master who would hold their guard back like this before. She’s just the enemy of all guards!

Mo Xie stubbornly acted like he didn’t hear her words. He didn’t raise his hand to grab her intertwining arms around his neck, “Wait…”

Wait for what!? If we didn’t run away now, he would be dead by the time they got back to their senses. Didn’t you see that bastard in front of you had already drawn his sword? Even if you won, you would lose your life.

Wen Rushi cried so hard that she almost tore her heart and lungs apart, “No! Let’s go back now!”

He still hadn’t cut that man’s dirty hands off yet. Mo Xie was so angry that he wanted to spit blood. He stared at his opponent fiercely. He couldn’t do anything other than rushing outside the door with Wen Rushi on his back.

Pei Renqing sheathed his sword. Unfortunately, all he learned was the open-ended and joint tactics of the battlefield. For Mo Xie, who was good at concealment and assassination. Pei Renqing’s pursuit was not a threat to him at all.

By the time the exasperated marquis arrived at Wen Rushi’s quarters, the two of them had already gone out of the villa and escaped into the mountains.

“Have you convert all my silver to a banknote yet?” Wen Rushi nibbled on her roasted rabbit. ‘nom nom nom’ it was delicious!

“Un, only those that don’t have the name on it.” Mo Xie silently extinguishes the fire in front of him by covering it with soil. If it hadn’t been for her, he wouldn’t have lit a fire in the mountains at all. It would have been too easy to be found by the guards searching the mountains.

He covered up the remains, and then took out a stack of silver tickets from his arms and handed them to Wen Rushi.

“Just carry it yourself. It’s easy to lose it here.” Wen Rushi indifferently handed the remaining half of the rabbit to his mouth. She smiled and said, “Here you are.”

Mo Xie shook his head and gently pushed her hand away, “I can eat it raw. This is yours. If you don’t want to eat it yet then keep it. Tomorrow I don’t know if I have enough time to stop and prepare food for you.”

Her heart ached. She could only bow her head and wrap the remaining half of the rabbit carefully.

“We can go back. Marquis Wen won’t fail to distinguish right from wrong.” Mo Xie looked at her before he spoke in a low voice.

He knew he would be punished as he had just drawn his sword to the honorable guest regardless of whatever reason he may have. Mo Xie didn’t care about his life, as long as his master wouldn’t suffer for him. He would merely get punished for several times.

Wen Rushi was silent for a long time. Suddenly, she raised her face and said earnestly, “If they don’t want to punish you, but want your life instead?”

Not to mention killing him to make amends, even if he accepted the whipping, she could not bear it. There’s no going back now, but to keep on going forward.

Mo Xie didn’t say anything but looked at her quietly. She could only see a calm expression in his eyes.

He knew that Wen Rushi suddenly realized what Mo Xie was thinking.

He’s really a fool.

Wen Ruru gave him a light smile and said softly, “Let’s go wandering around the world together and never come back here.”

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