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A Record of the Development of Loyal Dogs VII

Deep into the night in the mountain was deeper and heavier. (TL: 更深露重(Geng Shen Lu Zhong) = The night is deep, and the outside is cold with dew/ refers to the state of mood)

Mo Xie picked up some dry twigs and leaves and laid them on the ground near the fire. Then he took off his robe and put it on the twigs, “You should sleep. When the time comes, I will wake you up.”

“What about you?” Wen Rushi stood aside and watched him arrange her temporary bed in perfect order.

One couldn’t see the moon when they were here as the mountain ridges and peaks loomed over it. Those made it pretty hard for other people to see the moon. Mo Xie sat on the branches with his back against the big trunk. Through some withered leaves, he could see a flash of light moving halfway up the mountain.

Mo Xie silently counted the number of lights. He counted to twelve torches. Under twelve torches, at least sixty imperial guards were searching this mountain.

He clenched the sword in his hand, and his bright eyes were like stars hidden behind dark clouds in the night sky.

Although most of the downhill exits to towns have now been patrolled by the guards, he wasn’t worried at all. The mountain was too big to be completely blocked by manpower alone, and the cliffs that ordinary people dare not step into weren’t a big problem for Mo Xie.

He had at least ten ways to safely leave with Wen Rushi.

But what came afterward?

Marquis Wen’s eyes were all over the world. As a guard who started training since he was very young, he knew very well how powerful Marquis Wen was. The only way they could be safe was to pass Shanhaiguan Pass. Only when they leave the Pass could they be considered truly safe. (TL: Shanhaiguan Pass is one of the major passes in the Great Wall of China.)

However, he wasn’t sure that he could completely avoid the other hidden guards and trapping wires everywhere along the way.

Let’s wander around the world together and never come back. This sentence sounded more like a happy wish, the wish that people sincerely yearned for.

Mo Xie looked down. He could see a smile formed on Wen Rushi’s lips as she slept soundly under the tree.

She preferred to take him away from home rather than watch him go back to accept his crime. Mo Xie was gratified when he thought about it. Maybe they could really try and see if they could really escape from the cage that bound them.

Even if the final result was a failure…

Life on the run was much harder than what Wen Rushi imagined.

The biggest problem was their age. A fifteen-year-old girl traveled with an eighteen-year-old boy. No matter how they dressed up, they would become the center of attention.

The first thing they did when they sneaked into the town was to open a room at the inn. It’s not for spending the night. it’s just for finding a place to get dry food for their journey. If it was possible, they had better hire a carriage.

More importantly, if Wen Rushi didn’t change her appearance, she would be exposed in less than one day.

She wanted to pretend to be a beggar who looked dirty and filthy. It was better safe than sorry. However, she didn’t expect that this proposal would be fiercely opposed by Mo Xie.

He grabbed the clothes she had spent twenty coppers on from the little beggar at the entrance of the Inn. He gritted his teeth, “You can dress up as anything you want, but you can’t wear this thing. Maybe there are fleas left on that man!” He was so angry that he forgot his manner.

Wen Rushi was speechless. They were running for their lives. Was there a better way to hide it?

She had never regarded herself as a real Miss Qianjin. She only cared about Mo Xie, not herself. (TL: 千金小姐= Miss Qianjin/ unmarried girl of the wealthy family)

If you couldn’t save your life, even if you dress in clean clothes, there’s nothing to be happy about. Wen Rushi always knows how to trade the least cost for the greatest benefit.

As for fleas or something— if the worst comes to the worst, she would have to shave her hair and take a few more baths then all these problems would be solved. She wasn’t an ancient people, so she didn’t care about the rules that the skin of her body was subjected to her parents and couldn’t be damaged at will.

But her little guard, who had a one-track-minded, refused to let Wen Rushi change into the smelly beggar’s clothes. No matter how she threatened or convinced him, he stubbornly insisted on his decision. (TL: 一根筋 (Yi Gen Jin) = one-track-minded/ a single-minded person )

Wen Rushi was so helpless that she finally had to put on the long shirt he bought from the garment shop and disguise herself as a little boy who went out with his eldest brother to see the world.

With his trembling hands, he threw the ragged clothes out of the window. He heard a curse downstairs after that. Mo Xie blinked and pretended to hear nothing.

But when he watched Wen Rushi stepped out slowly from behind the screen, he could not help frowning.

Her chin was as clear as jade, her face was calm and serene, and her mouth curved into a small smile.

The long black hair was tied up by a simple and elegant wooden hairpin. Although the simple blue man’s dress concealed her identity, it also showed off her charm and elegant so vividly.

Such a look like this, even if it was a man, it wouldn’t be easily ignored.

Mo Xie couldn’t help regretting that he had only poured his heart and soul into his swordsmanship, but he didn’t learn little tricks like changing the face as one of his many skills.

Otherwise, they wouldn’t be trapped in the inn and dare not go out of the city with their head held high at this moment.

“Forget it, I know it’s impossible.” Wen Rushi frowned after she saw that he hadn’t said anything. She sat down on a stool and poured two cups of herbal tea from the pot. Pushing one cup in front of him, she held one cup and drank it, “I’ll write you a list and you’ll go to the rouge shop to get something back later. Then we can resume our escape again.”

She hoped modern make-up techniques could help them.

Wen Rushi spread out a paper that she often had in her room and wrote down quickly what he needed to buy, “Be careful when you go out. I reckon that the wanted order issued by the Wen household United General’s Office will reach the town by this evening at the lastest. We have to leave here before the city gate closes.”

Fortunately, Mo Xie didn’t let her wait too long. He came back with a bag of things after a long time.

Time waits for no one. Wen Rushi put the rouge powder he bought back on the table. She chose a box of yellow and lightest scent makeup powder. While doing her makeup, she asks casually, “Why is your face so red?”

Mo Xie frowned slightly: “There are too many young ladies and maids in the rouge shop.” He doesn’t like crowded places at all.

“Rouge shop, of course, their customers are maids, ladies, elderly maids, or there are men who love to paint themselves.” She suddenly remembered that a lot of men loved to paint their face in ancient time. Wen Rushi shivered and quickly changed the topic. “I asked you why you blushed. What do you say about people who buy rouge? Surely it doesn’t mean that…”

Wen Rushi’s fingertips paused. She turned her head and scrutinized him for a while. Finally, her eyes fell on the obvious wrinkles on his cuffs, “Are you acting impolite to them!?”

Mo Xie was stunned and his face turned red. He gave her a fierce look and turned his head wanting to jump out of the window.

“Ah, If you want to go out, just go through the front door. You should only jump out of the window when you have nothing to do.” Wen Rushi sighed. Seeing him like that, it looked like he didn’t suffer that much loss.

Mo Xie put his hand on the window lattice, and a flush crept up his face. He was neither advancing nor retreating at this moment.

She lowered her head and added a little ‘dai‘ powder to her eyebrows. “No matter how good the kungfu is, there will be a day when people catch sight of it. Don’t forget, we need to keep a low profile now.” How could this man change from being so shy to a person who massacred all the male members of the royal family? (TL: 黛 (Dai) = umber-black dye for painting the eyebrow)

Wen Rushi thought about it. Should a teenager of eighteen be considered a man, too?

She turned her head and looked carefully at Mo Xie. He was tall and had a good build. His long hair like ink was scattered on the black attire. He only used a black hairband to tie his hair to the back of his head. Her whole body emitted an ice-cold aura just like his sword.

It was like his three-dimensional features were carved from sharp knives. He had dashing eyebrow and nice thin lips. If it weren’t for the blushing that ruined his chillness, he would look like a chivalrous knight.

It’s no wonder that those pretty girls would make advances at a handsome young man like this.

Was it a little strange that she began to notice how he was a grown man already? She shook her head and concentrated on the bronze mirror to evenly spread the powder on her face.

After a while, Mo Xie who stood stiffly near the window said, “…I didn’t let them approach me.” Everything about him including his whole life belonged to his master. How could he easily let those women lay their hand on him?

“Oh.” She shot a glance at him and didn’t comment anything further. Her hand hadn’t ceased its movement, “What’s wrong with your sleeves?”

He bowed his head and said uncomfortably, “I went in a hurry and forgot to pay. The shop assistant pulled my sleeve to talk with me.”

Mo Xie was ashamed. He didn’t intentionally forget to leave the silver. However, there were too many women in the shop who stole a look at him. They were so bold and even went as far as to walk past him three or four times while intentionally dropped their handkerchief at his feet.

Almost two-thirds of his life was spent in Wen household. Few people could see him. Even if they did see him, they dared not be so bold because of the training.

็He considered himself to be old enough, but he hadn’t ever seen such a brazenly act like this. He dared not to draw his sword in public for fear that he would ruin his master’s important matters.

Mo Xie absolutely wouldn’t admit that he was a highly-skilled martial artist because he eventually ran away from a group of women when he couldn’t endure them.

Wen Rushi stared at him for a long time before understanding the implication of his words. She couldn’t help but laugh. 

She wanted to give her consideration to Mo Xie’s self-esteem, but when she thought of the assistant who chased after his a** in a hurry and shouted, “Gongzi, you haven’t paid for your rouge yet, don’t run, come back here!” (TL: 公子(Gong Zi) = son of a feudal prince or high official). She couldn’t help sniggering until her stomach cramped.

She noticed his brows were beginning to snap together, so she reluctantly stopped laughing and cleared her throat.

Wen Rushi put down the powder and propped herself up on the elbow. She held her chin in a seductive gesture and showed him a brilliant smile, “What if it’s me who harasses you?”

Suddenly she wondered what would it be like if the woman who had teased him was herself. Would he become angry from his embarrassment, reluctantly yield to her, or directly reject her?

Mo Xie stared at her expressionlessly for quite some time. Suddenly, he opened his mouth and spoke quietly, “Miss, your face is too yellow.”

Wen Rushi: “…”

Well, she shouldn’t have too many unrealistic expectations for a guard who only thought of protecting his master and practicing, practicing and practicing.

It was impossible to pull or beat a donkey that only went backward. Even if it reached the capital, it would never become a well-trained horse.

There’s one more thing left today.

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